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Secondary Campus


We are pleased to announce that Breakfast Club has recommenced this week on Wednesday from 8:15-8:45am in the LEC Café. This initiative is supported by a range of staff, students and College Leaders who donate their time in being able to prepare and serve breakfast for students across Years 7-12.  Students throughout the year will be offered toast, yogurt, pancakes, milo and juices.  This initiative supports our Mission and Vision as a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition. We are able to ‘enhance individual experiences of a Catholic and Lasallian community through both service and faith initiatives’. It is evident that this initiative also fits in with our ‘Strategic Directions 2019 and Beyond’ in being able to ‘foster an inclusive and respectful environment that supports staff and students to flourish’. We are confident that we provided breakfast for over 150 students and this will continue every Wednesday for the remainder of the year.

Mr Matthew Williams, Deputy Principal – Pastoral


The St Michael’s College Athletics Day will be held on Monday 22 February at SA Athletics Stadium. Consent2Go invites have been sent to parents/caregivers and we ask that we receive a response to these as soon as possible. Parents are welcome to attend on the day, however please be mindful that we will be operating under COVID guidelines and parents will be required to scan the QR code or fill in the contract tracing sheet on arrival. Parents will be allocated a viewing area under the shade at the edge of the track and must adhere to social distancing rules. The programme for the day has been emailed to all students, as well as their finalised event allocations.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled, action-packed day!

Mrs Sally Nicholson, Head of Health & Physical Education – Secondary


Week 2: Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

We all have warm memories of teachers and mentors who have inspired us and taught us many lessons about life. Although these influencers are important to us, some of my best teachers have been my own children!

That sounds strange, but one of the most wonderful things about children is the sense of awe and wonder that they bring. It allows us, as adults, to see the world through fresh eyes and to remember things that are sometimes long forgotten. You might recall the wonder on little faces the first time they saw and noticed the beach and that unfathomable, huge body of water, or their tentative first barefooted steps on grass, feeling it prickle their little toes, and the astonishment of seeing the moon for the first time illuminating the dark night sky. Or the excitement of trying ice-cream or chocolate, for the first time.

As we get older, that sense of wonder and awe seems to take a back seat to the busyness of daily life, and we don’t recognise how good it is for us to slow down and appreciate these things.

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence is the ability to find, recognise and take pleasure in the existence of goodness in the physical and social worlds. A person who is strong in this strength frequently feels emotions such as admiration and wonder. It is about noticing what’s right instead of what’s wrong.

Ever since we stumbled out of caves, we have been on the lookout for whatever might threaten us. This “negativity bias” was critical to our survival. When a threat was noticed we would fight, fly or freeze, and the same thing happens today. It’s just that our threats are a bit less like mammoths, and they take on other forms, sometimes intangible.

When we fight, fly or freeze, our creativity isn’t at its best. Our brains and bodies are focusing on defense. But when we open our minds to notice the good, something wonderful happens. Suddenly our thinking becomes more open and we can feel our bodies relax. We are less likely to snap at others and our ideas can start to flow. The great thing is that the more open you are to looking for excellence and beauty, the more you will notice it!

While we celebrate the outstanding achievements of the Class of 2020, we also remember that excellence and beauty take many forms and they are all equally stunning in their own ways.

Have you noticed the beauty in our wonderful school garden? Our Eco Squad have created a beautiful space for us to connect with nature, to watch insects thrive in their natural habitats and of course to nurture fruit and vegetables until they are ready to pick and enjoy. The photo above was taken in our Butterfly Garden at the senior campus. It’s lovingly tended twice a week by our Eco Squad of Year 7-9 students, led by Ms Palmer and Ms Pearce. This is one example of how St Michael’s College exudes beauty and excellence!

Let us take this opportunity now to look for and cherish the amazing good that surrounds us such as our families and friends, and all the people in our lives and their remarkable contributions, gifts and achievements. This also includes the amazing nature spaces and places we share, to the technologies that make our life easier, our many opportunities, and our current ‘normality’ of life!

And in case you were planning to stop for a minute and enjoy our next full moon, it is is due 27 February!

Have an awe-inspired week!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


Maths teachers at St Michael’s College are always willing to provide extra assistance for students outside of class times. This is usually specific one-on-one help for the student with their classroom teacher. However if a student requires more general assistance, or is in need of more time to focus on their maths work, they are welcome to attend Maths Help. Maths Help is available every Thursday lunchtime in room LEC 04 on the ground floor. Students are welcome to bring their lunch and work on their maths with the teachers available.

Thank you to the teachers who volunteer their time to be available every Thursday.

Ms Anne Finlay, Head of Mathematics – Secondary