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In a remarkable display of joy and adaptability, students from Years 8 to 10 shared their dance work with one another in Founders Hall on Wednesday 18 November.

In place of performing at The Parks Theatre, Ms Kollevris’ Year 8 boys and girls classes, Year 10 dance students and Certificate II dancers, along with Mrs Caputo’s Year 9 girls dance class, amongst a swarm of supportive teachers, came together in what was such an enjoyable few hours of performances.

It was in this ‘bubble’ of dance performance that the lockdown was announced, and the staff were so grateful to end on this wonderful high as students moved into a more uncertain situation.

he performance was a lovely reminder that the joy of dance can be communicated anywhere. Even without lights and a proper theatre, the love of dance and thrill of performing was evident in all our students. The students must be commended on their supportive, brave, hardworking, and spirited performances. We hope this experience will be a memory that they will treasure, and that they will never never take for granted performance opportunities that have in the past been intrinsically embedded in our dance learning program.

The performances were filmed and have been shared in students Microsoft Teams for them to view and show their parents/caregivers. 

To view all photos, please click here

Mrs Dani Caputo, Dance Coordinator – Secondary, and Ms Hayley Kollevris , Dance Teacher – Secondary


“My piece, called “Run, Wild” is an artwork depicting how humans can easily destroy a beautiful, luscious forest. The running wolf in the centre is there as a depiction of humans destroying the environment, but also a visualisation of nature trying to escape, only to be chased and destroyed. The whole scene was made to stand as a warning against deforestation, as well as showing what could happen if it continues. The name originates from the phrase “run wild” which means to “be free”, but since this picture depicts that freedom being destroyed, it is turned into a very different phrase, which can be read as something, or someone telling nature, “the wild” to run away from all the damage and devastation. I used a digital drawing program called ‘Procreate’ to draw this and sketched the original image with graphite pencils on A3 paper. I’ve always felt the need to discuss habitat destruction, and find a way to help prevent it, which now has inspired me to draw this picture.” – Aijana Kostich (9GPC-03)

As you can see from ‘Run, Wild’ as well as her preliminary dragon sketches featured below (for a different project), Aijana is an extremely talented artist and a deserving winner of the Erol Zendis Art Prize. Congratulations Aijana! 

In addition to Aijana’s thought provoking piece, here’s some more socially conscience ‘street art’: 

Tom Laforgia (9BPC-02) takes on the illegal pet trade with his piece titled ‘Lone Monkey’:

Kayne Hodges (9BPC-05) provides us with a very timely reminder about preventing the spread of COVID-19 with his piece ‘Mr Corona’:

I’ve been extremely fortunate to teach two brilliant Year 9 Visual Art classes this semester and I felt it was important to share some of the awesome work they’ve been doing with the rest of the St Michael’s College community. There is much more work to be seen, future pieces will be displayed in The Star and on the screens at the St Michael’s College Secondary Campus at a later date. 

Mr David De Lorenzis, Visual Arts Teacher – Secondary


Last week was National Recycling Week and the Eco Squad have some very exciting news! In 2021 all yard landfill bins will be removed from the Secondary Campus which means all rubbish placed into yard bins will be recycled.  

Don’t worry, it will be super easy! Food goes into green bins, and everything else into the yellow bins. Just watch this short clip to find out how it will work! 

 Ms Robyn PalmerSustainability Support Officer 


Year 7 and 8 classes are gathering items for donations to St Vincent de Paul for Christmas Hampers. Many thanks to our community for your kindness and generosity of spirit in bringing hope and gratitude into the homes of many families. 

Mr Aldo Calo, Year 7 Director, Ms Joanne Billows, Year 7 Assistant Director, Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director, and Mr Tom Dittmar, Year 8 Assistant Director