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Term 4 Week 7 2020

From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Following Tuesday’s College Leadership Seminar Day, I’m pleased to announce the following appointments for 2021:

College Captains: Alice Kneebone and Sebastian Leaney








College Vice Captains: Elena Antoniadis and Samuel Hornibrook








College Leaders 2021:
Christian Basile
Lily Batty
Anthony Boffa
Isaac Brown
Lili Caltabiano
James Clements
Morgan Cooper
Christian Dianos
Tasmyn Fiegert
Isabella Green
Kieran Hubert
Charlie Knowles
Monique Monti
Abeer Osman
Patrick Rawlins
Salvatore Santucci
Nadia Spaccavento
Ruby Tanner
Eboni Terrell
Henry Williams

Congratulations to our Captains and all the student College Leaders who have been elected to these servant leadership positions by their peers and College staff, we offer them our best wishes and full support. Whilst being outstanding young people in their own right, this group is also very much representative of the wider student cohort and one of the reasons being an educator is such an enjoyable experience.

As part of the College Leadership Seminar Day, there is a presentation from each of our prospective College Captains. I offer a glimpse of these through the following excerpts:

“Leadership is about putting the needs of others and the community before your own. Leadership is about putting yourself in other peoples shoes, understanding their situations and empathising with them. Leadership is about resolving situations and creating new ones, to keep our community one that is inclusive and respectful where each individual is known, valued and cared for.”

“As a leader I understand that it will not be easy, therefore we all must be supportive of each other through the good and bad times. It is essential to understand that we must be challenged in order to achieve and be the best we can be. As we are about to partake in the most important year of schooling we must be realistic in the choices we make. By making positive choices we will define the person, leader and learners that we are going to be now, and into the future.”

“Over the last 65 years, leaders, parents, teachers and staff of St Michael’s have created a community that challenges its students to ‘be the best they can be.’ It is now our turn as a group of leaders to inspire and challenge our peers.  A leader does so through believing in their peers’ abilities and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Through communication, true quality leadership is produced”.

“I believe leadership is about listening to people, respecting difference of opinions and helping others believe in their individual truth so they can reach their full potential. I believe leadership is about having a voice and using that voice with empathy and dignity in order to leave a mark and make a change. In the end, the best leaders are those that are selfless and empathetic, those who value the uniqueness in people, and those who are determined and willing to make sacrifices in order to benefit their community”.

“Leadership is setting out to make a positive difference in the world through supporting, uplifting and encouraging the people around us to thrive to their full potential. At St Michael’s, I want to bring to life the vision of an inclusive, respectful community, with a personalised environment where individuals can feel they are accepted and valued, challenged to grow and prosper through every learning opportunity, faithful in themselves and with the choice to express themselves freely and be heard by others”.

“Being able to make good choices comes with building confidence and existing in a society that is inclusive and accepting. I believe that all voices should be heard in our decision-making processes. The concept of ‘challenge’ is intertwined through St Michael’s Lasallian values. Challenge takes you out of your comfort zone, and this is one of my leadership goals for this year along with speaking up for myself and others, listening and advocating for those not normally heard, and putting myself out there when the College and my peers need someone to rely on”.

Another element of the Leadership Seminar was for the team to work through the most utilised section of Theodore Roosevelt’s famous 1910 speech in Paris. They worked through the messages from a variety of perspectives and I offer it below for reflection:

“The One In The Arena”, adapted from Theodore Roosevelt speech, “Citizenship In A Republic”, delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the one who points out how the strong one stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

The credit belongs to the one who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends themselves in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if they fail, at least fail while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat”. 

Kind regards,

John Foley

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


There are numerous items in Lost Property at the Secondary Campus. Lost Property is located in the Bookroom. All of these items are either unnamed or the name is illegible and include drink bottles, lunch boxes, rugby tops, pencil cases, novels, white summer and winter shirts, two blazers, a sports top, shoes and one car headrest.

If you have lost an item, please check lost property as soon as possible as all items will be disposed of at the end of the year.

The Bookroom is open 8:00am to 4:00pm every day until the end of the term, Friday 4 December.

Ms Paula Rogers, Bookroom Manager


3 December – SMC’s Got Talent
4 December – Term 4 concludes

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Primary Campus


The Year 4 Brass and Woodwind Concert was held in Founders Hall on Thursday 26 November, and was live streamed for parents/caregivers. Despite the challenging year we have had, the students’ commitment to the Brass and Woodwind Program and their instruments are to be commended. A big thank you must go to the parents and teachers of the Year 4s for their support.

The students have been working hard throughout the year perfecting their playing ability on either the clarinet, trumpet, trombone or saxophone. The Year 4s were joined in their concert by our newly formed Beginner Band directed by Charlie Thomas and the Primary Stage Band. All students should be extremely proud of what they achieved!

Ms Talia Gaertner-Jones, Music and Performing Arts Teacher – Primary


We have been advised by Downer Group that from Tuesday 1 December to Friday 4 December, road resurfacing works will be undertaken in Main Street from Grange Road to Jeanes Street (subject to weather conditions).

Due to these works for safety reasons, especially during the asphalt laying process, there may be limited access/egress to the School via Main and Hubbard Streets between 9:00am and 3:00pm. If parents need to come to the school between these times, we ask that you park in the College visitors carparks.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we will continue to update you as information comes to hand.

Mr Damian Patton, Deputy Principal – Primary

Secondary Campus


It’s that time of the year again where the Music Department is asking for participants in this year’s ‘SMC’s Got Talent’ extravaganza!

Our annual talent show will take place in the last week of school, Thursday 3 December in lessons 7 and 8. This will be a wonderful way for all members of the St Michael’s community to wind down after a busy school year.

All students and staff are eligible to participate. The requirements are you must come up with any type of performance that shows off a talent or skill that you believe needs to be shared with the world! Entry is free and participants simply need to email Mr Musci to nominate themselves.

Successful contestants will be contacted closer to the event. So start rehearsing now and let Mr Musci know ASAP!

Mr James Musci, Head of Department – Music – Secondary


Year 10 Graphic Design students have created colourful and intriguing posters advertising cultural events and festivals in South Australia. See below some work from our talented graphic designers.

Madison Caldwell Cesar Machiste Guitian Sarah Pahor Imogen Gallacher Anah Reaiche William Jordan Peter Rualhleng

Year 8 Art students were inspired by popular street artist ‘MULGA the ARTIST’ and created these amazing pieces.

Sehaj Singh Oscar Clarke Noah Remphery Matthew Graham Daniel Porcaro Curtis Dolan Carter Roe Caleb Carroll

Ms Leanne Michalik, Art & Design Teacher – Secondary


On 23 and 24 of November, Year 7 students from 7BPC-03 and 7GPC-03 participated in a food technology project as part of their Italian studies this term.

The teaching and learning environment of this unit reflects a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) pedagogy wherein students will learn the content of another area of the curriculum through the target language.

In preparation for this activity, students were required to create their own version of the traditional Italian Bruschetta recipe, using seasonal ingredients of their choosing. They also learned food preparation skills and hygiene considerations, all delivered in the Italian language.

It has been an enjoyable and innovative way of learning and teaching Italian through this project-based approach. Students were able to improve their Italian as well as learn the content of various other learning areas, such as food technology, through Italian.

“Having the opportunity to cook was very fun. I enjoyed getting to cook what my family cooks at home as a tradition”.Tahlia Candeloro (7GPC-03)

“I enjoyed cooking yesterday because it was fun, relaxing and enjoyable. I learnt how to cook on my own and I will use this tool for the rest of my life”. – Andrew Dichiera (7BPC-03)

I am extremely proud of the innovation demonstrated by the students during this project. It has been a pleasure to observe students using their language outside of the traditional classroom and for authentic purposes.

Miss Olivia Andreula, Italian Teacher – Secondary


Year 9 Visual Art students created their own jugs, mugs and teapots using Ben Quilty’s porcelain jugs, as well as grotesque American folk art as their main source of inspiration. They developed their own concepts and sculpting techniques using both clay and digital software. See below some students work:

Zico Condessa, Gianluca Belperio, Jackson MacDonald and Max McLeave

Concept mug sketches by Tia Walker

Face mug by Emma Brown

In addition to these imaginative mug designs, Year 9 students also worked on ‘Themed Typography Cover Pages’. The key objectives of the project included the consolidation of drawing, colour pencil, painting, typography and compositional skills as well as exposure to numerous significant artists. Students needed to incorporate their names with a specific style from one of their favourite researched artists, into their own themed title pages or posters.

Below are some excellent examples of these pages. Natasha Kannane (9GPC-04) created some intricate mandala art, Madeleine Fabbian (9GPC-02) made a beautiful Hokusai inspired piece, Tia Walker (9GPC-02) combined elements of Norse Mythology, Andy Warhol and Marvel for her inventive and exceptionally executed work, and Emma Brown (9GPC-03) produced a very personal David Hockney influenced piece.

Mr David de Lorenzis – Visual Arts Teacher – Secondary


This semester in Digital Technologies, Year 8 students learned basic computer programming concepts using the micro:bit. This is a pocket-sized computer that has 25 red LED lights that can flash messages and be used to create games. There are two programmable buttons that can be used to control games, or pause and skip songs on a playlist. It has an accelerometer so it can detect motion and knows when you’re on the move. The built-in compass knows which direction you’re heading in and it can use a low energy bluetooth connection to interact with other devices and the Internet.

For this culminating activity, students were required to investigate existing micro:bit projects which gave inspiration to their own. The following are some of the student projects:

“I created and coded a micro:bit and an artifact for that code which I called ‘Christmas Jukebox’. This Christmas themed music box plays ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. This was a very challenging process with there being lots of obstacles I had to overcome with the coding and creating the music box for the micro:bit. In the end it all worked out well and I was very pleased with my finished product”. – Luca Palmato (8BPC-04)

“Ball Toss is a game we created, using the micro:bit as a coding device to make the game run with a score. To play ball toss, you must throw a ping pong ball, into any of the 3 holes, to try and score the most points. Making the artifact wasn’t easy and there were multiple failed attempts during the process. We eventually got it right and the ball went in and out of the holes seamlessly. The coding of the micro:bit was fairly difficult because to make the code you had to use different inputs, outputs and variables. From making this product, we have learnt so much about coding, and how it can power different games. Overall, we are extremely proud of our artifact”. – Dylan Petherick (8BPC-04) and Riley Dunn (8BPC-02)

“My project ‘Turn Indicator’ was challenging! I came up with the idea of a bike indicator because I was riding my bike and I was tired of taking my hands off the handlebars to indicate when I needed to turn. I came up with the idea of making a box to hold the micro:bit and attaching it to my helmet. I didn’t want the code to be as simple as pressing button ‘A’ or ‘B’, so I coded the micro-bit to display the arrow when you turn your head left or right. Unfortunately, this presented the problem of the micro:bit going off all the time, even if you were just looking around! So I added a button as well”. – Ryan Gasparin (8BPC-05)

“Our project is called ‘Nightlight’. The micro:bit has been programmed to light up if there is no light, and it automatically shuts the light off if light is present”. – Aston Lee (8BPC-06) and Caleb Carroll (8BPC-04)

“The micro:bit we created is a ‘Scratch Game Controller’. This micro:bit is used for a Scratch platform game wherein the character moves to the left and right, and jumps when the micro:bit is tilted”. – Lachlan Smith (8BPC-03)


Year 7 and 8 classes are gathering items for donations to St Vincent de Paul for Christmas Hampers. Many thanks to our community for your kindness and generosity of spirit in bringing hope and gratitude into the homes of many families. 

Mr Aldo Calo, Year 7 Director, Ms Joanne Billows, Year 7 Assistant Director, Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director, and Mr Tom Dittmar, Year 8 Assistant Director

Careers and VET Services


Year 12 students been emailed the 2020 Final Careers Newsletter which is a document containing information about SACE results, SATAC procedures and advice on transitioning to study in 2021. Students have been asked to share this information with their parents/caregivers and to please mark Tuesday 1 December and Tuesday 15 December in your calendars.

Please be reminded that as of Wednesday 9 December, Careers and VET Services are off Campus for the Christmas break and are only available by email. However, the team will be present on Campus on Tuesday 15 December for appointments following the release of Year 12 results.

For information regarding the Federal Governments new school leavers information kit and access to free one-on-one career counselling please click here.


Careers and VET Services have sent a very detailed SEQTA direct message to all Year 11 students early this week. We ask that you please share this information with your parents/caregivers.

Topics that were covered in the SEQTA message are:

  • 2021 subject changes
  • University of Adelaide Year 11 grades conditional offers
  • Year 11 SACE results
  • Holiday revision and preparation for Year 12
  • Preparing for the UCAT Medicine, Dentistry or Oral Health,
  • Finishing off your Certificate III
  • Understanding the ATAR
  • Changes to ATAR equity adjustment factors and bonus points for 2022 University entry
  • University extension study and HeadStart schemes
  • SACE STAGE 2 subjects outside St Michaels College and thinking ahead for 2021 ADF Gap Year

If you require any more information please email Ms Coorey.

Mr Woolford has recently been notified of a few vacancies in VET Certificate III courses at Queensford College in Fitness, Hospitality and Business. These courses run in the holidays, or can be attended from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, one night a week. If you are interested, please email Mr Woolford by Monday 30 November.


UniSA have released a new video on what it’s like to study and work as a Civil and Structural Engineer. To watch the video click here.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors




Congratulations to Year 12 Drama student, Sienna Bertram (12PC-05), for being awarded the Adelaide Festival Centre Arts Award. Throughout her time at St Michael’s College, Sienna has been an exemplary student of Drama who excels in both theory and practical work. She has been an integral member of performance ensembles and is a highly analytical and creative thinker. Sienna is a gifted writer who hopes to become a playwright and will commence tertiary study in this field next year. Sienna has been involved in numerous community theatre productions, firmly positioning herself as an important and respected member of the youth theatre community here in Adelaide. Sienna is a compassionate and intelligent emerging artist who will continue to contribute to the arts community through creating engaging and insightful work for years to come. Congratulations Sienna, we wish you all the best for your very bright future!

Ms Emily Burns, Drama Coordinator – Secondary




Congratulations to old scholar Giacomo Guttilla (2017) who has recently been awarded the Helpmann Academy Award for the Most Outstanding Jazz Saxophone student at the Elder Conservatorium of Music.

The award was presented by Jane MacFarlane, CEO of the Helpmann Academy. This is a fantastic achievement, the SMC Music Department and St Michael’s Community are very proud. Well done Giacomo!

Mr Tim Donovan, Director of Music





Congratulations to Liam Scheuffele (9BPC-06) who has been selected in the SACA State Cricket U15 team. Liam will play in the Prince Alfred Invitational tournament from 7 – 11 February 2021. Well done Liam!

Mr Jordan Young, Boys Co-curricular Coordinator – Secondary






This year St Michael’s entered the National History Competition, which has run annually since its inception in 1995. The challenge asks students to take on a research task that explores some aspect of Australian history. In 2019 the focus of the research was on the theme “Contested Histories”, and students from Years 1 to 12 were invited to participate and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of History. I am very pleased to announce that Year 10 students, Madison Furnell (10PC-09) and Jessica Meade (10PC-05), have won the State prize for the category of ‘Museum Exhibit’. The girls created a museum exhibition on the history of ‘Australian’s Immigration Policies’. They utilised the computer simulation program called SIMS to guide their audience through an interactive tour of artifacts that related to their topic. They will be presented with their award and prize next year at an Academic Assembly held at the College. Congratulations Madison and Jessica!

Ms Stacey Moros, History Teacher – Secondary




Congratulations to Jennifer Roberts (12PC-01) who has picked up a $15,000 scholarship to the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM). Jennifer was encouraged to apply for the scholarship after attending ICHM’s Careers Week in 2019, which she says was the best decision she could have made. Jennifer explained that Careers Week ignited her with a strong passion for hospitality, daring her to dream about careers she had never considered previously.

Jennifer will join ICHM in February, studying for the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and Master of International Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association). For every six months of study, ICHM students spend six months in the industry on paid work integrated learning placements in Australia for the first year, and anywhere in the world from the second year. Jennifer is looking for to the range of industry placements, the combination of academic and practical course structure and world-class facilities.’

In 2019 ICHM was voted Best Hotel and Hospitality School in Australia for the quality of its student experience. Close to 90% of students secure jobs in the industry immediately after graduating. Jennifer was one of eight ICHM scholarship winners in 2021, with success based on a written submission and video presentation.

Well done Jennifer!