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Events for Arts Week began on Monday morning with an Acknowledgement of Country performance presented by artist and proud Warramungu & Yuggera man David Booth, and his three sons. In this performance Year 7 students watched traditional Aboriginal dance while David explained the stories, history and symbolism behind them. He described how to play a digeridoo as well as invited six lucky students up on stage to participate in the Brolga Dance. This educational and engaging performance was a wonderful start to a week which embraces the joy, creativity, history and meaning that the Arts brings to all of our lives.

David then ran a jewellery making workshop where Ms Armour and Ms Michalik’s Year 9 Art class had the opportunity to make their own Aboriginal bracelets and necklaces using beads, tiger wire, crimps, and clasps.

A group of Year 7-10 students had the chance to learn about symbolism in Aboriginal Art. David gave an informative workshop with an explanation of Central Desert art and the use of symbols for communication and passing on knowledge through stories.  This group of students were incredibly lucky to collaborate with David and create a meaningful mural that will be displayed in the Eco Garden.

Also on Monday, we were visited by Basketball Man, a well-known Fringe Artist and street performer who presented an energetic, funny and highly skilled performance of basketball tricks in the ANZAC courtyard. He was a hit with student audiences, many of which wanted a photo with him after the show!

Year 10 and 11 Art/Design students had the opportunity to work with artist, Lucy Timbrell and be inspired by her knowledge, skills and expertise in printmaking. Lucy is an Adelaide based printmaker and is inspired by the relationship between humans and nature, and she often incorporates birds and cityscapes into her work.

The week was full of Drama excursions where students travelled with their teachers to venues around Adelaide to view shows including, ‘Small Metal Objects’, ‘Fangirls, ‘The Boy Who Talked to Dogs’ as well as ‘A German Life’.

The main stage in the Anzac Courtyard featured many of our talented young artists playing in concerts all week. Throughout the week we had various recess performances such as a ‘come and try be a DJ’ session, Daniel Sutton the metal guitar maestro playing ‘Under a Glass Moon’, Harriet McClure impressed audiences playing ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ on the Grand Piano, Riley Catt played his guitar and sang showing his star quality and Riley Browne displayed a skilled DJ set getting the audience jumping and dancing.

At lunchtime we saw ‘The Masterclass’ teacher’s band who took us back in time to the 50s, Mr Mosca sang Italian and English songs accompanied by Massimo Cavallo on the accordion and Jamie Porcaro on percussion. There were also many student bands such as ‘The Groove Collective’ who got the crowd dancing with their retro hits, along with Jonathan Cesare’s skilled rendition of Blind Melon’s ‘No Rain’, the talented Rock Band performing a range of 90’s indie hits, Alfie Haberfield played an acoustic guitar set followed by our brilliant Jazz Band playing a selection of Swing Latin Groove standards.

“To me, Arts Week means connecting with people in the community who share the same interests as me. It is about being creative and unique, and being able to show your true self around other people, and not being afraid to do so.” – Beatrice McClure (8GPC-02)

“Arts Week is a fantastic opportunity for students to show their true colours. With chances to sing, dance, play or tell a few jokes, it is one week in the St. Michael’s year that our whole community can appreciate.” – Shamus Horgan (12PC-10)

“Arts week is a fantastic experience to express the Arts and bring the community together” – Christian Dianos (12PC-07)

Mrs Nicolle LeRay Warren, Head of Visual Arts, and Ms Emily Burns, Drama Coordinator


Wednesday 10 March – Friday 12 March

The Year 12 Retreat is a key event in the College calendar and invariably one of the most memorable experiences of the year. It is a means of engaging senior students and making links between the world they know and the faith to which they are called. Student evaluations of the retreat confirm its profound value and central place in the St Michael’s Year 12 experience. Please refer to the Consent2Go email for all details regarding this event.

A reminder of the retreat groups and venues:

Group 1: Mylor Baptist Centre –12PC-05,12PC-06,12PC-08,12PC-10
Address: Wingrove Road, Mylor. Contact no: 0413 875 868

Group 2: Latvian Camp Dzintari –12PC-03,12PC-04,12PC-11,12PC-9
Willson Drive, Normanville. Contact no: 0457 975 378

Group 3: Nunyara Conference Centre –12-1, 12-2, 12-7
Address: Burnell Drive, Belair. Contact no:  0431 920 053

TRANSPORT: All students travel by bus with St Michael’s staff.
DEPARTING: 8:45am Wednesday 10 March from St Michael’s College, Lawrie Street Gate 4.
RETURNING: Approximately 12:00pm Friday 12 March at St Michael’s College, Lawrie Street Gate 4.

Students will need to bring:
Personal medication, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a towel, toiletries (soap, toothbrush etc), insect repellent, two tea towels, hat, sunscreen, walking shoes, a torch, a coat, a change of clothes and closed shoes for outdoor activities (they will get muddy), warm clothing (evenings can be cold), swimming gear (optional – Normanville), and gear that may get wet and muddy (canoeing, commando course – Mylor).

Any queries regarding the program can be addressed to Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission. Any queries regarding attendance can be addressed to Mr Mark Labrosciano, Year 12 Director.

Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission


In Week 4, ten Year 9 girls were chosen to attend the ‘STEM Enrichment 3 Day Conference’ from 17 to 19 February at Flinders University. The conference offered the students an opportunity to engage in hands-on workshops with university lecturers and PhD students as well as keynote speakers that were employed in a range of science areas such as neuroscience, metrology and engineering. The workshops included using lasers and optics, electroplating, programming robots and constructing the world’s simplest motor. Students participated in a tour of the Zeiss facility at Tonsley where they learnt about the physics, chemistry and engineering involved in designing and manufacturing optics and optoelectronics. There were also opportunities to engage with science academics in round table discussions at the Women in STEM Breakfast. The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. In particular, they enjoyed the hands-on workshops as well as discovering the large number of STEM career pathways that are available locally and globally.

Some students have shared a reflection of their experience:

“The STEM Conference was a really great experience. It got me really interested in pursuing a STEM career and I loved the bond I had with all the girls there. I particularly enjoyed the space workshop where we got to look through VR glasses and look at the solar system and how black holes affect our earth”. – Sienna Grieger (9GPC-04)

“I really enjoyed participating in a diverse array of activities over the three days. I loved engaging in various aspects of the science and engineering industries. The hands-on practical activities and workshops were my favourite. These included making an electric motor using only a magnet, battery, wire, and a screw. I felt inspired after hearing multiple women speak about their experiences working in STEM fields. It was also quite interesting to see the facilities and working environment in various fields of STEM. It was a really positive experience that has inspired me to choose a future pathway in STEM”. – Asha Gallagher (9GPC-02)

Many thanks to Ms Nikki Williamson and Mr Jacob Hanley for supervising the students during the conference.

Mr Stratos Karnas, Gifted and Talented Coordinator – Secondary


Ms Kollevris’s Year 8 and Year 10 students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Contemporary Indigenous Dance Performance and Masterclass by Karul Projects at the Adelaide Fringe.

On Thursday 4 March, Year 8 students watched an confronting and engaging performance at Tandanya by Karul Projects. The Dance performance included four dancers led by Thomas E S Kelly who is an innovative dancer/choreographer currently residing in Queensland.

Extracting contemporary gestural motif from Aboriginal archetypes, [MIS]CONCEIVE’s hip-hop, physical percussion and rhythmic cultural pattern is expressive and immediate.

Kelly and his ensemble move with assured physicality in this high-energy work that pulses with humour, play, and personal stories. Voice and body become pathways to traditional dance and song, as repetition and disguise make way for moments of discovery. [MIS]CONCEIVE brings audiences through the past, to understand the present, and move forward into a better future.

The following day our Certificate II students immersed themselves in a contemporary indigenous workshop with professional artists. Kelly excelled at making our students comfortable out of their comfort zones!

One student shared:

“I learnt that my body could move more than I thought it can, and that imagination is important for this dance style and sending different emotions/messages. I felt like I was free to move and be myself as I was dancing”.

It is wonderful that our students have the opportunity to attend performances and dance with professional artists!

Mrs Dani Caputo, Dance Co-ordinator & Drama Teacher, and Ms Hayley Kollevris, Dance Teacher


Year 9 girls art classes have been exploring the elements of colour, space, shape and pattern in the style of Henri Matisse.

Matisse created cut paper collages during his later years in life. His work titled “The Snail” comes from the form being made up of a succession of coloured shapes. At first you may not notice but the shapes curl round like the shell of a snail.

The spiral form of a snail’s shell echoes the direction of universal movement. Our students have created their own shapes and forms using nature as a source of inspiration.

Ms Leanne Michalik and Ms Sally Armour, Visual Arts Teachers – Secondary


The Year 8 student leaders were presented at our morning chapel service on Monday 1 March. It was with great pleasure that the following students were announced as the leaders for Semester 1:

8BPC-01: Andrew Dichiera and William Rayner
8BPC-02: Tain Scott and Nicholas Romeo
8BPC-03: Brendan Talbot and Leon Scardigno
8BPC-04:Ethan Ashley and Jude Angove
8BPC-05: Arya Savaji and Gabriel Mazzochetti
Phoenix Ford and Nikita Loria
8GPC-01: Ethinia Tekle, Avani Grewal and Fajr Hussien
8GPC-02: Hollie Ferris and Paige McEgan
8GPC-03: Erin O’Shea and Abbie Coles
8GPC-04: Siena Tappert and Tilly O’Regan

Their services were required this week in the preparation and serving of the Year 8 Breakfast in which they did a great job!

The Year 8 Pastoral Team look forward to working with these students throughout the semester.

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director


Student Leadership in Year 9 is a privilege and an opportunity to serve others in the true Lasallian spirit.  Our current student leaders will have the chance to work with our Year 12 Student Leaders and the Year 9 Leadership team to develop and coordinate initiatives that will promote social justice, empathy and inclusivity for our local and wider communities.

I would like to congratulate the following students who have been nominated as Student Leaders for their Pastoral Classes for Semester 1:

9BPC-01: Archie Coppola and Alexander Noel
9BPC-02: Zak Dumanovic and Arjan Uppal
9BPC-03: Jordan Campbell-Novice and William Knowles
9BPC-04: Alfie Haberfield, Alexander Russo and Hunter Sheldon
9BPC-05: Boston Hodges, Aston Lee and Arjun Vlotman-Patel
9BPC-06: Lachlan Sands and Dominic Tassone
9GPC-01: Lily Fizulic and Mia Thorne
9GPC-02: Keara Jones and Ruby Redden
9GPC-03: Eliza Lynch and Emma Tippins
9GPC-04: Isabella Gagliardi and Giana Martino
9GPC-05: Marisa Arena and Suzi Manzella

We look forward to working with these students and developing their character strengths during this time.

Mr Brent Parfrey, Year 9 Director


Week 6: Teamwork

This last week, students in 9BPC-06 and 9GPC-03 have reflected on teamwork in their English class as a part of their studies. Here are some of their thoughts:

“A team isn’t about winning or losing. The bonds matter more. It can be like a family.” – Kristian De Candia (9BPC-06)

“When we work as a team we respect, trust and care for each other. We are there for each other and we support and help each other through hard times, improving and fixing up our mistakes.” – Isaac Zganec (9BPC-06)

 “Encouraging your teammates on the sideline, being there for them if they miss a shot, is what being a team is all about.” – Sebastian Cesare (9BPC-06)

 “Having respect for people allows your team to bloom together and really aspire to do greatness.” Alexis Di Raimondo (9GPC-03)

 “A real team never leaves anyone behind.. it’s one where no matter the problem or consequence, we respect each other’s opinions and feelings.” – Sophie Angus (9GPC-03)

 “Being called a team is easy, but being a team comes from mutual trust and respect.” – Victoria Bergkvist (9GPC-03)

These students echo the thoughts of Helen Keller, American author, advocate, activist and lecturer, when she said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

The VIA (Values in Action) website reports that the notion of a team can refer to work or  sports teams, but can also refer to family, marriage/partnerships, or even a group of friends working on something together.

Teamwork is an empowering strength. It brings us together to achieve common goals. It connects us and helps us to support each other, aligning closely with a focus on positive relationships and a strong feature of the Lasallian ethos.  As a strength, teamwork partners with creativity, fairness and leadership to create wonderful community experiences, such as those we have seen in recent times in Athletics Day and Arts Week. It is also evident in many ongoing and enduring teams at the College such as EcoSquad, and of course, a glimpse into classrooms, or onto playing fields, or a peek into any of the many meeting rooms on campus will showcase many examples of teamwork too!

In teamwork we recognize and appreciate the talents we each bring, and importantly we celebrate our united achievements and seek continuous improvement. It’s about knowing, valuing and caring for each other and supporting each other to flourish and reach our potential, together.

Wishing you and your respective teams a happy and fruitful week!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


On Thursday 4 March, Year 11 students and Mr Ned Heath ran a ‘Zooper Dooper’ stall to raise money for Project Compassion, along with the help of the Year 12 College Leaders. It was wonderful to see the students of St Michael’s supporting such an important cause. This hard work saw the students raise $189!

This is an initiative that will continue through Lent, so watch out for the next two instalments in Weeks 8 and 10!

Ms Anna Porcelli, Year 11 Director