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Secondary Campus


This year we were fortunate to run the Lasallian Workshop for the College leaders elect at the Grange Surf Lifesaving Club. The day was facilitated by Mr Peter Curran, and featured a number of guest speakers. To begin the day, we focused on different types of leadership styles and what it means to work as a leader in a Lasallian school.  We also discussed the different ways in which we need to be good at listening and adapt to different leading styles through a range of discussions and activities.

A highlight of the day was when the students were placed in random groups of four, and asked to build the highest structure they could, in a stipulated time with skewers and marshmallows. We were also fortunate to have four Old Scholars attend the day for one of the sessions to run through their experiences as leaders during their time as students in our community.

The participants also had the opportunity to have an open-dialogue session with our Principal, Mr John Foley. They discussed ideas they deemed to be important, with a focus on the SMC Mission and Vision and Strategic Priorities from 2019 and beyond.  We look forward to our next leaders elect day in late November, when we will outline the leadership plan for 2021, and elect the Captains and Vice Captains for next year.

Mr Matthew Williams, Director of Pastoral

On Thursday 5 November, our annual Year 12 Visual Art, Design, Photography, Design and Technology Exhibition celebrated the achievements of students. Congratulations to all students who were involved in the exhibition and on their significant subject achievements. Please watch the virtual tour of the exhibition below.


Rene Ruppert (9BPC-02) was awarded the Strengths Prize for Term 3. Pictured here with his Pastoral Care Teachers, Ms Capitanio and Ms Nguyen, Rene’s name was drawn from a ballot of entries of many students in Year 9, also nominated for demonstrating their character strengths.

Well done Rene!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director 


On Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 November, the Year 11 drama class presented their season of Tom Stoppard’s iconic play, The Real Inspector Hound. With the easing of COVID restrictions, the cast and crew were enormously pleased to be able to perform for family and friends, and they made the most of this opportunity, giving energetic and fast-paced performances which had the audience in stitches.

The play, which is a murder mystery spoof, is in the style of Theatre of the Absurd where the playwright aims to reflect the deceptive nature of reality and the confusion which is often a part of the human experience. Stoppard’s clever writing gave our actors ample material with which to hone their comedic acting skills. The Cluedo inspired set design was a fun addition to the production and served to remind the audience of how chance plays a part in our lives.

Special thanks go to Anthony Boffa (11PC-03) and Anah Reaiche (10PC-08) who volunteered their services for the production as the lighting operator and dead body, respectively.

A huge congratulations to the cast and crew, you should all be very proud of yourselves!

Ms Danii Zappia, Drama, Italian & RE Teacher – Secondary


As part of their final assessment, the Year 12 outdoor construction class paved under the school’s pergola, built by the outdoor construction class of 2018. The students worked as a team fulfilling different roles such as site layout, compacting, laying pavers, and concreting. Many skills and traits were developed that will serve these students well next year as they hopefully find apprenticeships in the construction industry.

“It was very exciting getting to do something hands-on and outside of the classroom. I have learnt a lot of skills through paving as I have never done it before. I really enjoyed this project.” – Jacob Scott (12PC-11)

“As a team, I am proud of what we accomplished and am impressed by everyone’s skills. Paving is now a skill I can say I am confident with and would be able to do it if I needed to in the future, either on a job site or renovating my own home.” – Levi White (12PC-01)

Mr Matthew Anderson, Design & Technology and History Teacher – Secondary


This term in Year 7 history, we have been studying Ancient Egypt. Students were tasked with researching an area of study or significant individual, and producing a project based on what they had found. Well done to Alana Fedele (7GPC-01), Avani Grewal (7GPC-01), Bethany Charles (7GPC-01), Lucia Hillary (7GPC-01), Paige McEgan (7GPC-01) and Stephanie Scholefield (7GPC-01) from Miss Bennett’s class for their amazing collaborative effort! The girls studied Ancient Egyptian fashion, accessories and make-up to create a head-to-toe representation of the style of Cleopatra, all from scratch! Well done also to Constantina Nicou (7GPC-01) for her very accurate reproduction of King Tutankhamun’s hook and staff.

Ms Rachael Bennett, English and History Teacher – Secondary


The Year 7 girls have been learning the properties of metal by cutting, filing, bending and riveting their own unique flowers. In this creative project, once their flowers were constructed, students were then able to spray paint their metal flowers. No two are the same!

Mr Thomas Crouch, Design & Technology Teacher – Secondary