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Following our collection of recipes for the Pastoral cookbook, ‘Together and Apart.. It’s Times Like These’, students loaded up the last of the food donations headed for their destination The Hutt Street Centre. As you will remember, the idea was to pay forward the warmth of the memories we shared in non-perishable food donations to the Centre. Well done Years 7, 8 and 9 students, you have made a great difference.

We look forward to being able to share the beautiful memories and cookbook with you.

Mr Aldo Calo, Year 7 Director, Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director and Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director


On Wednesday 9 September, the Year 8 and Year 9 girls were given an inspiring talk from Taryn Brumfitt of Body Image Movement. Taryn talked about her views on the way society believes a woman should look. She connected this to her own personal experiences in life, and believes that it is time to show society that we are beautiful just the way we are. Taryn showed us a picture that she posted online showing how happy she was in her own body even though it wasn’t what society viewed as the “perfect body”. Taryn said ‘When you start to love yourself, you will be more confident’. We found this quote so inspirational as it really connected to many of us personally. Taryn taught us the importance of loving ourselves for who we are and the way we look, and that our bodies allow us to do such amazing things and we shouldn’t punish ourselves if we have imperfections that society views as disgusting. Taryn also talked to us about the importance of working hard for what you believe in and never giving up. Taryn shared a quote with us, “Polite persistence breaks down resistance”, which means that if you really want something, you can achieve it. Overall the session was an eye opening experience and left us with meaningful messages to take with us through life. Daniella D’Silva, Erin Tunbridge and Roseanna Triulcio, Class Leaders of 9GPC-01


On Wednesday 9 September, Year 8 and 9 boys participated in a presentation by Professor Murray Drummond of Flinders University.  This covered issues pertinent to men’s health and appropriate strategies to take care of health, the impact of media on the way young men see themselves and the pressures that this sometimes places on them, and consequent impacts. After Professor Drummond’s presentation, we were fortunate to have time to engage in a Q and A with Professor Drummond, Mr Damien Marangon, CEO Surf Life Saving SA, and St Michael’s teacher, Mr Dominic Smith. Each member of the panel complemented the growing understanding of what it is to be a ‘good man’ in 2020 and also commented on the role that society plays in how this seems to shift and change over time. Fundamentally, one of the take away ‘pearls’ was that despite gender differences, effectively we are all people, and fundamental to us being ‘good people’ means to be respectful, kind and honest.

Marcus DePalma, Gianluca Belperio and Noah Woolcock, Class Leaders of 9BPC-03 reflect:

“The session with Professor Murray Drummond was a great experience to take a new perspective on masculinity. It was interesting to learn about the stereotypes surrounding men, and how society views them. It was also interesting to have the panel at the end and gain a deeper insight about our questions. Overall, it was very enjoyable and we all learned something new from the presentation”.

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director


Have you ever wondered how to keep your pets happy at home? Are you concerned about the state of the beach at Henley? Solutions to these thorny problems were presented by Year 7s this week at the STEM Shark Tank for 2020.

In an ordinary year this STEM Shark Tank pitch is a great experience for the community and parents are invited, however due to COVID, only staff members were able to participate.

Pastoral classes 7BPC4, 7BPC5, and 7GPC4, assisted by their Science and English teachers, pitched their ideas to a very experienced group of teachers on Monday, 14 September.  Using design thinking techniques, the students were able to ideate, design a prototype and then pitch the idea to a real audience. The pitches were five minutes long and involved showing their groups logos, and using ethos and pathos to persuade the teachers to invest their ‘SMC dollars’.

The teams who participated were:

Team NameTeam MembersProduct
Dogs R' UsEthan N, Billy N and Hayden BThe 5 in 1
Squak IndustriesFin, Marcus, Henry, Brodie, CooperPlasticpatroller
Golden CorpAnte, Teghan, Rayhan and JackThe Chewy Treat Dispenser
The Marine TeamAlex, Aiden, Tain, MicheleM. A. R. I. N E. (microplastic, auto remover intelligent nature educators)
Pawesome ToysJames W, Harry G, Noah A and Anthony MCat Scratcher 3000
Happy CatBrodie J, Mehtaab S, Elijah K, Aidan SChase and Scratch
REGRuby P, Georgina, ElizaSpin the Treats
Plastics PreventionLachlan, Jye, Miles, JamieBiodegradable Reefs
AB ConsortiumBlake, Dam, Arya , AdrianMarinelautus
Shrek IncAlex M, Leon S and Cooper MDog Box
Ultra MarineMassimo, Ethan, Giovanni, AidanC-vac
The Cleany AmbassadorsKalan, Travis, Max, ZaneThe Cleany Scoop
Ball IndustriesHarvey, Jude, Xavier and ChristianTreat Ball
PAWS R USSophia, Kelly, Chloe BTraining Paws
Pounce n’ PawsMikayla, Maggie and CaitlinThe Catertainment Tree
Furry FriendAlyssa, Isabella, JennaA Place to call Home
Canine TrioSevannah, Chloe L Ruby FSqueakaliciois
Tigers are FightersTeresa, Ciara, LaraTigers Roar
The Next Big ThingEmma, Amalia, MonikaNext Wave Toy
Canine PackGeorgia, Beatrice, GraceCollar Luxury
CrossbredTrent D, Alex G, Leo MToy in a Toy in a Toy

Congratulations to the following teams on their successful pitches:

  • First Prize – Ultramarine
  • Second Prize – The Marine Team
  • Third Prize – Paws R Us

Some students shared their reflections of the process:

“Our team “Ultramarine” were trying to solve the huge problem of plastic pollution. This problem is affecting a large number of marine animals including the Australian sea lion which was our main focus as it is an endangered species with less than 10,000 remaining. Our idea was the “C-Vac”, a vacuum that travels at the bottom of the ocean collecting plastic to try and prevent less deaths of the Australian Sea Lion. We encouraged the teachers to invest in our product because when the plastic gets brought to land it won’t go to landfill, it will be recycled into reusable plastic bags that people can buy so that they don’t keep throwing out more plastic bags that go into the ocean.”

“I’m very proud of the product my team created because we worked together and helped each other which made this activity fun to be a part of.”

“I am most proud of our teams’ presentation because even though it was nerve racking it all went really well. We responded to every question well, and knew the answer to every question asked. Everyone read fluently and made sure that we kept the audience entertained so that they would not get bored throughout the whole presentation.”

It was a great opportunity for the students to showcase what they have learned, and everyone had a lot of fun!

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Coordinator Junior Secondary Learning Initiatives


The inaugural Year 7 Readers’ Cup and annual Year 8 Readers’ Cup celebrated the challenge of reading four novels and watching a documentary film (in teams of four) over one term. Teams competed in four rounds of quizzes over a two-week period, culminating in a Grand Final. Year 7s took on this activity with gusto, and many teams scored bonus points prior to the competition. The Year 8 Grand Final was filled with tension and a winner was declared after two tie break questions.

Congratulations to the following winning teams:

Year 7 Winners: Kiara Didyk, Naomi Gagnon, Hannah Timpani and Liliana Walsh (Ms O’Hara’s class).

Year 8 Winners: Kiara Fico, Alana Zachilow, Sienna Leaney, Emma Tippins (Ms Andreula’s class).