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Primary Campus


Saturday, 24 October and Sunday, 25 October, marked an important moment for our St Michael’s College Sacramental Program.

After a year that has provided the Sacramental Program plenty of challenges, 26 students ranging from Year 4 to Year 8 celebrated their First Eucharist after completing their First Reconciliation and Holy Communion last term. We commend the boys for the dedication to their faith journey which began in March.

A huge thank you to the parents for your support this year. We also thank Narita Perrotta for her organisation and support from the Hindmarsh Parish, and a sincere thank you to Father Lancy for presiding over all the sacramental celebrations this year.

Congratulations to the following students:

Benjamin Abraham4M
Matthew Annese 4M
Gian Denichilo 4M
Jonas Denichilo 4M
Sam Giglio 4M
Sebastian Krol 4M
Finn Maddern 4M
James Del Bono 4B
Archie Duffett 4B
Joseph Esposito 4B
Cooper McLaughlin 4B
Frank Marino 4B
Luca Montagnese 4B
Matteo Mosca 4B
Bailey Nilsson 4B
Bodey Nilsson 4B
Liam O’Brien 4B
Ari Parisi 4B
Rocco Parisi 4B
Charlie Santos Tait 4B
Jack Stevens 4B
Harry Scholes5B
Garcia Childs5B
Khye Maddern7BPC-03

Mr Ray Becker and Ms Stephanie McNeil, Year 4 Teachers


To celebrate Book Week this year, the Primary Campus had a visit from author Adam Cece.

Adam has written the Huggabie Falls series and Wesley Booth Supersleuth and next year he will have a new Boy Spy series coming out. The students were excited to hear about Adam’s favourite books when he was their age, how he comes up with ideas for his books and the writing process.

The boys were also able to try their hand at drawing some of the characters from Huggabie Falls.

Mrs Glenyss Steventon, Resource Centre Coordinator