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Domestic violence can be defined as ‘violence, abuse and intimidation between people who are currently or have previously been in an intimate relationship’. The perpetrator uses violence to control and dominate the other person. This causes fear, physical harm, and/or psychological harm. Above all, violence is a violation of human rights. Since COVID, emerging data shows that domestic violence has intensified. It is the ‘shadow pandemic’ growing amidst the crisis.

The statistics around domestic violence are alarmingly high:

  • There were close to 30,000 domestic violence matters reported in SA last year. Many go unreported.
  • By October 19, 2020, 57 adults and 10 children died from domestic violence incidents in Australia alone.
  • Australian Police deal with domestic violence every two minutes.
  • 85% of Australian women have been sexually harassed at some point in their lives.
  • Many men are victims of debilitating, emotional abuse and physical violence from a partner or family member. Sadly, however, the vast majority of extreme violence victims are women, or if men are the victim, it is usually at the hands of other men.
  • More than half of victims have said that the violence has become more frequent or severe since the start of the pandemic, with less opportunities to leave or seek help.

On Tuesday, 27 October, a dedicated group of Year 11 students and staff, facilitated our second Domestic Violence Awareness Day. During the campaign, we acknowledged victims, both past and present of domestic violence related issues. We sold awareness badges and white ribbons for a gold coin donation, as a symbol of recognition on this matter, with all proceeds donated to local charities, including Centacare Family Services. There were various other ways in which our Year 11 students raised awareness of this terrible issue, these included a Year 11 Chapel Service, a school-wide multimedia campaign, and an ice cream stall at lunchtime. We came together to provide a voice to those suffering at the hands of domestic violence in the hope of helping to prevent this issue from causing so much pain. As young men and women in our St Michael’s community, we take a stand against this type of appalling behaviour. There’s no excuse for abuse.

Mr Mark Labrosciano, Year 11 Director


Year 11 Biology students recently visited the Adelaide Zoo as part of an independent investigation designed by the students themselves which required detailed observations of animals and their enclosures.  The data and observations collected will be analysed for the purposes of responding to their own hypotheses relating to animals, their adaptations, and their engagement with their habitats. We had perfect weather and the students really valued this outdoor learning experience.

Mr Gavin O’Reilly – Head of Department, Science


Indigenous Garden
The Eco Squad have been busy planting our new Indigenous Garden. It is full of bush tucker foods such as coastal saltbush, native raspberry, and pigface! We have also planted two native fruit trees, Quandong and Finger Limes.

A big thank you to Mr Andrew Spencer our Indigenous Coordinator, for the donation of the plants, and thank you to Natural Resource Management who provided a grant to build the garden beds and to create educational signage.

We look forward to tasting the wonderful recipes our food technology students will be making with the ingredients we will provide.

Insect Hotel
Congratulations to Joshua Carr (9BPC-04) our Year 9 Youth Environmental Council Representative, who has built us an insect hotel for our garden. He has done a wonderful job representing our school in this environmental leadership program and we thank him for the beautiful new addition to our garden. The native insects will be very happy!

Come and join us every Tuesday and Friday during lunch. We look forward to seeing you in our patch!

Ms Robyn Palmer, Sustainability Support Officer


This week our Year 9 boys Pastoral classes participated in a Wing Chun session conducted by the Adelaide Wing Chun Academy. The boys had a great time learning basic self-defence strategies.

The Year 9 banner that highlights each student’s spark or passion from our retreat day earlier this semester has now taken its place in the Kaurna Courtyard. Students reflected on their personal spark and on the strengths that support its development, as well as their ability to explore their curiosities and realise their potential. Well done everyone!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director & Mrs Anna Haracic, Assistant Year 9 Director