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Term 3 Week 9 2020

From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Fr John Rate MSC

Tuesday next week will see the first anniversary of the passing of Fr John Rate MSC. As parish priest, he was always a wonderful friend of St Michael’s College and much loved throughout the community. He was an old scholar of St Bede’s College, a De La Salle school in Melbourne and had a strong affinity with the Brothers and Lasallian education. His approach to speaking with young people was always meaningful and well appreciated.

Fr John was also a wonderful personal support to many in our St Michael’s community, presiding over many weddings, sacraments and funerals, as well as just being present when needed. His dry humour and gentle, relational manner was always a feature of his work and he was definitely a man of Heart. Fr John remains fondly remembered and sorely missed.

Trinity Intercol and School Sport

Each year, St Michael’s and Trinity come together in the spirit of sportsmanship and collegiality to compete in girls and boys open sports for what are generally the final games of the season.  Last week’s intercol was a tremendous example of these qualities, with the approach to all matches being ‘hard, but fair’ and of exceptional quality. Congratulations to Trinity as overall winners this year, though it was nice for our 1st XVIII football team to steal an exciting come from behind victory in Mark Mickan’s last game as coach and our Year 12s last for St Michael’s! I thank Trinity for hosting, and the staff from both schools, particularly Jordan Young and Leanne Burton from St Michael’s College for all the preparation for the event, the staff and coaches of both College’s for preparing the afternoon, and particularly the students for engaging with a spirit that we are all immensely proud of. We hope that this tradition continues long into the future.

With most school sport concluding last week (good luck to our senior girls’ football in their KO grand final next week!!), it is now nice to look back and reflect on how fortunate we were to participate in a winter season. Unfortunately, our interstate schools have not been so lucky. I still remember the excitement through the first training sessions and matches of the delayed season, perhaps highlighting a greater appreciation of something we value and might have lost. School sport is an important vehicle for developing, displaying and recognising skills and personal qualities, learning to win and lose with humility and honour, building friendships and creating a sense of community. I am in a fortunate position to see this on display each weekend and congratulate all those involved in creating the many individual, team and community achievements over this last term.

Drama and Dance

Congratulations to the staff and students involved in the recent Year 12 Drama performance of Masquerade and SACE Dance evening, Back to Black. Whilst the audience numbers were obviously a little restricted this year, those in attendance were presented with the most outstanding experiences. I never cease to be amazed by the talent, creativity, dedication and sense of community that emanates from these performances. All involved should be very proud, I certainly know I am!

Kind regards,

John Foley

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


Parents and students are advised that morning school buses will run as usual. Torrens Transit Buses 659 and 660 have been rescheduled to pick up from the Henley Campus at 11:30 am. Please note – the 659 does not run ‘express’ but services all stops along the route. Students will be dismissed as per guidelines for each MAD activity.


Please note the Uniform Shop will be closed during the first week of the school holidays and will open the second week on Tuesday 6 October, Wednesday 7 October, and Thursday 8 October.  The Uniform Shop will also be open the first day of Term 4, Monday 12 October.


25 September – Mission Action Day (Term 3 classes conclude)
12 October – Classes resume

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Primary Campus


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Extend Update

Secondary Campus


Following our collection of recipes for the Pastoral cookbook, ‘Together and Apart.. It’s Times Like These’, students loaded up the last of the food donations headed for their destination The Hutt Street Centre. As you will remember, the idea was to pay forward the warmth of the memories we shared in non-perishable food donations to the Centre. Well done Years 7, 8 and 9 students, you have made a great difference.

We look forward to being able to share the beautiful memories and cookbook with you.

Mr Aldo Calo, Year 7 Director, Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director and Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 9 Director


On Wednesday 9 September, the Year 8 and Year 9 girls were given an inspiring talk from Taryn Brumfitt of Body Image Movement. Taryn talked about her views on the way society believes a woman should look. She connected this to her own personal experiences in life, and believes that it is time to show society that we are beautiful just the way we are. Taryn showed us a picture that she posted online showing how happy she was in her own body even though it wasn’t what society viewed as the “perfect body”. Taryn said ‘When you start to love yourself, you will be more confident’. We found this quote so inspirational as it really connected to many of us personally. Taryn taught us the importance of loving ourselves for who we are and the way we look, and that our bodies allow us to do such amazing things and we shouldn’t punish ourselves if we have imperfections that society views as disgusting. Taryn also talked to us about the importance of working hard for what you believe in and never giving up. Taryn shared a quote with us, “Polite persistence breaks down resistance”, which means that if you really want something, you can achieve it. Overall the session was an eye opening experience and left us with meaningful messages to take with us through life. Daniella D’Silva, Erin Tunbridge and Roseanna Triulcio, Class Leaders of 9GPC-01


On Wednesday 9 September, Year 8 and 9 boys participated in a presentation by Professor Murray Drummond of Flinders University.  This covered issues pertinent to men’s health and appropriate strategies to take care of health, the impact of media on the way young men see themselves and the pressures that this sometimes places on them, and consequent impacts. After Professor Drummond’s presentation, we were fortunate to have time to engage in a Q and A with Professor Drummond, Mr Damien Marangon, CEO Surf Life Saving SA, and St Michael’s teacher, Mr Dominic Smith. Each member of the panel complemented the growing understanding of what it is to be a ‘good man’ in 2020 and also commented on the role that society plays in how this seems to shift and change over time. Fundamentally, one of the take away ‘pearls’ was that despite gender differences, effectively we are all people, and fundamental to us being ‘good people’ means to be respectful, kind and honest.

Marcus DePalma, Gianluca Belperio and Noah Woolcock, Class Leaders of 9BPC-03 reflect:

“The session with Professor Murray Drummond was a great experience to take a new perspective on masculinity. It was interesting to learn about the stereotypes surrounding men, and how society views them. It was also interesting to have the panel at the end and gain a deeper insight about our questions. Overall, it was very enjoyable and we all learned something new from the presentation”.

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director


Have you ever wondered how to keep your pets happy at home? Are you concerned about the state of the beach at Henley? Solutions to these thorny problems were presented by Year 7s this week at the STEM Shark Tank for 2020.

In an ordinary year this STEM Shark Tank pitch is a great experience for the community and parents are invited, however due to COVID, only staff members were able to participate.

Pastoral classes 7BPC4, 7BPC5, and 7GPC4, assisted by their Science and English teachers, pitched their ideas to a very experienced group of teachers on Monday, 14 September.  Using design thinking techniques, the students were able to ideate, design a prototype and then pitch the idea to a real audience. The pitches were five minutes long and involved showing their groups logos, and using ethos and pathos to persuade the teachers to invest their ‘SMC dollars’.

The teams who participated were:

Team NameTeam MembersProduct
Dogs R' UsEthan N, Billy N and Hayden BThe 5 in 1
Squak IndustriesFin, Marcus, Henry, Brodie, CooperPlasticpatroller
Golden CorpAnte, Teghan, Rayhan and JackThe Chewy Treat Dispenser
The Marine TeamAlex, Aiden, Tain, MicheleM. A. R. I. N E. (microplastic, auto remover intelligent nature educators)
Pawesome ToysJames W, Harry G, Noah A and Anthony MCat Scratcher 3000
Happy CatBrodie J, Mehtaab S, Elijah K, Aidan SChase and Scratch
REGRuby P, Georgina, ElizaSpin the Treats
Plastics PreventionLachlan, Jye, Miles, JamieBiodegradable Reefs
AB ConsortiumBlake, Dam, Arya , AdrianMarinelautus
Shrek IncAlex M, Leon S and Cooper MDog Box
Ultra MarineMassimo, Ethan, Giovanni, AidanC-vac
The Cleany AmbassadorsKalan, Travis, Max, ZaneThe Cleany Scoop
Ball IndustriesHarvey, Jude, Xavier and ChristianTreat Ball
PAWS R USSophia, Kelly, Chloe BTraining Paws
Pounce n’ PawsMikayla, Maggie and CaitlinThe Catertainment Tree
Furry FriendAlyssa, Isabella, JennaA Place to call Home
Canine TrioSevannah, Chloe L Ruby FSqueakaliciois
Tigers are FightersTeresa, Ciara, LaraTigers Roar
The Next Big ThingEmma, Amalia, MonikaNext Wave Toy
Canine PackGeorgia, Beatrice, GraceCollar Luxury
CrossbredTrent D, Alex G, Leo MToy in a Toy in a Toy

Congratulations to the following teams on their successful pitches:

  • First Prize – Ultramarine
  • Second Prize – The Marine Team
  • Third Prize – Paws R Us

Some students shared their reflections of the process:

“Our team “Ultramarine” were trying to solve the huge problem of plastic pollution. This problem is affecting a large number of marine animals including the Australian sea lion which was our main focus as it is an endangered species with less than 10,000 remaining. Our idea was the “C-Vac”, a vacuum that travels at the bottom of the ocean collecting plastic to try and prevent less deaths of the Australian Sea Lion. We encouraged the teachers to invest in our product because when the plastic gets brought to land it won’t go to landfill, it will be recycled into reusable plastic bags that people can buy so that they don’t keep throwing out more plastic bags that go into the ocean.”

“I’m very proud of the product my team created because we worked together and helped each other which made this activity fun to be a part of.”

“I am most proud of our teams’ presentation because even though it was nerve racking it all went really well. We responded to every question well, and knew the answer to every question asked. Everyone read fluently and made sure that we kept the audience entertained so that they would not get bored throughout the whole presentation.”

It was a great opportunity for the students to showcase what they have learned, and everyone had a lot of fun!

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Coordinator Junior Secondary Learning Initiatives


The inaugural Year 7 Readers’ Cup and annual Year 8 Readers’ Cup celebrated the challenge of reading four novels and watching a documentary film (in teams of four) over one term. Teams competed in four rounds of quizzes over a two-week period, culminating in a Grand Final. Year 7s took on this activity with gusto, and many teams scored bonus points prior to the competition. The Year 8 Grand Final was filled with tension and a winner was declared after two tie break questions.

Congratulations to the following winning teams:

Year 7 Winners: Kiara Didyk, Naomi Gagnon, Hannah Timpani and Liliana Walsh (Ms O’Hara’s class).

Year 8 Winners: Kiara Fico, Alana Zachilow, Sienna Leaney, Emma Tippins (Ms Andreula’s class).

Careers and VET Services


Please be reminded that applications for the Shipbuilding Readiness Training Program close Friday, 25 September 2020. School presentations held recently outlined the exciting opportunity to join ASC Shipbuilding as a School Based Apprentice in 2021.

Applications are open for 22 Apprentice positions as follows:

  • 14 Apprentice Steelworkers (Boilermaker/Welder – Heavy Fabrication)
  • 2 Apprentice Sheet Metal workers (Light Fabrication)
  • 4 Apprentice Pipe Fitters (Boilermakers)
  • 2 Apprentice Electricians

Eligibility and selection criteria and how to apply can be found at the BAE Systems Australia website: click here.


Applications are still being accepted for the Certificate IV Cyber Security Traineeship with Accenture. Girls are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applications close Sunday, 20 September. Please click here for more information.

Mr Kevin Woolford, VET Coordinator


Students and parents were recently contacted via SEQTA in relation to very important opportunities and deadlines. Some of the topics covered in the SEQTA message were:

  • Flinders University Year 11 Grades Conditional Offer: Deadline 24 September
  • TAFE SA – Many TAFE SA courses are becoming “competitive”, meaning that your applied date is often the basis for selection. Students interested in a TAFE SA course are encouraged to apply via the SATAC website as soon as possible. Please note applications are free.
  • University of Adelaide Year 11 Conditional Offer Updates
  • 2021 University Applications – The deadline to get one preference on your SATAC application submitted, and to receive your nine digit SATAC registration number is Friday, 30 September.
  • Interstate Applications – Students interested in applying for a course interstate must apply within the next 10 days. There may be a supplementary application required that will need to be submitted by the deadline. See page 10 of the SATAC Guide for links.
  • UniSA Support – Applying to UniSA, Pathways and Ordering Preferences Webinar, Tuesday 22 September, 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm.This webinar is designed to provide Year 12 students and parents with information on the SATAC application process, pathways into UniSA and how to order their preferences to get the offer they are hoping for. We encourage interested students and families to register via Eventbrite.
  • 1:1 Bookings – For those students who are still looking to speak to a UniSA team member, we will be offering phone appointments moving forward. We will be extending the booking time slots to accommodate your students, so watch this space. To book a phone appointment head to unisa.edu.au/booking

Any students planning to do Work Experience at some “approved” stage during  Week 10 to the end of Week 1 Term 4, would have now lodged their paperwork with Mr Vizaniaris. Students are then booked in for a Risk Assessment and to finalise placement approval and final preparation. No student should be going out over the next few weeks unless Mr Vizaniaris has their paperwork. Students would not be covered by the College Insurance Policy and such unapproved placements cannot count towards any VET requirements. If you have any concerns please email Mr Vizaniaris immediately.


The National Skills Commission has a new career website that highlights emerging occupations. Please click here for more information.


ICHM will be running a September ‘Careers Week’ from Tuesday 29 September to Friday 2 October 2020. Click here to read some interesting stories from students who have attended ICHM.  Interested students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as due to COVID and social distancing there is limited availability. Note there is a cost of $450 to attend at their Regency Park Campus. The cost can be traded for some initial fees if you enrol in a course at a later date. Click here for more information.

ICHM 2021 Australian Scholarship Application forms are now available for students wanting to apply for the Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management). The scholarships are valued at $15,000 and the closing date is Wednesday, 14 October 2020. To read more about this opportunity click here, and to access the scholarship applications here.


The US Consulate in Melbourne provide an excellent service to support students considering studying in the US. Samantha Jackson is our South Australian contact and provides many opportunities for students to research options and plan for success. The first port of call is the Facebook Page EducationUSAAustralia.

Core Subjects begin counting from Year 9, so students considering such options need to begin planning from Year 9. Please note that there are many webinars coming up in the holidays:

General Session

Tuesday 29 September at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Register here

This session provides guidance on U.S. undergraduate study, including university application procedures and standardized testing.

U.S. College Sports

Wednesday 30 September at 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Register here

Would you like to study at a U.S. College and be recruited as a student-athlete? Would you like to keep it on your list of possible options? This session will address opportunities available through college sports particularly NCAA for students, parents, teachers and coaches. Join us as we simplify the process.

Core Courses

Thursday 1 October at 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm

Register here

Are you aspiring to be recruited as a student-athlete at an NCAA division I or II program? Do you understand what the requirements are? Have you mapped out your subject for Years 9-12? Do you understand what the 16 core course requirements are? Or do you just want to make sure you are still on track.


This week Mr Woolford received information about many Apprenticeships, covering Industrial Painting, Second Fix Carpentry, Metal Sheet Fabricating, Cabinet Making and more. Students interested in these positions should email Mr Woolford.


Whilst the College will not be organising school visits on Friday to the Careers and Employment Expo, families are encouraged to attend the Saturday session. No registration is required, for more information click here.



The Year 4/5 football team completed a rare undefeated season after last Saturday by defeating Trinity College by 130 points. The boys won seven consecutive games including fantastic wins against PAC, St Peters and Rostrevor. The boys showed a great commitment to improving both their skills and their team play throughout the season and should be congratulated for their efforts!

Mr Aaron Sayers, Year 5 Teacher & Coach


St Michael’s College took on Brighton High at Flinders University Oval in Noarlunga Downs in the Statewide 8/9 Girls Football Knockout Final on Wednesday 16 September.

22 of our finest Year 8 and 9 girl footballers from SMC progressed to the final stage of the knockout competition after astounding wins against Henley High School, Nazareth Catholic Community, Blackwood High and Charles Campbell College in the minor rounds.

After hearing Brighton had managed to topple last year’s premiers, Mercedes College in the previous round, the girls knew Brighton were going to be a hard and extra challenging team to beat. With the help of a couple extra players on the bench and the usual elite players in Hayley Conlon, Georgie Blades, Emma Kilpatrick, Marlie Fiegert, Amelie Kempster and Asha Meers, to name but a few, the girls were able to match the pressure of the competition in the first half; finishing at the long break slightly in front.

Unfortunately, due to a few game-ending injuries prior to the half time break, the team were unable to defend the small lead and went down to Brighton in the end by six unanswered goals. The scoreboard never tells the full story, and nor did it on Wednesday. The girls played exceptionally well from siren to siren, with everyone playing to their strengths. Special mentions must be made to both Emma Kilpatrick and Isabella Benedictson, who prior to receiving hard knocks to the head, were equally dominating in the contested possessions and clearances in the first half. The team never gave up and even with the loss of strength they continued to put pressure on every Brighton possession until the final siren.

The girls are to be commended for getting to the final round in the first place. This is no small feat given the continued growth in the quality of the competition over the last 10 or so years. The girls were not defeated and are eager to get back on the track for the 2021 Statewide Knockout season.

Mr Dominic Smith, Coach and Business, Humanities and Religious Education Teacher