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On Wednesday 29 July, awards were presented to Year 10, 11 and 12 students who achieved an average ‘A’ grade across Semester 1, and if they achieved ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ for Application to Study and Behaviour in class for all subjects. Please click the links below to view the lists of award winners.

Year 10 Awards Year 11 Awards Year 12 Awards



On Wednesday August 5, the Year 11 cohort and Thursday August 6, the Year 12 cohort will be working on a program developed by the Lasallian Youth Ministry team based in Sydney, and presented by:

  • Peter Briere: Director of COYYA, avid musician and thought leader
  • Holly Roberts: Youth Ministry Support Officer COYYA, carer of the planet and Post-Synod Youth forum representing Australia in Rome
  • Maddy Forde: Marist Youth Minister Extraordinaire at Sacred Heart College, Adelaide, soccer player and Australian Plenary Council Delegate
  • Michael Ucci: Former College Captain at SMC, golfer and “master” learner
  • Scott Hanel: Former SMC graduate and Youth Minister, saxophone player and currently studying Law and International Studies
  • Isabella Tocchetti: SMC graduate, appreciator of creative arts and current Lasallian Youth Minister
  • Zani Bates: SMC graduate, AFL player, Surf Life Saver and current Lasallian Youth Minister
  • Mr John Foley: Principal at St Michael’s College
  • Mr Robert Dempsey: Director of Mission at St Michael’s College

The Year 11 Retreat experience will be following the theme “SOS … Service, Opportunity, Sacrifice”. As the word “Retreat” implies, it is a time for students to reflect, learn more about themselves, and explore the ‘big picture’ in their lives, both in a pastoral and spiritual sense.  They will also be challenged to reflect on how they can make a positive difference in their communities. Mr Foley will focus on how the Retreat themes connect with the Mission and Vision statement for the school community.

The Year 12 students will focus on the theme of “empathy, vulnerability, and compassion” as key requirements for healthy relationships, connections, and leadership. It will unpack what empathy is, how it requires intentional vulnerability, and how in order for it to be helpful, it must move into compassion.

These days are a critical part of student development at the College and attendance and participation is compulsory. We look forward to students’ growth as individuals through the experiences on these days.

Year 11 and 12 VET students are expected to attend these days unless absence is negotiated with Mr Woolford and the Year Level Director.

Please ensure you have responded to the email sent by the College through Consent 2 Go and ensure students bring any medications required from home.

Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission,  Mr Sam Kitschke, Year 12 Level Director and Mr Mark Labrosciano, Year 11 Level Director


NOTE: This is a student free day

Student/Parent/Teacher interviews are due to take place on Thursday 20 August.

In line with the current COVID-19 requirements this event will take place in an alternative and controlled format, rather than the usual ‘face to face’ Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews.

We are endeavouring to deliver the optimal process given COVID guidelines and, as such will be conducting Interviews via ‘Teams’.

Parents/Caregivers will be provided information regarding accessing the program in order to make requests as usual.

More detailed information will be forwarded regarding this process in the coming week. The timeline for this event is as below:

Monday 10 AugustProgram opens for requests
Monday 17 August 9:00 am Program will close for generation of appointments
Monday 17 August 2:00 pm Program will reopen
Schedules forwarded to Parents/Caregivers
Program open for modifications should they be required
Tuesday 18 August 9:00 am Program will close for final time
No further requests or appointments can be scheduled
Thursday 20 AugustInterviews conducted via ‘Teams’

Term 3 is the time when students and parents make important decisions regarding subject choices in preparation for future career pathways. These choices should be guided by student interest and success in preparatory subjects.

In Semester 2, students in Year 10 will be completing the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) as the first stage of their SACE Certificate. This is designed to assist students to identify possible career paths. This year in line with current COVID-19 requirements various Parent Information Evenings will be delivered online to explain the subject selection process and SACE Certificate requirements. (refer below)

Mr Anthony Vizaniaris and Ms Rose Coorey are available for careers counselling and Mr Kevin Woolford is available for advice on VET courses.

Current Year 12 Students
South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) Information for Year 12 Parents
Current Year 11 Students
Year 12, 2021 SACE Parent Information
Video link to be forwarded to Parents/Caregivers
Wednesday 12 August Lesson 1 Year 12 2021 Subject Selection Assembly
Attendance Compulsory for Year 11 Students
Thursday 3 SeptemberSubject Selection Counselling Day
No Year 11 Classes
Current Year 11 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews
Current Year 10 Students
Wednesday 5 August Lesson 1 Year 11 2021 Subject Selection Assembly
Attendance Compulsory for Year 10 Students
Tuesday 25 AugustYear 11 2021 Subject Counselling Day
No Year 10 Classes
Current Year 10 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews
Current Years 7, 8 and 9 Students
Wednesday 19 August Lesson 1 Subject Selection Procedures assembly
Attendance compulsory: Current Years 7, 8 and 9 students



As part of the Year 8 Pastoral Program, students attended a presentation from Emmah Money on Wednesday. Among other things, Emmah is a Cystic Fibrosis Advocate, 2020 SA Local Hero award winner, author and a person with an amazing story to tell.

The students were engaged with Emmah’s 60-minute presentation as she described her personal family challenges, her difficult schooling years, her personal battle with Cystic Fibrosis and her passionate and positive attitude to all things. She challenged the students’ perceptions of what is possible in life, challenged us to overcome the obstacles that try to get in the way of us achieving our goals and implored people of all ages to be kind to each other.

The students responded wonderfully by listening intently and asking some very thoughtful questions at the end of the presentation. Emmah has spoken in previous years and always gets some amazing feedback from community members:

“Thanks for coming to my school and sharing your wonderful inspirational story. Stay safe and healthy.”

“Hey Emma, I was one of the students today who heard you speak and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it.”

“We are from St Michael’s and we just wanted you to know that we really enjoyed your presentation today and were very inspired by your story and got a lot out of it. Thank you so much for coming and speaking about your experiences to us. We really enjoyed learning about your story.”

“My daughter was there and she said you were awesome.”

We thank Emmah very much for sharing her story and challenging us to be even better people tomorrow.

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director


Dominic Zerillo 9BPC-01, pictured with his Pastoral Care teacher, Ms Maiese, is the winner of the Term 2 Strengths Draw!

Thanks to Mr Young for supporting us with the sports equipment!

Congratulations Dominic!

Mrs Tonia Carfora – Year 9 Director