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Term 2 Week 10 2021

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

End of term

As we come to the end of Term 2, I give thanks for the people who make up the St Michael’s College community. I remain inspired each day by our young people, the staff who work closely with them and the families who support us all in so many ways. A Lasallian school is built on relationships, through which everyone can thrive and flourish when these connections combine with learning, wellbeing and engagement opportunities. Whilst we have seen some recent COVID restrictions put in place, we have been relatively fortunate this year to be able to take up these opportunities, whether they be learning programs, performance, service, sport, or community activities and events.

Friday night’s Dance Showcase and the recent Come Together music event were wonderful celebrations that represent the outstanding commitment, talent and support of staff, students and families and what can be achieved through these partnerships. This is also seen through the co-curricular sport program on a weekly basis and anyone who has been present on a Saturday morning at the College will appreciate the wonderful community spirit that is present.

On Wednesday the Year 12 assembly began as usual with a prayer of gratitude:

Let us remember that we are in the Holy presence of God

Thank you for the amazing world you have made
Help us to care for every aspect of your creation.
Thank you for the wonder of physics, medicine and astronomy.
Help us to engage with each facet of the universe.
Thank you for the pleasure of the creative arts.
Help us to sing, paint, dance and perform with joy.
Thank you for our incredible human bodies.
Help us to move, run, play and compete with passion.
Thank you for family, friendship, community and relationships.
Help us to care, love, protect, support, encourage and forgive one another.
Thank you for our school.
Help us to embrace and value the world, our education and each other.

St John Baptist de La Salle … Pray for Us!

Live Jesus in our hearts … Forever!

You will notice that this prayer begins with “Let us remember that we are in the Holy presence of God” and has special significance to those in a Lasallian community. As Brother Gerard Rummery writes, “It is important to note that the ‘presence of God’ in this prayer is referring not so much to the place but to the people present in this place, the teacher and the young people. It is a particular way of reminding all Lasallian teachers of their ministry of being older brother or sister to the young people because of the presence of God in each one, of the importance of relationship with each one. For the young people, it can be a reminder of a loving God who is not remote from the difficulties of their lives, who ideally, see something of God’s goodness reflected in the words and actions of their teacher”.

I wish all in the St Michael’s community and safe and restful term break.

Kind regards,

John Foley

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


19 July
Term 3 commences – classes resume

19 – 23 July
Year 12 Exams

Please click here to view our online calendar.

Tuesday 13 July8:00 am - 4:15 pm
Wednesday 14 July8:00 am - 4:15 pm
Thursday 15 July8:00 am - 4:15 pm

*Term 2 concludes on Friday 2 July
*Term 3 commences on Monday 19 July



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Primary Campus


Over the last fortnight, 38 boys and girls made four visits to the Primary Campus for their transition days to get ready to commence in our two Lasallian STARS (Student Transition And Readiness for School) classes for Term 3. Nerves quickly disappeared and all students were excited to visit as they enjoyed play-based activities in the classrooms and exploring our nature play areas. Students enthusiastically met our specialist teachers who gave them a mini-taster lesson in Art, Music, Italian and PE. The Year 6 buddies have formed wonderful relationships with the Lasallian STARS and assisted them in settling into class each visit. We look forward to welcoming and working with these new students and their families in Term 3.

Mrs Linda Story, Ms Belinda Melville- Jones and Ms Elicia Burford, Lasallian STARS Teachers

To view more images please click here and here.


This term for our inquiry we have been investigating the unit ‘Staying Alive’ and ‘Animal Habitats’. Throughout this unit, Reception students have been learning about different animals, what they need to survive and a range of habitats.  Students designed and created their own habitat boxes. They researched what animal would live in this habitat and communicated this by filming in front of the ‘green screen’. Please enjoy our movie below!

Reception Teachers


Last week the Year 8 Leaders visited the Primary Campus for a Girls Empowerment Mentoring session. Our Reception students’ focus on health this term has been around building ‘healthy habits’ where we have looked at moving our body and eating well. In line with this theme, students got busy baking ‘Healthy Oat Muffins’. It was an enjoyable morning with evident bonds between the leaders and their Reception buddies. This program has provided the Reception girls with the confidence that will also assist the new mid-year intake Reception students to feel welcomed and supported.

Ms Annabel Lampard, Health and Physical Education Teacher – Primary


Teaching & Learning – Guardians of the Galaxy Style?
“We must be guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe, be curious, and to explore the world and be who they are without suffocation”. – Brene Brown Dare to Lead (pg13)

So, here we are at the end of Semester 1, 2021 and yet again the world is feeling just a little strange. However, at the Primary Campus as teachers, (Guardians of the Learning Galaxy!), we have completed reports as students prepare to take a pause from formal learning. I would like to encourage all of us to reflect on all the ways we have been curious and wondered this semester.

The cool things that happen every day at school are due to the way the ‘Guardians’ create the space for the students; whether it be in the nature play area, the Innovation Centre or the flexible learning zones of a classroom.

If you were a fly on the wall and buzzed around the Primary Campus this semester you would have been greeted with some things that made you wonder too!

Year 5 students have been on a ‘Mission to Mars’ and encountered some tricky design challenges. Whilst the Reception students wondered about what type of animals were coming to visit the early primary area. We’ve also been lucky to have Martin Pascoe as an Artist in Residence working with Year 4s to help them work out the big questions of who we are and how we are all connected. As always, Year 3 students have been cooking up a storm with diverse recipes from zucchini brownies to power chips (polenta apparently!). The Rainforest came to life for the Year 2s with a deep dive into all that happens in that eco-system. And you should see how healthy the Year 1’s are after their inquiring minds have wondered about healthy habits! In Year 6 the struggle for power has seen students grapple with concepts of government and democracy. A few of the Year 6 squad put leadership into practice and raised $186 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation demonstrating how education can transform lives.

Underpinning these units are some great opportunities to develop the core skills of literacy. Inspired by their ‘Guardians’ various classes have been using a pedagogical approach called ‘Book Making’ or ‘Writers Notebook’ to develop their independent writing skills. Watch this space as we continue to develop this powerful approach to writing.

Let’s not forget the Guardians of the Environments!
This term we raised enough money to plant 74 trees and donated the funds to WoodWild. We took care of our Mums with the Eco Making Day and we hope they enjoyed their gifts of natural pampering products and Kokedamas (Japanese moss balls).

The Youth Environmental Leaders (YEL’s) have been working hard behind the scenes to ramp up our nude food situation aided and abetted by some intense waste warriors from Reception!  Thank you to the Year 2s and 5s as the garden is fully planted with winter veggies, and just in case you need more natural nurturing there are always chicken cuddles!

Some final thoughts inspired by this quote shown to me by a well-respected colleague, “Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual”.

I am not sure where this quote comes from, but it encapsulates a mindset that focuses on the ‘Power of Yet’. As you read your child’s report, examine what they can do at this moment and celebrate that. Make sure that as their first educators you are also the guardians of their galaxy and give them the space to explore, wonder and grow.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director Teaching & Learning – Primary


Brought to you by the Primary Campus Youth Environmental Leaders (YEL’s). Please refer to the SchoolStream post.

Jake & the YELs

Secondary Campus


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Come Together was a magnificent performance, showcasing the extraordinary hard work and talent that exists within the musical communities of St Michael’s College, St Mary’s College, Christian Brother’s College and Nazareth Catholic Community. The performing bands and vocal ensembles treated the audience to a more-than-professional show… It was like sitting at the Festival Theatre with moving performances by each group! The day started with the grand performance of the Combined Schools Concert Band, who played the 10 minute piece ‘Mekong’, which left the audience in awe as the students played this powerful piece.

The standard was set high, and the remaining entertainers met the challenge! The audience was delighted by the program which included vocal groups, a guitar ensemble, flute ensemble, string orchestra and SMC’s very own Groove Collective. The Combined String Orchestra played Tchaikovsky with great passion, leaving listeners sitting on the edge of their seats! Brian Gilbertson AM was the official host, and his extensive industry-knowledge provided thought-provoking insight into the expertise required by the performing students. His humor was also very much appreciated by the audience as the stage-set-up was modified between acts! The final arrangement included the Combined Schools Choir, who demanded a spine-tingling response from the crowd, highlighting the collaborative-benefits of “coming together” to celebrate music.

Come Together was a special collaborative event, evolving as a replacement for the combined College concerts that have previously been held at “The Gov”. COVID-19 restrictions prevented the students from performing together in 2020, so the Music Directors from each College decided to work together and give their students the chance to perform in 2021.

Well done to the clever and committed Music Directors, staff and students from each College. You have who made this experience one of the most positive, entertaining and amazing performances ever!

To view the ‘Come Together’ photo album please click here.


The Semester 1 2021 Dance Showcase was held at The Parks Theatre on Friday 25 June with over 130 dancers taking the stage. Students from Years 7 to 12 performed work that had been created during class and at Co-Curricular Dance.

Two performances were available for parents to attend with students dancing in back to back shows at 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm. The night was a huge success as the variety of pieces completed were very impressive and students were outstanding in their performances which were both challenging and exciting.

Thank you to all the parents who supported the students with sold out shows and a big thank you to all staff that supported the event.

To view images from this performance please click here.

Mrs Dani Caputo, Dance Coordinator – Secondary


Across this term, Year 11 Computer Aided Design students have been creating a pinball machine to demonstrate their 3D modelling and design skills. Students used the design process to structure their project, starting with research and review of the design features of products, materials and production techniques. Hand drawing was used to explore different themes and communicate a range of ideas for the playing field graphics and features. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, parts were either 3D printed or laser cut from different materials and assembled into a small, fully functional pinball machine. Students reflected on the project through a final evaluation, commenting:

“Overall I enjoyed this project. Yes it did come with its challenges and obstacles, however I was able to overcome them. I really liked how we got to explore by ourselves, such as finding our own theme and designs to base our pinball machine on. I also liked the flexibility and independence of being able to manage ourselves”. – Lina Ciampa (11PC-06)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the project, especially seeing the final product of my own design”. – Cesar Machiste Guitian (11PC-06)

“I really enjoyed making this project, especially making and designing the playing field, bumpers, slingshots, trophy hit targets, and the spinner. What I enjoyed the most is playing the pinball machine at the end when I had finished assembling it all together. I worked hard to make all parts of the pinball and seeing it work and playing it is what makes it really enjoyable”. – Peter Rualhleng (11PC-04)

Ms Tess Morcom, Design and Technology Teacher – Secondary


A group of Visual Art students had the opportunity to view rarely seen art works on paper by artists such as Paul Beadle, Dora Chapman, Robert Hannaford, and Nora Heysen. Students examined their mark making techniques and were encouraged to consider an interesting pose for their reference image taken on the day.

Established artist and facilitator, Ruby Chew guided the students through a series of drawings exploring facial features, mark making, structure, facial planes and tone before beginning their final self-portrait. All students who participated will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in ‘Transforming Techniques’, a South Australian Living Artists (SALA) online drawing exhibition showcasing the work of South Australian students.

To view more images please click here.

Mrs Nicolle LeRay-Warren, Head of Department – Visual Arts – Secondary

BREAKFAST CLUB (Moving to Thursday mornings in Semester 2)

It’s been an amazing year so far for the Breakfast Club. Students from all year levels have made their way to the Hospitality Centre each Wednesday for a weekly serving of freshly made toast, yoghurt, juice and milo. Many thanks to our senior students and staff members who help out each week (they know who they are). In addition to providing some breakfast, which is widely considered the most important meal of the day, Breakfast Club has provided staff and students with another way for everyone to connect and enjoy the company of other members in our College community. We look forward to seeing many more smiling faces (and awesome music playlists from DJ Viz) next semester. Please note, Breakfast Club will be moving to Thursday mornings from Week 1, Term 3.

Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, on behalf of the Breakfast Club Crew (pictured). Notable absentees Mr Williams and Mrs Dorian.  


“THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON TECHNOLOGY” Dr Michael Nagel, University of the Sunshine Coast

Last Monday, Associate Professor Dr Michael Nagel presented to a group of student leaders and a number of staff. It was inspiring to see students and staff attend and participate in this important conversation as this demonstrates the commitment and leadership that we hope our student leaders develop as learners and leaders for the world.

Dr Nagel’s one hour presentation focused on the nature of the brain, and its development during adolescence in particular. It then considered the impact of technology on our health and wellbeing and was able to highlight some areas of concern and potential actions that might help us all to be safer and healthier device users.

Students attending the presentation commented on the following elements that they learned:

  •  I learnt that boys’ brains take longer to develop than girls and I learnt how technology can be a distraction to people.
  • That we need to connect more rather than be on our devices.
  • I knew that using your phone and social media too much is bad, however I gained a deeper understanding of the impacts that technology can have on our physical and mental health. I was surprised to know that most of the thinking in preadolescents occurs in the emotional part of the brain and that the thinking or reactions in adults occur in the analytical part of the brain.
  • I learnt about the importance of having time off screens to be able to strengthen my social skills, my mental health, and my study skills.
  • The importance of sleep in regard to focus and attitudes.
  • The idea of the brain changing and altering during the ages 12-17.
  • I learnt how different the brain reacts to mobile phones.
  • From this presentation I learnt that using too much technology can affect the brain and that the brain is different depending on your age.
  • The science regarding the brain and the psychology behind using phones.

A focus group of students who attended will now gather in Week 2 next term to discuss and develop strategies around how at St Michael’s we can support each other to be healthier users of devices.

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


Week 10: Kindness

As a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition, we often reflect on the teachings of St John Baptist de La Salle, who is also the Patron Saint of Teachers. He is credited with establishing a philosophy and practice of teaching which encompasses the whole student, and which teaches the value of love and kindness… “Be warm-hearted to everyone, speaking to others in a gentle and respectful way” and “Never speak to anyone except with kindness.”

As borders close around us, our experience from early last year easily returns to mind. We too remained at home, albeit very briefly. It was a time when there was uncertainty in our state, when we did the best we could to carry on with as much ‘normality’ as possible, and when we looked forward with hope.

COVID saw us rediscover the importance of our own home and backyard, our neighbourhood, neighbours and nature. In the many newsfeeds across social media platforms we saw people who bonded together across balconies and neighborhoods to maintain a sense of social connection, celebrating the best of what it means to be neighbours in the ‘unprecedented’ circumstances. We might have shopped for elderly family, established dinners across zoom rather than in person, and ‘checked in’ with friends and relatives with a new-found regularity. You may remember that in Year 7-9 we produced the shared cookbook, ‘In Times Like These’, and in Year 9 we recorded and published messages of Hope, Hugs and Gratitude, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQV5M_TyliU_), amongst many other initiatives of gratitude and kindness across the College. Though it is none of our preference to experience situations that are challenging, it seems, despite the hardship, that we can emerge from these experiences, as better people, friends and neighbours; kinder, more grateful and more considerate of the needs of others.

Last week at St Michael’s Dr Tessa Opie spoke on the matter of consent and interpersonal relationships to staff, parents and Year 10 students. Kindness is a strength that has a role to play here too (together with love, fairness, humility, honesty and social intelligence). If we are kind and considerate we do not overlook the need for consent, rather we put it front and centre, in whatever the issue is. It can be as simple as borrowing a pen. The understanding of, and respect for consent is crucial, and positive relationships are essential to us as people. Kindness (and other strengths) can operate as a preventative strength in this complex area.

In a similar way, kindness can help us to manage our social media contributions so that they do not hurt or offend. As parents we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and unable to fully comprehend the reach of social media. In her presentation to all year levels this term, Susan McLean asked students to be kind and brave. When students are reminded to post in kindness and with prudence, we know that this does help to avoid exclusion, offence or hurt, and helps us to work towards being the community where each person is ‘known, valued and cared for’ across the digital space too!

At a time when the news is laden with discussion around vaccines, kindness, it would seem, is almost a sort of vaccine to these potentially damaging situations; effectively having the capacity to avoid ill feeling, injustice and offense, especially when employed in tandem with other strengths.

Hugh Mackay, author of The Kindness Revolution comments that “a kindness revolution could lead to a more energetic commitment to reconciliation with our First Peoples, or a more humane response to people who come here legitimately seeking asylum or a more determined effort to eradicate poverty and homelessness- to say nothing of more urgent action in the face of the looking effects of climate change. Might we finally stamp out racism, sexism, ageism?” (p20). All such important issues for the future of our children, for our world and for their capacity to become the learners and leaders they choose to be.

Mackay also discusses a Gospel story we all remember- the story of the loaves and the fishes where Jesus feeds 5000 people, and still has food leftover. In some ways, Mackay suggests, kindness is like this. We can spread it all around and still have plenty to spare. It seems to regenerate, just like the loaves and fishes seemed to do. When we share kindness, we leave people feeling better than they did before, and we feel good about this too. The people we share kindness with can also be inspired to share their own kindness and before we know it, we have a wave of kindness- acts of kindness perpetuated by those whose lives or ‘hearts we touched’ as St John Baptist de La Salle would say.

Have a wonderful Week 10 and school holiday ahead!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader

Hugh Mackay The Kindness Revolution. Allen And Unwin, 2021.
100 Quotes from St John Baptist de La Salle viewed at  www.delasalle.org.uk/quotes.pdf accessed 15 June 2021


Student responsibilities

  • Students should be ready to enter the Exam Room 15 minutes before the starting time.  Please assemble in the adjacent courtyard; for example, for all morning exams, please assemble by 8:40am, sign the attendance sheet outside the room and you will be directed from there.
  • Students are not to enter the Exam Room until invited to do so.
  • Students are to ensure that all the necessary equipment has been obtained for the Exam.  NO borrowing will be permitted.  NO pencil cases allowed.
  • Where the exam is undertaken in electronic format, students are responsible for ensuring their laptop is fully charged and updated and wired headphones only are used if required (check requirements with Subject Teacher).
  • Students plagiarising will have their paper cancelled.  However, the Exam must be completed.  Obviously final assessment will be adversely affected.
  • No student will be permitted to leave the Exam Room before the appointed finishing time.
  • The allowance for Reading Time varies depending upon the particular exam.  Students must listen carefully to instructions from the invigilator regarding reading time.  All notes must be written on the sheet supplied ONLY.   Before the Exam, consideration should be given as to how best to use this tie.  Check with teachers if uncertain.
  • If a student is ill and unable to attend, a phone call must be made to Mr O’Reilly, ideally prior to the commencement of the exam.
  • Full College uniform is required for all exams, including compliance with the Uniform Code.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a dictionary into the examination room but only unmarked dictionaries are to be used.
  • Students will not be required for formal lessons during the exam week.  Instead, private study should take place at home.
  • Graphic calculators need to be cleared for subjects other than Mathematics.
  • For online exams students will need to clear their laptops of any unnecessary files, undertake a complete shutdown and restart the night before the exam to avoid being disrupted by updates, and ensure their laptops are fully charged.
  • Mobile phones are NOT permitted.  Teachers will not be responsible for these during the examination period.
Year 12 2021 Semester 1 Exam Timetable


Time Monday 19 July Tuesday 20 July Wednesday 21 July Thursday 22 July Friday 23 July
AM General Mathematics Exam (68)
9:00 – 10:40 am
1 hour 40 mins

Mathematical Methods Exam (47)
9:00 – 11:10 am
2 hours 10 mins

English Literary Studies Exam (46)
9:00 – 10:40 am
1 hour 40 mins
Biology Exam (50)
9:00 – 11:20 am
2 hours 10 mins

Physics Exam (26)
9:00 – 11:10 am
2 hours 10 mins

Chemistry Exam (35)
9:00 – 11:10 am
2 hours 10 mins

Economics Exam (30)
9:00 – 11:10 am
2 hours 10 mins

Modern History Exam (14)
9:00 – 11:10 am
2 hours 10 mins

Nutrition Exam (25)
9:00 – 11:10 am
2 hours 10 mins

PM Psychology Exam (30)
12:00 – 14:10 pm
2 hours 10 mins

Geography Exam (9)
12:00 – 14:10 pm
2 hours 10 mins

Specialist Mathematics Exam (20)
12:00 – 14:10 pm
2 hours 10 mins

Essential Mathematics Exam (20)
12:00 – 13:40 pm
1 hour 40 mins

Accounting Exam (21)
12:00 – 14:10 pm
2 hours 10 mins
Legal Studies Exam (38)
12:00 – 14:10 pm
2 hours 10 mins
Italian – Continuers Exam (8)
12:00 – 14:10 pm
2 hours 10 mins



Term 3 is when students and parents make important decisions regarding subject choices in preparation for future career pathways. These choices should be guided by student interest and success in preparatory subjects.

In Semester 2, students in Year 10 will be completing the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) as the first stage of their SACE Certificate. This is designed to assist students to identify possible career paths. Various ‘Parent Information Nights’ are scheduled to explain the subject selection process and SACE Certificate requirements, and the College recommends parents attend these sessions if possible.

Mr Anthony Vizaniaris and Ms Rose Coorey are available for careers counselling and Mr Kevin Woolford is available for advice on VET courses.


Monday 2 August: 7:00pm
LEC Auditorium
South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) Information Evening.
Attendance recommended for Year 12 Parents.
Monday 2 August 6:00 – 8:00pm
LEC Ground Floor
Tertiary Information Evening: Displays by tertiary organisations.
Optional attendance: Current Year 12 students and parents.
Monday 2 August 7:00pm
MacKillop Centre
SACE Parent Information Evening.
Attendance recommended: Current Year 11 parents.
Students not required to attend.
Monday 2 August 6:00 – 8:00pm
LEC Ground Floor
Tertiary Information Evening: Displays by tertiary organisations.
Optional attendance: Current Year 11 students and parents.
Wednesday 11 August 9:00am Year 12 2022 Subject Selection Assembly.
Attendance compulsory: Current Year 11 students.
Thursday 2 September 9:00am – 8:30pm
Resource Centre
Subject Selection Counselling Day. No Year 11 lessons.
Current Year 11 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews.
Tuesday 27 July 7:00pm
MacKillop Centre
SACE Parent Information.
Evening Attendence recommended: Current Year 10 Parents.
Students not required to attend.
Monday 2 August 6:00 – 8:00pm
LEC Ground Floor
Tertiary Information Evening: Displays by tertiary organisations.
Optional attendance: Current Year 10 students and parents.
Wednesday 4 August 9:00am Year 11 2022 Subject Selection Assembly.
Attendance compulsory: Current Year 10 students.
Tuesday 24 August 9:00am – 8:30pm
Resource Centre
Subject Selection Counselling Day. Year 10 lessons.
Current Year 10 students and parents required to attend prearranged interviews.
Wednesday 18 August
Pastoral Care
MacKillop Centre
Student subject selection procedures assembly.
Attendance compulsory: Current Years 7, 8 and 9 students.


Mr Gavin O’Reilly, Director of Curriculum & Assessment

Careers and VET


In past editions of The Star we have outlined the tremendous opportunities there are in the Shipbuilding industry in South Australia. Another industry that is booming is in Civil Construction, which covers the following areas:

  • Bituminous Surfacing
  • Pipe Laying
  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Road Marking
  • Traffic Management
  • Tunnels

The last area listed (tunneling) is new to South Australia and the multibillion South Road Project (a tunnel from Tonsley to Anzac Highway, then Anzac Highway to Thebarton) will remove enough dirt, via specially designed tunneling machines, to fill six Adelaide Oval Stadiums.

To this end, there is a three week practical based course from 20 September to 15 October based at Civil Train’s training site at Burton that covers units from the Certificate 3 in Civil Construction (plus 20 Stage 2 SACE Credits). This course is aimed at Year 11 and 12 students who hold a Learner’s Permit or Provisional Driver’s Licence.

Please note students must attend an information session and pass an interview process. Students who successfully complete this program will be considered for a Civil Apprenticeship.

Interested students must register by Monday 19 July to attend the information session on Wednesday 21 July 21 from 5:30 – 7:30pm at Civil Train, 1 South Road, Thebarton. To register click here.

The cost for this course is $350 and St Michael’s College will contribute 50%.

Please contact Mr Woolford for more information.


The HG Coffee School Barista Level 1 & Food Safety course is perfect for anyone looking to jump into the Hospitality Industry. The course will cover all the necessary fundamentals of commercial coffee machine usage to prepare for that amazing hospitality job! This course is being run for young people looking to enter the hospitality industry. Bookings are required

WHEN: Thursday 8 July from 9:00am – 3:30pm
WHERE: Brighton Districts and Old Scholars Football Club and Brighton Cricket Club
COST: Students – $50
BOOK ONLINE: Click here.
CONTACT: Shannon Swart 08 8229 9881

Mr Kevin Woolford, VET Coordinator


On Wednesday 23 June, Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris presented to the Year 12 cohort. As always, lots of information was communicated and the College encourages students to go through the PowerPoint presentation, as well as the follow up email that was sent to Year 12 students after the session.

Finding the PowerPoint with all the active links:

Go to the green and black tile in the SEQTA home page:

On the Careers and VET SEQTA Portal, click on the Important Info TAB at the top.

Scroll down to Career Presentations and you will find Yr12 Careers PowerPoint Term 2 Week 10.



To access the Glen Gerreyn video “Bringing Your Purpose to Light”, please click here.

To register for all of the wide and varied jobs coming out of the Shipbuilding opportunities (these positions are not all about welding submarines!) please click here.

Don’t be put off by the title Naval Ship Building College Workforce Register.


Applications for ASC trade apprenticeships in Fabrication, Mechanical and Electrical positions at ASC Osborne close soon. Please click here for more information.


Trying to identify the “unique me”, “who do I want to become?” To access a character strength quiz, please click here.

To read the Year 13 blog post ‘finding your passion’, please click here.


ICHM at Regency Park is a private institution and can be expensive, however it is a world class establishment and there are opportunities to get a fee reduction based on the ATAR category achieved.

One of our 2020 Year 12 graduates, Jennifer Roberts, was awarded a scholarship for the 2020 Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management).

There is a free Discovery Day on Friday 16 July (the last Friday of school holidays) to be held at The Oval, Hotel Adelaide Oval.

There is an opportunity to:

  • Have interactive sessions with ICHM lecturers and key staff
  • Have lunch with ICHM staff and students
  • Take behind the scene tours of two of Adelaide’s finest hotels and venues

To register please click here.  For more information about ICHM please click here.


Wednesday 28 July at Lot Fourteen (Stone & Chalk). General public sessions: $10 +BF
Every hour from 3pm – 7pm (45 min duration).
$10 +BF or free entry with a daytime or schools out session ticket (redeemable at the box office). For more information please click here.

Torrens University ‘Virtual Careers Expo’ is on the last day of July Holidays, Friday 16 July from 11:30am – 7:00pm (AEST).

There will be many universities from Australia wide, not just Torrens University. Please click here for more information.

Students can log-in and ask live questions and watch live seminars anytime between 11:30am and 7:00pm. They also have the option to watch any seminars and presentations on-demand any time afterwards, as well as explore any the exhibitor’s stands, download course guides, and take virtual campus tours.

For more information and to see the full list of the contributors, please click here.


Next term there are many opportunities for students and families to get first-hand information about potential pathways from the Universities. Unfortunately, at this stage we have not been updated by TAFE SA, but we can flag the following institutions and their proposed dates:

DateInstitutionEvent Type
Monday 2 AugustSt Michael's College Tertiary Expo NightOn campus from 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Wednesday 11 AugustThe University of AdelaideVirtual from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm (ACDT) https://www.adelaide.edu.au/openday/
Saturday 14 AugustCQ UniversityVirtual https://www.cqu.edu.au/events/event-items/open-day/interactive-virtual-open-day-august
Saturday 14 AugustFlinders UniversityOn campus. Register here: https://www.flinders.edu.au/study/events-key-dates/open-days
Sunday 15 AugustThe University of AdelaideOn campus and online from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm (ACDT)
Sunday 15 AugustUniversity of South Australia (City West & East)On campus https://www.unisa.edu.au/opendays/register-for-updates/
Tuesday 17 AugustTorrens UniversityVirtual https://www.torrens.edu.au/whats-on/open-day/virtual-open-day
Monday 22 AugustUniversity of South Australia (Mawson Lakes)On campus https://www.unisa.edu.au/opendays/register-for-updates/
Wednesday 25 AugustUniversity of South Australia (Magill)On campus https://www.unisa.edu.au/opendays/register-for-updates/

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors


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Congratulations to Year 7 students Daniel Annese (7BPC-01), Lucas Martin (7BPC-04), Max Perin (7BPC-06), Anthony Zerella (7BPC-06), and Lachlan Marshall-Bates (7BPC-04) who all represented the SAPSASA Airport District Football team this week. Over the three days of competition, the team competed in nine matches and remained undefeated in their carnival this year. An amazing effort, well done boys!

Mr Jordan Young, Secondary Co-curricular Coordinator