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The SA School Immunisation Program will be offered at your school by the City of Charles Sturt.

In 2021 the South Australian program provides Year 8 students with immunisations for Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

In 2021 the South Australian program provides Year 10 students with Meningoccal B vaccine & Meningoccal ACWY vaccine.

Immunisation consent packs will be sent home with all Year 8 and 10 students. It is important that you read the information contained in the packs before you give consent for your child to be vaccinated at school. If you have any questions about this program, please contact the Immunisation Section, SA Health, on 1300 232 272 or City of Charles Sturt on 8408 1111

All parents/legal guardians are required to complete, sign and return the Consent Cards, even if you do not consent for the student to be vaccinated at school.

If you do not receive a Year 8 or 10 Immunisation Consent pack from your child please contact the school office via email smc@smc.sa.edu.au or via phone 08 8356 5966.

If you do not want your child to be vaccinated at school, please return the consent card and then contact the City of Charles Sturt to arrange for your child to receive the vaccines at a clinic. This will remain free of charge. If you go to your doctor for the vaccination, they will need to order the vaccine in and may charge a consultation fee.

Remember to keep your child’s School Immunisation Program records in a safe place as they may be required for future employment, study or travel

Mr Mark Stephens  – Daily Organiser


Week 1: Kindness

A simple Google search can lead us to endless quotes about kindness. They may originate from saints, authors, actresses, politicians, religions, musicians, philosophers, and many other people, both past and present, from all walks of life. In his meditations, St John Baptist de La Salle reminded us to never speak to anyone, except with kindness (Med. 65:2).

As one of our character strengths (inspired by the work of Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson), kindness has far reaching consequences for ourselves and all those around us. Research tells us that kindness leads to us feeling  more satisfied with our lives,  and enhances our physical and mental health, and relationships. That’s before we even consider the impact on others who receive our act of kindness!

Kindness doesn’t have to be complex or preplanned. It can be as simple as a smile, as a listening ear, as a pat on the back, as a joke at a tense moment, or an offer to help. At the right time, this simple human warmth can create an endless ripple effect for both the person on the receiving end, and the person extending it.

At St Michael’s College, where each person is encouraged to contribute to our community so that each individual is known, valued and cared for, kindness is essential.

Year 7-9 students this week heard that kindness can be developed when we:

  • sit by a classmate we don’t know and welcome them
  • ask someone about their day and listen
  • use kind words when we speak to people
  • thank our teacher for the lesson, or our parents for dinner
  • hold a door open for someone
  • let someone in ahead of us in the canteen line
  • give up our seat for someone older or unwell on the bus
  • offer to help
  • take our dog for a walk
  • congratulate someone on their hard work and achievements
  • genuinely thank someone for something they have helped us with
  • pick up rubbish and put it in the bin
  • offer to let someone borrow something
  • contact a family member you haven’t seen for a while to check in with them or just say ‘hello’!
  • send a kind message to someone
  • get behind a social justice issue and support it the best we can
  • smile!

Our students spoke about the acts of kindness they experienced on their first day of school at the senior campus:

“Ms Axon was inviting and made us feel welcome.” – Lewis Gilbert (7BPC-05)

“Mr Biggs helped me sort out my locker.” – Joshua Keeler (7BPC-05)

“Ms O’Hara explained everything really well and was genuinely kind.” – Molly Webb (7GPC-05)

“A classmate helped me to work out my lock.” – Amelia Scodella (7GPC-03)

“My classmates supported me when I read the first prayer at our year level assembly.” – Giuseppe Cardillo (7BPC-02)

We hope to see the kindness wave continue to grow and gather momentum!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


In Term 4, a number of Italian classes collaborated to prepare a brief video message of solidarity for our sister school in Rome, il Collegio San Giuseppe – Istituto De Merode. We keep them in our thoughts in what has been a very challenging time. To watch our video please click here.

In response, the students and staff at the Collegio san Giuseppe – Istituto de Merode (who have been learning from home for an extended period due to COVID-19) have compiled a reply to our message. The first half is in Italian and if you keep watching there is also a bit in English towards the end. Please click here to view their repsonse.

Ms Angela Benedetti, Italian Coordinator – Secondary


A friendly reminder to parents/caregivers of Year 7 students who have transferred from the Primary Campus:

We have been informed by the canteen (Rory’s School Lunches) that some students are still listed as a Year 6 and attending the Primary Campus. Please update your child’s details through the QKR! app.

  1. Open the app and select your profile (next to the menu tab).
  2. Change your child’s year and class.
  3. Press update to save your changes.

For more information about our canteen services please click here.