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Year 10 Italian students have been studying the migration experience which led them to see the importance of cuisine in conserving culture, and the pride that emanates from this. As families pass on their recipes for specific dishes, they pass on a little bit of their hearts and souls, as the food shared is so inextricably linked to the values and memories of a past that are held so dear.

To celebrate the end of the term and the unit of work, students embarked on a brief culinary experience that saw them cooking in the food technology kitchen in small groups. It was a special and meaningful taste of what is to come in Stage 1 Italian when students have the wonderful opportunity to participate in a master cooking class with Rosa Matto.

Students prepared Bruschetta, Melanzane Ripiene and Cantucci Toscani.

Bravissimi ragazzi!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director


On Thursday 17 September, Year 10 students were privileged to hear from two special guest speakers, Mr Peter Ingman, a publisher and historian specialising in Australia’s involvement in the Second World War, and Mr Andrew Steiner, OAM, artist, historian and Holocaust Survivor who spoke to us about World War II.

Mr Peter Ingman was fantastic in explaining the events that occurred and the people who were involved as he was very knowledgeable and described everything in much detail, especially when discussing what Australia did during the First and Second World War. It was very interesting to learn about new things which a lot of us did not already know.

As a survivor of the Holocaust, Mr Steiner told us about his life in Hungary, as well as the difficulties a Jewish person had to experience. He explained to us that the way in which the Nazis could identify who was Jewish was to make them wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing. He also discussed the rough life for Jewish people in Europe at the time.

“It was amazing to listen to Mr Steiner’s story which captured everyone’s attention, as he related his experience during the Holocaust to our own experience at school, making the story that he told more relatable to us as students. Mr Steiner told us that we need to stand up if we see something wrong and not just be a bystander who watches. He also showed us one of his artworks which was a sculptor of a young Jewish boy with his hands up with guns pointed at him. He explained that this statue portrays how many Jewish people would have felt at that time as the statue captures the fear and terror that some would have felt. Furthermore, he told us that we should never forget about the Holocaust, and the victims who were involved in the horrible event that occurred.” – Joseph O’Leary (10PC-07)


As an introduction to the Photoshop task for photography in Year 10 Computer Aided Design, students were tasked with creating a ‘spot the difference’ game. Students could choose a cartoon of their choice and practised using different tools within Photoshop to edit the image in subtle and well blended ways. They were challenged to sneak in extra characters, remove features, and change the shape and colour of different parts and objects. This task will develop the skills students need to create their major project for the Year 11 Drama poster, but was also fun as they had the freedom to get creative with humorous and unique edits. Check out some of our students work below and see how many differences you can find!

Ms Tess Morcom, Design and Technology Teacher – Secondary


On Wednesday 24 September, our talented St Michael’s College small ensembles performed for family and friends in our MacKillop Centre. This was an exciting event for staff and students as it was the only performance night for the Music Department so far this year.

The ensembles that performed were Guitar Band, Senior Rock Band, Combined Schools String Ensemble, Jazz Band, Middle School Rock Band, Flute Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.

I’d like to make a special mention to our String Ensemble which has grown to 14 members this year, and includes students from five schools, from Year 3 to Year 12! This was the inaugural debut performance for our first ever SMC Percussion Ensemble, another exciting development for our music department!

Congratulations to all of our students and ensemble directors on a great night!

Mr Tim Donovan, Director of Music – Secondary


As we continue our planning for next year, we are seeking input from parents and caregivers in regard to any special considerations that we need to be aware of concerning your child’s class placement for 2021.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to nominate students they would like to be placed with from their current pastoral class. This, along with your input, will be considered by pastoral staff for class formations. Please note, this applies to pastoral class placement only.

Please direct any correspondence to your current Year Level Director by email, no later than Wednesday 14 October (Week 1, Term 4). Your current Year Level Director will respond to your email by the closing date and if you have not received notification of this, please don’t hesitate to contact them directly via the links below.

Mr Aldo Calo – Year 7 Director
Mr Paul Flaherty – Year 8 Director
Mrs Tonia Carfora – Year 9 Director

Whilst every consideration will be given to your child’s placement, please note that decisions will be made in the best interest of all students.

Mr Aldo Calo, Year 7 Director, Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director and Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director


On Tuesday 22 September, 37 girls from Years 7, 8 and 9 joined together to participate in a one-day entrepreneurship workshop as part of the Academy for Enterprising Girls program. This was an exciting opportunity for students to develop skills in entrepreneurship, design thinking, problem-solving, and technology, all part of the set of enterprise skills recognised as being highly valued by employers and important skills for the future of work. The virtual workshop was delivered by facilitators from Young Change Agents who set our students an environmental impact challenge to consider and explore environmental challenges they cared about, develop a solution to address the challenge, test and validate their solution, create a prototype of their product using digital technologies, and then pitch their idea to the group and the facilitators.

Congratulations to all participants for embracing the challenge and working collaboratively to come up with creative solutions to reducing food waste, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to power our energy needs, achieving a more sustainable use of water resources, and connecting healthy eating and nutrition with encouraging people to produce and consume resources more responsibly. The solutions developed had a focus on local actions to address global problems, with many considering innovative ways we could make a difference at home and right here at the College.

Ms Bridget Kearins & Ms Anna Lumibao, Secondary Teachers