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In Week 4 students from R-6 participated in a ‘TriSkills’ Gymnastics incursion as a part of their Health and Physical Education (HPE) lessons. This gymnastics program is directly linked with the Australian HPE curriculum and is an enjoyable and engaging environment for students to challenge themselves. The R-6 programs are carefully sequenced progressions that focus on developing each student’s ability to enjoy and perform movement sequences that combine effort, space, objects and people. Our Receptions, Year 1s and 2s focused on developing foundation movement proficiencies to land and travel safely, and move in different ways and directions. Whereas Year 3s and 4s built further on these foundations to perform a variety of landings, balances, rotations, jumps and swings. The Year 5s and 6s, who have enjoyed this program for many years, were able to challenge themselves to design and perform more complex and controlled sequences, static and dynamic balances, jumps, landings and turns. We are thrilled with the effort of our students in these lessons and look forward to seeing our students build on these skills in the future.

Miss Annabel Lampard, Health and Physical Education Teacher – Primary, and Mr Dion Gazettas, Health and Physical Education Teacher and Primary Sport Coordinator


The art exhibition ‘Replace the Waste” is now up and running at the Adelaide City Library, Rundle Place which will be on display throughout the Adelaide Festival.

Year 6 artwork is being exhibited in the ‘Innovation Lab’ in the library. Works include collages, sculptures, and digital posters from a selection of Year 6 students.

The exhibition will be officially opened on 9 March with Government officials at the ceremony and selected artworks receiving awards.

For more information please click here.

Ms Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher – Primary