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On Friday 14 August, Year 4 students experienced their first excursion for the year visiting the One and All Sailing Ship and undertaking a historical tour of Port Adelaide. The trip links with our Investigation Unit Encountering Australia – First Contacts, where students learn about the first encounters with Indigenous people and early settlement.

Here are some highlights from the students:

“We went to the Port Adelaide One and All sailing ship. We went by bus and I sat next to Rocco. I enjoyed the tug of war because we beat Mrs McNeil and the instructor Kate. I also enjoyed steering the ship. I learnt that there were 112 ropes on the ship, that there are 3 parts of the ship, and that starboard means right and port means left.” – Liam O’Brien (4B)

“We went to the one and all boat and by bus. I liked the tug of war and how we got to drive the boat. I learnt that it was safer to drink alcohol than water in the 1700’s.” – Jack Stevens (4B)

“I enjoyed the walk with Mr Becker because I learned a lot about the history of Port Adelaide buildings like the bank.”- John Hallak (4M)

“I learnt that the bow is the end of the boat and there are eight spokes of the wheel. I also learnt how they drank beer and rum and how it was safer than drinking water. The fruit they ate was preserved with sugar, meat was smoked or watered, vegetables pickled, and fiddles were all almost new.” – Benjamin Abraham (4M)

Thank you to the staff at One and All for a great day and to our parent volunteers who attended: Mrs Duffett, Mrs Esposito, Mrs Francis, Mrs Staltari,and Mr Krol.

We look forward to more excursions later this year!

Mrs Stephanie McNeil and Mr Ray Becker, Year 4 Teachers