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On Thursday 29 October Year 4 students spent the day at Morialta exploring all things to do with erosion and the landscape around them as part of their Science unit ‘Beneath Our Feet’. The day consisted of exploring the walking trails to see the waterfalls and the creek, and playing on the giant playground. With dark clouds hovering over us all day, we were lucky to only have a small shower of rain before seeking refuge in the Giant’s Cave!

Here are some highlights of the day from students:

“On the excursion, I enjoyed seeing the different shapes in the rocks. I also saw a bit of weathering, erosion and deposition. It was interesting to see. The waterfall was also wonderful”.Liam (4B)

“First we went to the waterfall, then the Giants Cave. After that we went on an enormous playground! I really enjoyed the playground”.Oliver (4M)

“I liked looking and trying to spot all the living creatures, especially the koalas. My group found two koalas and they were both up in the tree”.Archie (4B)

“I enjoyed making huts, walking to the waterfall and looking at it. I enjoyed most going in the cave”.Tyhsen (4M)

I enjoyed standing on the rocks in front of the waterfall because you could see it up close”.Levi (4B)

“I enjoyed getting to hear the water from the waterfall, seeing the cute koalas, going on my first hike and the snake playground”.Matthew A (4M)

“I liked visiting the creek where there were Aboriginal tents and canoes. I thought it was fascinating to see all the erosion that occurred over thousands of years”. – Joseph (4B)

“My favourite part was when we stood next to the waterfall”. – John 4M

“Morialta was very fun because as a class we got to go see a waterfall and we learnt some facts about weathering, erosion and deposition”. Charlie 4B

Thank you to our parent volunteers on the day, Mrs Parisi, Mrs Marino, Mrs Tait, Mrs Javier, Mrs Denichilo, Mrs Francis, Mr Biggs, and Mr Krol.

Mrs Stephanie McNeil and Mr Ray Becker, Year 4 Teachers