Absentee Line - Text 0417 596 611 or Phone Primary 8150 2397, Secondary 8150 2323
Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


Please be advised that the Dobsons Uniform Shop sale will commence 1 September 2020, and finish on 31 October 2020.  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the reduced prices for uniform items.  Please note the following:

  • The Dobsons Uniform Shop is located on Lawrie Street near the bus pick-up and drop off zone.
  • Items purchased can be transferred to the Primary Campus on request.
  • New student summer uniform fittings are starting to take place between 9:00am and 3:00pm daily – please ensure you call and arrange an appointment.

Do not hesitate to call the shop on 8150 2306 or email uniformshop@SMC.sa.edu.au


25 August – Year 10 (Year 11, 2021) Subject Counselling – No Year 10 classes

31 August – 4 September – PE Week

3 September – Year 11 (Year 12, 2021) Subject Counselling – No Year 11 classes

4 September – Staff Professional Development, Pupil Free Day

Please click here to view our online calendar.


Keeping all members of our College community safe is our priority at St Michael’s College. Several residents have raised concerns about illegal parking on Northey Avenue. Please be respectful of our community and vigilant of the No Standing Zones.


Absent/Late Arrival phone lines – Open 24 Hours:
Primary:   8150 2397
Secondary:   8150 2323

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to advise of a student absence at any time by contacting the 24 hour Absentee Lines.

When leaving a message, please:

  • identify yourself;
  • the student’s name and class;
  • the reason for absence;
  • expected date of return;
  • any other information, ie sports or other activities that may be affected by the absence.

Please contact Music Tutors or external providers independently.

Unexplained absence
It is understandable that there are occasions where the College will not be advised of a student absence. If a student’s absence is ‘unexplained’ the parent/caregiver will receive a SMS and are requested to contact the College by either:

  • replying to the SMS message received
  • telephoning the Absentee Line, or
  • contacting the relevant Campus via phone: Primary 8346 6548 / Secondary 8356 5966

An example of the SMS message received for an unexplained absence is provided below:












For all absences known in advance, please communicate via email to your child’s Class Teacher (ensure you cc correspondence to primaryadmin@smc.sa.edu.au. Absences reported by students/siblings cannot be accepted.

Students arriving late, ie after their Pastoral Class has concluded, MUST REPORT to the Administration Office to sign in.

A Medical Certificate is requested for prolonged absences. When appropriate, contact with teachers via email is encouraged to allow students to stay up to date with their schooling.


Mission Action Day 2020 is being relaunched to run on the last day of Term 3, Friday 25 September. Students who have not yet paid for their MAD event will have just over one week to bring in their forms and money. Click here to access these forms and more information. Thank you for your support for such an important day.























The St Michael’s College Board are seeking Expressions of Interest from a diverse range of experienced candidates interested in a position as a Director on our Board. Leadership experience in marketing and education are particularly sought.  For further information please click here.


The College would like to extend a special Happy Birthday wish to one of our most respected and modest community members, Ralph Broughton. Ralph is a humble and loyal support person to the St Michael’s College students and staff, and if he knew about this article in advance, he would have politely declined and suggested spending the time and space on someone else.

Happy 80th Birthday Ralph! (20 August)

If you don’t know Ralph, here’s a short article on his dedication and contribution to the St Michael’s community.

Ralph approached the College, independently, over 20 years ago, offering his time and expertise as a retired educator. Ralph has valuable life experiences in many different roles; as a tradesman, and working in TAFE in both teaching and management positions. As a part of his service to the community, Ralph also provided support and tuition to inmates within the prison system.

Ralph provides classroom support and assists students who require the extra encouragement and benefit from one-on-one teacher assistance with the caring, personal interest that Ralph provides. The many other contributions Ralph has made include; tutoring students out of class time, conducting holiday revision programs, running exam revision sessions, preparing teaching materials, assisting with marking and development of curriculum and assessment plans. He has also taught himself the content of Year 12 courses over the years and attends all the Year 12 study periods to provide assistance to students. He makes himself available to students at lunch breaks and after school. He has developed course notes for several of our senior courses to summarise the important concepts.

Ralph has given extensively to the development of a program for our VET students. His vast experience in this field has been pivotal in the writing of course materials as well as leading to the significant professional development of staff in this area.

Ralph has learnt to use the graphics calculator and mathematical software. He has written materials for staff and students to introduce them to this technology, and has identified areas in the applied courses where it can be incorporated. Ralph also works with students at risk to ensure that they meet minimum SACE.

Ralph never hesitates to give his time or energy to all members of our community. Ralph also offers collegiate support to our hard-working teachers and support staff, offering both practical and emotional guidance. He gives the benefit of his decades of experience in education which is both benevolent and inspiring. His positive association is uplifting and affirming for us as practitioners.

Ralph is a role model for both teachers and students. He is an inspiration to us all and a wonderful example of the wisdom, insights and knowledge that a life rich with experience brings. As one Year 12 student was overheard describing him to another, “He looks like a Grandpa. He looks like he’d know nothing but he knows everything!” Ralph seems to have boundless energy. He receives no remuneration for his contributions and vehemently refuses any.

He is 80 years young and he inspires us all to be better people. Our staff have stated that “when they grow up, they want to be just like Ralph”. His tolerance, understanding, generosity, humility and wonderful sense of community and respect for individuals are inspirational, not only to our youth but also to staff.

We, here in St Michael’s Community, are truly blessed!

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