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On Tuesday 11 August, the Year 8 Girls classes gathered together to uplift and inspire each other through the Enlighten Program run by Triple M radio announcer, Emma G. With topics ranging from media portrayal of women, gratitude journaling and becoming confident Amazonian women, the girls explored the feelings we have, the relationships we build and how we can work together to empower each other through positive femininity. The girls worked diligently throughout the day, carefully deconstructing gender norms and challenging the status quo for women. The message for the day was to build strong friendships and to build each other up by challenging the messages around what it means to be female.

Some feedback obtained from the girls:
“I enjoyed writing the gratitude journals the most because it made me feel instantly happier.” Kaiah Brockenbrow-Kilsby (8GPC-01)
“It’s just been good to have some time to bond with my peers while writing positive messages to each other.” Hannah Knowles (8GPC-01)

One of the strongest messages which came from the day included the need for girls to lift each other up with their positive affirmations like the following mantra which resonated strongly with the group.

Affirmation for Self-Love
“Today my friends have chosen to tell me the truth
They have chosen to share with me how they see me
And tell me what I mean to them
I choose to believe them
I choose to remember their kind words
I choose to thank them”

Ms Kimberley Schulze and Ms Olivia Andreula, Year 8 Pastoral Teachers


From 28 July to 4 August, students across 99 schools in South Australia participated in the 2020 Regional Language Championships, collectively answering more than two million questions.

St Michael’s College concluded the competition by reclaiming 1st place for Italian, with 23,334 points. SMC also ranked 4th in SA across all languages with a total of over 34,000 points, reflecting the fact that many students were also competing in other languages. It was wonderful to see this as it reflects our students’ curiosity for exploring other languages, a love of learning, and persistence.

Congratulations to all of those students who participated. Special congratulations to Joel Grygus, for taking out 1st place for Italian at St Michael’s for the third time this year! Joel also finished 1st  among all students in SA who competed in the Italian questions, and 18th overall in the state, earning an ‘Emerald Certificate’ for achieving over 5000 points.

Special congratulations to the following students who have qualified for certificates in this year’s Regional Championships:

AwardFirst NameSurnameState RankingScore
SilverJonnyEl Akar71st2,078

In other Languages Week news, at lunchtime on Thursday 6 August, students were invited to attend a French lesson. A group of students participated in oral activities to learn how to introduce themselves and count to 10, while enjoying croissants and participating in a quiz. Merci beaucoup Mademoiselle Andreula and Mademoiselle Bennett for organising this activity and helping students connect to the language of St John Baptist De La Salle.

In Italian lessons, Year 8 classes learned that there are more than 7000 languages spoken around the world, with more than 300 spoken in Australia. Many were surprised to learn that the majority of the world’s population speaks no English and that Australia does not actually have an official language. According to the 2016 Census, one in five Australians speak a language other than English at home. The top five are Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Italian and Vietnamese.  Almost half of the population has parents or grandparents born overseas and rather interestingly, discussion in some classes revealed that this number is even higher among our students at St Michael’s College. Students have also learned about the benefits and wider appeal of being able to speak another language in both a local and global context, given that monolinguals are a minority in a world where bilingualism or plurilingualism is the norm.

Ms Angela Benedetti, Italian Coordinator – Secondary Campus


On Thursday 6 August, the Year 12s were fortunate to gather together for a Seminar Day. This was a collaborative experience led by old scholar students, Michael Ucci and Scott Hanel, and Lasallian Youth Ministers, Zani Bates and Isabella Tocchetti. These leaders empowered the students through themes of empathy, vulnerability, and compassion which are very significant during this unprecedented time. Through a range of activities, the Year 12 students were able to connect with our values as a Lasallian community and were encouraged to personally reflect through storytelling and sharing in small groups. Various resources were used to demonstrate the difference between empathy and sympathy, the importance of making the conscious decision to be vulnerable, and that compassion brings together companionship and passion. In the afternoon session, Principal Mr John Foley spoke to the cohort about bringing the mission and vision statement of SMC to life, and he encouraged students to embrace community, challenge and choice. The Year 12 group enjoyed this opportunity to be together and felt grateful to have this time to share and reflect as a group. Thank you to Mr Dempsey for organising the day, all the presenters for their insight, and to the Year 12 PC team for being a part of this important day.

James Dimas, College Captain


Our beautiful Secondary Campus vegetable patch, located next to the uniform shop, is getting bigger and better every day. Our Eco Squad have been busy planting, watering, and eating lots of veggies, with carrots being everyone’s favourite! Come join us every Tuesday and Friday lunch, we look forward to seeing you in our patch.

Ms Robyn Palmer, Sustainability Support Officer


On Wednesday 12 August, after celebrating the Eucharist, it was with great pleasure that we were able to announce the Student Leaders for Semester 2. COVID-19 restrictions have somewhat curtailed the leadership opportunities in 2020, and with this in mind we adjusted the selection criteria for the new semester. In Year 8, we would normally have two representatives from each class and the leaders would not be the same as in the first semester. With greater flexibility available, the leadership group for Semester 2 is:

8BPC-01William Knowles, Curtis Dolan, Noah Remphrey
8BPC-02Harvey Toomey-Gregory, Archie Coppola, Tarj Simpson
8BPC-03Hunter Sheldon, Finn Hagen
8BPC-04Jordan Kupeckyj, Dylan Petherick
8BPC-05Horatio Haberfield, Liam Saulters, Samuel Jarvis
8BPC-06Boston Hodges, Arjun Vlotman-Patel, Bailey Horsell
8GPC-01Sofia Perkovic, Sophie Angus
8GPC-02Liliana Costanzo, Evelyn Caltabiano
8GPC-03Giana Martino, Olivia Johnson
8GPC-04Erin Harrison, Ava Blefari
8GPC-05Suzi Manzella, Charlise Falcone, Marisa Arena

Congratulations to these students and we look forward to working with them over the coming months.

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director & Mr Tom Dittmar, Assistant Year 8 Director


On Tuesday 4 August, the Year 12 Legal Studies class spoke with Mr Matthew Cowdrey, OAM MP Member for Colton, about their Legal Studies Major Inquiry task. Although we are used to Mr Cowdrey visiting the school, this year was a little different. Through Zoom, the students asked questions to help them in gaining primary data. Some of their inquiry topics include:

  • To what extent does the National Disability Insurance Scheme adequately protect the vulnerable?
  • To what extent does the utilization of government funds to win votes infringe upon Australia’s democratic system?
  • What are Australia’s obligations to its citizens when they are charged with an offence overseas?

The students were appreciative of Mr Cowdrey’s knowledge and insight into the many areas of law.

Miss Elli Nicola, Senior Legal Studies Teacher












As part of my Major Stage 2 Health assignment, I am organising a fundraiser to raise money for prostate cancer. If $3000 is raised for this cause, Mr Heath will be shaving his hair off! It would be greatly appreciated if our SMC community could please donate to this cause via the link here. I understand that this is being undertaken in rough circumstances, but every cent counts and any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Emily Haller, Year 12 Student





NOTE: This is a student free day

Student/Parent/Teacher interviews are due to take place on Thursday 20 August.

In line with the current COVID-19 requirements this event will take place in an alternative and controlled format, rather than the usual ‘face to face’ Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews.

We are endeavouring to deliver the optimal process given COVID guidelines and, as such, will be conducting Interviews via ‘Teams’.

Parents/Caregivers will be provided information regarding accessing the program in order to make requests as usual.

More detailed information will be forwarded regarding this process in the coming week. The timeline for this event is as below:

Please click the link below for instructions on accessing teams.

student/parent/teacher interviews on teams



Term 3 is the time when students and parents make important decisions regarding subject choices in preparation for future career pathways. These choices should be guided by student interest and success in preparatory subjects.

In Semester 2, students in Year 10 will be completing the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) as the first stage of their SACE Certificate. This is designed to assist students to identify possible career paths. This year in line with current COVID-19 requirements various Parent Information Evenings will be delivered online to explain the subject selection process and SACE Certificate requirements. (refer below)

Mr Anthony Vizaniaris and Ms Rose Coorey are available for careers counselling and Mr Kevin Woolford is available for advice on VET courses.

Current Year 12 Students
South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) Information for Year 12 Parents
Current Year 11 Students
Year 12, 2021 SACE Parent Information
Video link to be forwarded to Parents/Caregivers
Thursday 3 SeptemberSubject Selection Counselling Day
No Year 11 Classes
Current Year 11 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews
Current Year 10 Students
Tuesday 25 August Year 11 2021 Subject Counselling Day
No Year 10 Classes
Current Year 10 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews
Current Years 7, 8 and 9 Students
Wednesday 19 August Lesson 1 Subject Selection Procedures assembly
Attendance compulsory: Current Years 7, 8 and 9 students