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Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


11 June
Staff Professional Development Day – NO CLASSES

14 June
Queen’s Birthday – PUBLIC HOLIDAY

20 June
Come Together Performance – purchase your tickets here

21 June
Dr Tessa Opie ‘in your skin’ Parent Session (6:00–7:30 pm) – register your attendance here

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The collection of lost property is increasing with items such as drink bottles and lunch boxes which need to be claimed before the end of the term otherwise they will be donated or disposed of.

There are various non-school items such as sporting club hats, jumpers, and many items leftover from camps such as a sleeping bag.

Uniform items which are not named or hard to read are also accumulating. Items which are named will make their way back to the student via the class pigeonhole. Otherwise please come to the Bookroom to see if your property is here.

The Bookroom is open between 8:00am and 4:00pm excluding Wednesdays.

Please phone 8150 2304 with any enquiries.

Mrs Paula Rogers, Bookroom Manager


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St Michael’s College is delighted to partner with Dr Tessa Opie, Founder and Director of ‘your skin’ and an expert consultant on healthy and respectful relationships. For the first time at SMC, parents/caregivers are invited to attend a session by Dr Opie to discuss what we can do as parents/caregivers and role models, to positively encourage our young people to develop a healthy and realistic sense of self and ‘other’. Dr Tessa Opie is dedicated to exploring how young people can be equipped with practical information and be empowered to navigate respectful, intimate relationships, including consent, negotiation, and refusal skills.

As she explores the world of relationships that our young people are attempting to interpret, she will address the impact of the media, including online pornography, on our children’s attitudes and expectations about sexual activity. Other topics to be discussed include how to:

  • Develop healthy relationship skills.
  • Identify personal values and relationship needs.
  • Determine boundaries around preferred sexual activity.
  • Communicate and negotiate sexual activity.
  • Understand and identify coercion.
  • Understand, express, and recognise consent.
  • Enjoy healthy, consenting, and egalitarian relationships.

Staff are also participating in a separate professional development session with Dr Opie. After the parent/caregiver session, Dr Opie will be speaking to our Year 10 students on 24 June 2021. Further information on Dr Tessa Opie and her work is available here.

Attendance numbers will measure the success of this engagement. In keeping with COVID-19 guidelines, numbers are capped at two guests per family. Please secure your free ticket(s) and register your attendance by Thursday, 17 June 2021.

DATE: Monday, 21 June 2021
TIME: 6:00 – 7:30 PM
VENUE: Auditorium, Lasallian Education Centre (enter via Lawrie Street)

Register your attendance here

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