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Secondary Campus


On Friday 30 October, secondary students and staff are invited to participate in “Formal Casual Day” to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation in honour of Jenna Crierie. To read more about Jenna’s story please click here.

We would like to remind students of the dress code guidelines to ensure we are respectful of this important day. Students and staff will be asked to donate a gold coin to assist the work of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

We are absolutely delighted that Rory’s (our canteen provider) has come on board to support this important fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and, by association, the Crierie Family.  Rory’s have generously agreed to provide prize vouchers for the “Best Dressed Male and Female Students” from Year 7 to 11, and will also donate 10% of the daily sales from the canteen and café to the cause.


On Monday 19 October, students undertaking Semester 2 Year 11 Modern History were very fortunate to be the first school group to visit the newly developed Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Centre, located in Wakefield Street in the city (next to St Francis Xavier Cathedral). The museum has been supported by the Catholic Archdiocese, Gandel philanthropy and both the State and Federal governments. It has been the long-time vision of Mr Andrew Steiner, OAM (a long-time friend and visitor to St Michael’s College), who is an artist, historian and Holocaust Survivor, to establish an educational museum. This has finally come to fruition and our Year 11 students received a guided tour, were able to hear the testimony and participate in a Q&A with two Holocaust survivors, as Ms Eva Temple also joined Mr Steiner.

The tour of the museum enhanced our students’ study of Genocide. The museum officially opens to the public on 9 November. Here are some student reflections on the excursion:

“I am really grateful for the opportunity to attend the Holocaust Museum and listen to the recounts from Eva Temple and Andrew Steiner. I believe the galleries pose thought-provoking questions in an engaging way which helped us understand the information and get us thinking about the Holocaust in ways we hadn’t before. The pictures throughout the gallery really helped me to connect to the times and understand more of what happened. I was really inspired when we were taught about being an upstander, rather than a bystander. I will take that idea on and hope to live more like an upstander. I believe this museum is an important education institution and I will definitely come back when it is open to the public!” – Portia Leopardi (11PC-06)

“The photos and captions in the gallery were very informative and eye-opening.  I really appreciated the honesty in Andrew and Eva’s speeches and the way they spoke about the importance of being an upstander and recognising the humanity we all share. Attending the Museum and listening to their stories enabled me to gain a new level of insight into the depth of the atrocities which took place during the Holocaust”. – Monique Woods (11PC-02)

“I am grateful our class was able to visit the Holocaust museum before it opens next month. I believe that everything in the gallery was very informative. I learnt information that I did not know before and believe it will make an impact on our country by having this museum available as we can continue to learn about such an important part of history”. – Lachlan Davis (11PC-05)

 Mr Matthew Muscat, Head of Department – History


On Sunday 18 October, Megan Adrain (10PC-05) and Lilly Tedesco (10PC-05) represented St Michael’s College in the State Grand Final of the EVATT UN Diplomacy competition. The Grand Final saw the top 15 teams compete for the chance to win their place in the National Grand Final. Our team were asked to represent Indonesia. On the day, teams debated three resolutions on the question of the power of the security council, occupations of the Jordan Valley, and Police being armed with weapons. Although our team did not win, they showcased their fantastic negotiating skills, and knowledge of current and historical events. They should be very proud of their efforts! I look forward to offering this exciting opportunity to students in Years 9 to 12 in 2021.

Ms Stacey Moros, Secondary Teacher


In Week 1, our Year 9 boys pastoral classes were involved in some teamwork activities while our girls classes participated in their introductory Wing Chun lesson. It was wonderful to see the girls engaged and having fun whilst learning some very basic self-defence strategies.

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director