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Italian Week 2021 marked two significant milestones in Italian history. 75 years ago, Italians voted en masse in an historic referendum to seal Italy’s fate as a republic and led the royal family to be exiled from Italy for half a century. It left the nation somewhat divided but paved the way for a new nation and a new constitution in a post-war reconstruction era. 700 years ago, Dante Alighieri, Florentine politician and poet, left behind a great legacy. Affectionately referred to as “the Father of the Italian language”, he has inspired many through his most famous work, the ‘Divine Comedy’. With his gruesome written descriptions of the nine ‘Circles of Hell’, followed by accounts of his journey through Purgatory and Paradise, Dante’s creativity has influenced others for centuries. Even today, his work has inspired many people around the world, including game-makers and musicians, in ways he could never have imagined. From heavy metal band, Sepultura, with their album Dante XXI, to Dante’s Inferno the video game, and the family-friendly animated series, Over the Garden Wall, Dante’s influence is far-reaching. At St Michael’s College he even inspired our own talented artist, Charlotte McCarthy (9GPC-04), a most worthy winner of the 2021 Italian Week Dante competition with her impressive portrait of Dante.

On Wednesday 2 June, the Turon Courtyard became Piazza Turon, with live music passionately performed by our own gifted Professor Mosca and student, Massimo Cavallo (11PC-09). Thanks to a recording session in the SMC studios with Mr Musci, you can hear one of their recorded songs in the video below.

Throughout the week, students were able to explore their curiosities. Some attended a lunch-time bruschetta-making workshop with Italian student Valentina Bagnara (12PC-09), while some played Tombola, and others played Briscola. (Stay tuned for details of an ongoing Briscola tournament in the pipeline for Term 3!) In addition to this, 128 students at the Secondary Campus competed in the Italian Week Education Perfect competition, answering almost 80,000 questions over five days to earn a combined total of 32,000 points! Well done to all those who participated and demonstrated curiosity, persistence and love of learning. Congratulations, once again, to Joel Grygus (10PC-04), who has proven himself unbeatable over the last two years! A complete list of results is available here.

To conclude the week, Year 11 and 12 Italian students enjoyed a regional Italian cooking workshop with celebrity chef, Rosa Matto, demonstrating fabulous teamwork, zest, humility and gratitude. In true Italian style, they were treated to an impromptu serenade by Professor Mosca. What a fantastic way to close Italian Week 2021 and a fine example of the rich range of opportunities that studying Italian at St Michael’s College provides for our students to develop intercultural understanding.

Viva la Repubblica! Viva l’Italia!

Ms Angela Benedetti, Italian Coordinator – Secondary


On Monday 7 June, ten excited and enthusiastic students participated against other schools in the EVATT UN Diplomacy competition, held at Flinders University. This was the third year St Michael’s entered teams in this competition. The competition is run annually and provides students the opportunity to showcase their debating and negotiating skills in discussing current global issues. Students from Year 10 and 12 participated in teams of two and were asked to be delegates and advocate for the designated countries. Students displayed confidence, intelligence and passion whilst assuming the important role of representing their country’s perspective on topics such as The Question of the Flanders-Walloon Dispute and Taiwan sovereignty.

“Participating in the UN Evatt competition has allowed me to enhance my research and public speaking skills, whilst also learn about foreign diplomacy and how the world works.” – Ashton Charevtto (12PC-07)

Congratulations to all students involved on the day. The College now waits to see if any teams have progressed to the semi-finals.

Ms Stacey Moros, United Nations EVATT Diplomacy Coordinator & Head of Department – History


Year 8 and 9 students have all participated in Life Education lessons with a focus on tobacco (Year 8) and alcohol (Year 9) over the last ten days. The sessions were interactive and engaging and saw students critically thinking about their choices and the implications of them.

Today was our first ‘Wild Wednesday Lunch’ for students in Years 7 to 9. Students were selected to participate in a special lunch based on a letter of application and their Pastoral Care teacher’s recommendation. Today saw students who shared a passion in basketball come together for lunch and a chat about their favourite sport. While we had planned for Alex Mudronja to visit (2017 old scholar and Adelaide 36ers player), when he could not attend at short notice, College Captain, Sebastian Leaney stepped in to take his place and did a wonderful job, leading the way on ‘Pink Day’ for breast cancer awareness by wearing a pink cap!

Sebastian spoke to the students about his passion for basketball, but in more detail for his passion for golf. He humbly spoke about the need for persevering with setting and pursuing goals; to not be discouraged by that negative voice we can all hear in our heads when we make a mistake, and being kind to ourselves and focusing on the learning that can happen and on future opportunities. He spoke about thinking hard about balancing commitments. All great advice! The students present asked many questions and seemed to enjoy the opportunity to have such a personal and meaningful chat with one of the College Captains and be inspired by his experiences.

The next Wild Wednesday lunch will be in two weeks’ time. I wonder who the next guest will be?!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


Next Wednesday and Thursday our Year 10 students are participating in Community Awareness Day (CAD) and Reflection Activity Day (RAD).

The purpose of RAD day is to explore key issues affecting students at this time in their lives. Guest presenters, Nick and Abby, who specialise in working with students nationally will facilitate the day and provide inspiration for self-motivation and personal development. They will offer a series of activities that will challenge students to reflect on their relationships, their priorities and the direction of their lives as they enter their senior years of schooling.

The purpose of CAD is to introduce students to the many diverse Ministries of the Catholic Church and other organisations in Adelaide. Each student will spend the morning finding out about a particular organisation. This will offer them an experience and understanding of Adelaide charities. They will meet in the city to reflect on their experiences and raise awareness about people in need in our community.

These are critical days for the overall development of students who attend St Michael’s College and attendance is therefore compulsory. Please refer to the lists below for each pastoral classes assigned days.

10PC-03, 10PC-04, 10PC-05, 10PC-06, 10PC-07 (CAD – Wednesday 16 June, RAD – Thursday 17 June)
10PC-01, 10PC-02, 10PC-08, 10PC-09, 10PC-10 (RAD – Wednesday 16 June, CAD – Thursday 17 June)

Mr Robert Dempsey,  Director of Mission


All students performing at the Semester 1 Dance Showcase on Friday 25 June will be allocated two complimentary tickets.  Parents/caregivers are asked to advise their son or daughter which performance they would like to attend – either 6:30pm or 8:00pm. Complimentary tickets will be allocated to each show on a first-served basis.

Once complimentary tickets are allocated, a small release of paid tickets will be available for families to purchase.

PLEASE NOTE that due to 100% venue capacity, all audience members MUST bring with them and wear a mask in line with the current COVID restrictions.

Mrs Dani Caputo, Dance Subject Coordinator – Secondary


The next Year 12 Seminar Day will be led by Glen Gerreyn, Director of ‘The Hopeful Institute’ and is on Friday 25 June. Glen is a highly sought-after communicator who speaks to more than one hundred thousand people each year throughout Australasia in his mission to educate young people to face challenges with confidence and make positive life choices.  A great number of our past students speak very highly of the positive impact Glen’s presentation had on them during their final year of schooling. We look forward to welcoming Glen and the Year 12 students to this important presentation.

Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission and Mr Mark Labrosciano, Year 12 Director


To support their study of Genocide, Year 11 Modern History students visited the Adelaide Holocaust Museum Centre and Steiner Education Centre on Tuesday 9 June. The Museum and Centre opened in November of last year and it was very exciting to be able to visit this dynamic new facility in Wakefield Street in the city. We were guided by volunteers who showed us through the vast range of sources on the different stages of the Holocaust, from discrimination, isolation, ghettoisation and deportation through to the Final Solution. We were also able to hear the firsthand stories of Holocaust survivor, Eva Temple, who is believed to be the youngest person rescued from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The museum is a compelling place to visit and one we will certainly return to.

Mrs Ady Webb, Year 11 Modern History Teacher


On Thursday 10 June, Year 12 Legal Studies students participated in a ‘mooting’ competition at Adelaide Law School. Two teams prepared and presented their submissions in front of judges and their peers. This was a valuable learning experience for all involved.

Ms Elli Nicola, Teacher – Secondary


During Week 6, Year 10 history students had the opportunity to visit the Migration Museum and explore the ANZAC Memorial Walk in Kintore Avenue. Throughout the semester students have been studying World War 2, Rights and Freedoms, and Post WW2 Migration to Australia. Students participated in a hands-on activity, assuming the role as ‘historical detectives.’ In groups, students examined the real life ‘suit cases’ packed with real objects that different migrants to Australia arrived with to start their new lives. Students worked in small groups to piece together why, when, how, and where migrants in South Australia settled. They also gained an appreciation of how Australia has developed into a rich and diverse multicultural country.

Ms Stacey Moros, Head of Department – History


Week 7: Prudence

The 12 Virtues of a Good Teacher (Les Douze Vertus d’un bon Maître), an essay by Brother Agathon, is one of the most important works in education in the Lasallian heritage, and our Principal, John Foley, refers to it often in staff meetings, conversations and in other correspondence. It is our history and gives us the basis for what we do. Like the strong roots of the oak tree, it anchors us in a timeless vision. Translated from the original French into Italian in 1797 and into English, Spanish, Dutch, and German during the 19th century, the work was a major text in many Catholic Teaching Colleges until the 1930’s. It is not accidental that it still holds such strong relevance for us today.

Considered to be the second most important virtue, prudence is defined as “a virtue which helps us understand what we need to do and what we need to avoid. It indicates to us the sure and legitimate means of attaining a praiseworthy end. It, therefore, determines the use we must make of our intelligence and of our mind to turn us aside from what we might have to regret in the undertakings or actions of life”.

It later qualifies the use of prudence by indicating that “the means it uses will always be legitimate if they are inspired by reason or by faith; and they will ensure that they are neither insufficient or excessive”.

As one of the 12 Virtues of a Good Teacher, prudence is highly regarded and considered valuable. Proverbs 16:16 asks us to “learn prudence which is more precious than gold”.

In 2021 in Adelaide, we all have many opportunities to benefit from prudence, whatever our context might be. Our COVID-19 journey as a world continues to offer us many opportunities. Last week Susan McLean implored our students to be prudent in navigating their digital footprints and safeguarding their on-line reputations. In coming weeks, Dr Tess Opie will speak with many parents, staff members and Year 10 students around the matter of relationships and consent. Year 9s heard from the Year Level Director, Mr Parfrey in an assembly, indicating both areas of strength and areas for growth. Prudence can help with this. Year 8s and 9s have also worked with Life Education over past days and have considered prudence in their choices around alcohol and other drugs.  Our workshops with Enlighten Education, both boys’ and girls’, gave lots of food for thought about being prudent in the way we consider ourselves and each other towards positive sense of self and relationships. In Chapel on Monday, Ms Maiese and Mr Spadavecchia’s pastoral class led the Year 8 cohort with their Chapel presentation which saw prudence woven into prayer reflections, and we later viewed a familiar scene from The Lion King, highlighted by Mr Feleppa last year. This scene sends a strong message of not seeking out trouble and being prudent to avoid it where possible, strongly resonating Brother Agathon’s words. These are just a few recent examples of important contextual learning and reflection at the College, enabling our students to flourish as people.  I know there are many, many more.

In my email to students in Year 7 to 9 this week, I reminded them that there is room for prudence in all areas of life, from our approach to our studies, to our sport, to our relationships with everyone around us, and importantly, to our safety. It helps us to make sure we are all known, valued and cared for, and that we journey towards being the learners and leaders of the world, safe, informed and empowered.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader

Source: Brother Agathon The Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher accessed at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2213NaO-cODcXNRbzdaTkMwZ0E/view 7 June 2021