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Once upon a time Mr Dittmar and the girls in 8GPC-05 did not know how to knit. So along came some magical people who donated wool, needles and their time to help them learn. The girls and Mr Dittmar got knotted, dropped stitches but still kept trying and trying and eventually they learnt to knit. Some girls knitted one square, some knitted rectangles some knitted lots of squares. Eventually the cupboard in Room 60 was awash with glorious knitted patches of all shapes and sizes. And now the magic has really started to happen as we sew them together to make blankets to donate to a homeless shelter in the city.

And the moral of the story is …

Winter is a tricky time of year for the homeless and this “virus” has made life hard for lots of people.  At least we have (hopefully) made just a small contribution to helping those in need. And just quietly, we have had a great time getting ‘crafty’ with each other!

A huge heartfelt thank you to all those who have assisted with this project both parents and grandparents at home and staff at the College.

Ms Joanne Gilmore,  Junior Secondary Learning Initiatives Coordinator


On Monday 3 August, the Year 12 Modern History students had the privilege of hearing from Dr Gareth Pritchard, an historian from the University of Adelaide. Dr Pritchard spoke to the class about Hitler’s road to Dictatorship and then led them in group activities, in preparation for the end of year examination.

Below are some student reflections on the presentation:

“I felt very privileged to be able to speak with and listen to Historian, Dr Gareth Pritchard. It was an amazing and insightful experience as I was able to listen to the insights of someone who was so passionate and perceptive on the topic of Nazi Germany and his views behind the importance of studying history. His frame of mind introduced the class to think about different ideas and points of view behind the topics we are studying and left us with a new and better understanding of the history behind the Nazi Germany era.” – Amy Piscioneri (12PC-04)

“Dr Gareth Pritchard​ gave an insightful presentation about Hitler’s road to dictatorship. He explained in depth the three stages leading to Hitler’s dictatorship, helping identify significant political events, making it easier to understand the political structure in Germany and Hitler’s move into his role as Fuhrer.” – Jennifer Borg (12PC-09)

“Gareth Pritchard was a great speaker and had a wealth of knowledge to share with us. He gave insight into how Nazi Germany worked and used great analogies and metaphors to simplify the events that occurred during this time period.” – Ned Maguire (12PC-10)

“Dr. Gareth Pritchard gave an insightful and inspiring lesson on Hitler’s road to dictatorship. As a class, we all learnt a significant amount, with new light shed on previously unclear areas of modern nations Germany. Thank you, Dr. Gareth Pritchard, for taking time out of your schedule to assist us in our learning.” – Rachel Symons (12PC-03)

Mr Matthew Muscat, Head of Department – History


NOTE: This is a student free day

Student/Parent/Teacher interviews are due to take place on Thursday 20 August.

In line with the current COVID-19 requirements this event will take place in an alternative and controlled format, rather than the usual ‘face to face’ Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews.

We are endeavouring to deliver the optimal process given COVID guidelines and, as such, will be conducting Interviews via ‘Teams’.

Parents/Caregivers will be provided information regarding accessing the program in order to make requests as usual.

More detailed information will be forwarded regarding this process in the coming week. The timeline for this event is as below:

Monday 10 AugustProgram opens for requests
Monday 17 August 9:00 am Program will close for generation of appointments
Monday 17 August 2:00 pm Program will reopen
Schedules forwarded to Parents/Caregivers
Program open for modifications should they be required
Tuesday 18 August 9:00 am Program will close for final time
No further requests or appointments can be scheduled
Thursday 20 AugustInterviews conducted via ‘Teams’

Term 3 is the time when students and parents make important decisions regarding subject choices in preparation for future career pathways. These choices should be guided by student interest and success in preparatory subjects.

In Semester 2, students in Year 10 will be completing the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) as the first stage of their SACE Certificate. This is designed to assist students to identify possible career paths. This year in line with current COVID-19 requirements various Parent Information Evenings will be delivered online to explain the subject selection process and SACE Certificate requirements. (refer below)

Mr Anthony Vizaniaris and Ms Rose Coorey are available for careers counselling and Mr Kevin Woolford is available for advice on VET courses.

Current Year 12 Students
South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) Information for Year 12 Parents
Current Year 11 Students
Year 12, 2021 SACE Parent Information
Video link to be forwarded to Parents/Caregivers
Wednesday 12 August Lesson 1 Year 12 2021 Subject Selection Assembly
Attendance Compulsory for Year 11 Students
Thursday 3 September Subject Selection Counselling Day
No Year 11 Classes
Current Year 11 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews
Current Year 10 Students
Tuesday 25 AugustYear 11 2021 Subject Counselling Day
No Year 10 Classes
Current Year 10 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews
Current Years 7, 8 and 9 Students
Wednesday 19 August Lesson 1 Subject Selection Procedures assembly
Attendance compulsory: Current Years 7, 8 and 9 students

In Week 4, the Year 12 Drama class will perform their production of Kate Mulvany’s whimsical play ‘Masquerade’. In this story we meet Joe, a ten year old boy with terminal cancer, and his devoted mum Tessa. While in hospital they find a magical picture book called ‘Masquerade’ which they become drawn into, literally! Through the magic of theatre, Joe and Tessa are transported into the books celestial world and meet magical beings and embark upon an adventure for a missing amulet. This heartfelt musical reminds us of the importance to tell those we love how much we love them, and to acknowledge the special things we each bring into the world.

As a class we have deeply connected with this play, and decided we wanted to raise some money for the Leukemia Foundation to assist those in Australia who need support right now. By sponsoring us at the link here, you’ll also fund vital research to help more people survive blood cancers. Any donation no matter how small is appreciated!

You can view a sneak peek of the rehearsal process in the video below filmed and edited by student Publicity & Promotions Manager, Thomas Dinning.



The parent survey regarding the transition for Year 7 2020 is now closed. Thank you for taking the time to respond, the information is invaluable and really assists us in shaping our process. Even though new students transition every year, the needs of each cohort can vary somewhat, and it is our aim that we “get to know” our students and families so that we can best support students during this exciting and challenging time.

An early observation from the data was that regular communication would help everyone and I would like to introduce the key players in the transition team:

  • Ms Susan Barker, Registrar – coordinates all enrolment and interview matters for all new students.
  • Mr Aldo Calo, Year Level Director and Ms Jo Billows, Assistant Year Level Director – work together to develop the pastoral care program for Year 7 including class placement, orientation activities and analysing the data to identify specific needs of students.
  • Mr Michael Balic, Learning Support Coordinator – assists with students
    who may require additional support to transition.

Further updates will be sent out over the next few weeks as we work towards the pre-transition events of Term 4. You may also find this transition article useful, click here.

Finally, I would like to share a few observations from the current Year 7 cohort who have had an interesting transition due to the impacts of COVID-19.

“I met heaps of new people as I only had 60 kids in my year level in primary school.”

“It was a fresh start, so if you had bad experiences in primary school you can start fresh in high school.”

“Homework has been appropriately targeted to our age and it’s not as scary as we initially thought.”

“I’ve had more experiences and opportunities through co-curricular and subjects. “

“Having a consistent class and home classroom made the transition easier, but it was good to still be able to move around a bit.”

“Diversity of teachers was good.”

Thanks again for the survey feedback and I hope you have found this update helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the transition team as we move through the process over the next few months.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Junior Secondary Learning Initiatives Coordinator



It was with great pride that we presented the Year 9 Semester 2 Class Leaders with their badges at chapel this week. We wish them every success in this very important role in which they will be pivotal in providing leadership that incorporates service, respect, and commitment.  Congratulations to all.

9GPC-01Erin Tunbridge, Daniella D'Silva, Roseanna Triulcio
9GPC-02Jasmine Gibbons, Peta McCullock
9GPC-03Isabella Toscano, Ella O’Brien
9GPC-04Marlie Fiegert, Georgie Blades
9BPC-01William Ashton, James Redden
9BPC-02Jacob Feijen, Ayan Vaid
9BPC-03Marcus DePalma, Gianluca Belperio, Noah Woolcock
9BPC-04Shourya Amrut, Giovanni Troia, Aleks Matic
9BPC-05Talan O’Dea, Kane Jolly, Brandon De Vito
9BPC-06Jackson McDonald, Jackson Raftery

Mrs Anna Haracic, Assistant Year Level Director