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Term 2 Week 1 2021

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Anzac Day Dawn Services
Whilst opportunities to attend Anzac Day Dawn Services were somewhat limited again this year, I know there were still many in our SMC community who either attended a service, or found their own way of remembering the fallen and acknowledging our service men and women last Sunday. St Michael’s was formally represented by staff, student College Leaders and SMC Cadet unit members at the Dawn Service at Seaton Park RSL. I know their involvement was greatly appreciated on the day and I thank them for their respectful and generous preparation and participation on behalf of the College.

Once again, the Anzac Day Services remind us that we are not there to honour war, as war is not something to be honoured, but we do honour those who served and sacrificed so much. As we know, the Anzac heritage now goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915 as we remember all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service. It is very obvious that the spirit of Anzac, with its qualities of courage, sacrifice and mateship, continues to have meaning and relevance today. As Corporal Mark Donaldson VC, stated in his address at the Australian War Memorial a number of years ago, “This is a spirit worthy of renown, praise and striving to achieve. This is a human spirit, the Anzac spirit”.

Caica Cup 2021
The Caica Cup, held this week, is an annual and somewhat unique event that sees St Michael’s College and Henley High School students compete in a range of sporting activities across the day. The concept was originally devised to develop the community relationship between the two Cudmore Terrace tenants and highlight both the personal and the sporting talents of the students. We have consistently been impressed by the outstanding spirit and sportsmanship displayed by all participants and this year was no exception.

The Cup is named after Paul Caica, former member for Colton and a long-time friend of both schools. It was again a pleasure to see Paul at many of the events, interacting with staff, coaches and players. Congratulations to Henley High, who took home the Cup following many tight contests. St Michael’s secured wins in a number of events including Open boys’ soccer, Open tennis, Open boys’ Caica Gift, 8/9 boys’ football, 8/9 girls’ netball and basketball. A big thank you to the organisers, particularly Jordan Young and Leanne Burton from SMC and Henley High’s James Treagus, as well as the staff and students from both schools. We look forward to the Caica Cup remaining a valued annual event, including some possible new activities, and continuing to foster the already positive relationship between the two schools and their communities.

Upcoming Events
All the best to the many students and staff involved in a number of upcoming events across each campus, including: the College Musical, ‘Mary Poppins Jr’ at the Woodville Town Hall, Music performances at the ANCA Vocal Jazz Festival at Norwood Concert Hall, ABODA School Bands Jazz Festival, and the Inaugural Port Adelaide Youth Jazz Festival, the UniSA “Epic Challenges Showcase – How do we sustain life on Mars?” presentation at UniSA and the winter sport season. We wish all staff and students all the best and thank them for taking the opportunities to engage, be challenged, build community and represent St Michael’s College in the very best way.

Vinnies Principal Sleepout
On Thursday 6 May, I’ll be representing St Michael’s College at the 2021 Vinnies Principal Sleepout. SMC has a long history of supporting those most in need, and whilst my involvement is in many ways a symbolic gesture, I’m hoping it can help to raise much needed funds (at least $2000) to assist Vinnies in providing support to South Australians facing homelessness.

If you feel as if you are in a position to support this worthy and necessary cause, please help by making a donation via the link below. I’ve kick started the donations and would now ask for your support (no matter how large or small) to help reach, and hopefully exceed our target. Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

John Foley – St Michael’s College Vinnies Principal Sleepout 2021 Donations

Kind regards,

John Foley

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


3 May
Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews – Secondary Campus Years 7 – 12 early dismissal at 12:45 pm

4 May
Year 7 Retreat

5-6 May
Year 11 Drama Production

Please click here to view our online calendar.


A new school ‘Emu’ crossing has been installed on Lawrie Street to improve safety for all students. Emu crossings are part-time crossings which only operate when the orange flags are displayed. As a driver, you must give way to pedestrians when the flags are displayed and wait for students to completely vacate the crossing before proceeding. Flags will only be displayed during busy crossing periods. The crossing has been installed within the existing school zone. In school zones, drivers must travel below 25km/h throughout the entire zone if there is a student present anywhere within the zone, including on the path. To reduce traffic congestion around the new crossing, we recommend active transport modes or, if picking up your children from school, parking a few streets away and encouraging your children to use the new crossing to reach you. Please read the document below from the South Australian Police Road Safety Centre regarding emu crossing road safety.

SAPOL emu crossing safety



Support our fundraising and purchase an Entertainment Book membership. Click here for more information. To view this weeks special offer, please click here.


Australian Veterans’ Children Assistance Trust (AVCAT) scholarships, including the Long Tan Bursary, are tertiary scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Australian ex-serving veterans. Scholarships are up to $4000 per year, for three years. To be eligible students must be:

  • Enrolled, or planning to enrol in a full-time course at university, TAFE or RTO in 2022
  • The child, stepchild, foster child, or grandchild of an Australian ex-serving veteran
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • In receipt of, or eligible to receive, Centrelink payments including Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY, Austudy or an accepted means-tested Commonwealth government payment in 2022

Applications open online from 18 August 2021 and close at midnight on 31 October 2021. Click here to access the AVCAT website.


It is inevitable that in a school the size of St Michael’s College, many of our students will experience the illness and/or death of a close family member or friend. Many of you are familiar with my involvement with the families of the school. I would like to invite you to call me if there is any assistance I can offer with bereavements, funerals or support for your families during illness, whether it be a visit or prayers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email: SrNithya@smc.sa.edu.au and/or mobile: 0432 340 268.

With blessings,
Sr Nithya, Pastoral Support Worker



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Primary Campus

Primary students have been working hard in Term 1 in their new podcasting studio and are getting very excited that their podcasts are on the verge of being released on the School Life Podcast Channel! Here’s a little preview of what you can expect from their different shows!
You can subscribe to School Life to get the episodes as soon as they are released, click on your favourite podcast platform below:

Secondary Campus




The St Michael’s Cadets were honoured to be invited to attend the Anzac Day Service conducted at the Seaton Park RSL, as were our College Leaders who laid a wreath. Old scholar, Nicholas Lopresti (2017) played The Last Post. Following the service, Cadets assisted in the serving of breakfast to the veterans, their families and members of the public, and stayed to assist in the ‘pack-up’. The service was deeply moving and allowed time for all present to reflect on the enormous sacrifices made by our Armed Forces throughout the last century. The Cadets were very grateful for the opportunity to show their gratitude and respect at the service, while working with the staff and volunteers of the Seaton Park RSL. This was a valuable experience for all who were able to participate.

Mr Anthony Feleppa, Teacher – Secondary


During Term 1 Visual Arts, Year 7 students explored the artwork of Dan Withey. Dan is a local Adelaide artist who uses acrylic paint to create vibrant and colourful paintings depicting comic moments, while also investigating issues of modern-day society such as consumerism, the environment and freedom. Using Dan Withey’s bright and bizarre painting style as inspiration, students created their own character that expresses all the weird and wonderful things in their imagination. Students commented that they really enjoyed the freedom to use a wide range of colours, lines, shapes and patterns to create their characters.

Ms Tess Morcom, Design and Technology Teacher – Secondary


Mission Action Day (MAD) was held Friday 9 April, on the last day of Term 1. This year we were able to add ‘Tree Climb’ as one of our new events for Year 9 and 10 students which was a real hit! We would like to thank students and families who supported this event that is so crucial to our work at St Michael’s College. Staff reported a great atmosphere whereby students were seen to be soaking up the sun and fun of the day as they headed into a well-earned two week break.  We understand that sometimes such an event can mean extra planning and some inconvenience for families and we appreciate the effort that helped make the day such a success. The result of such a community effort is that we are now able to donate an incredible $50,000 straight to people in need in projects both overseas and within our local community. This is something that our community can be very proud of.

Mr Sam Kitschke, Director of Pastoral

To view more photos from MAD please click here.


Our newly refurbished library opened on Tuesday and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It has been wonderful to see students and staff walk through the doors and express such surprise and excitement as they see all the changes and think about all the new possibilities and comfort our library will bring. Click here to see photos of the new library.

Term 2 and 3 sees the return of our already existing clubs as well as some new clubs where staff and students can work and grow together, developing personal interests or important study habits and skills. Please see the link below for more information about the different clubs and activities.

library clubs



The Year 7 students will have their Retreat Day on Tuesday 4 May where they will examine the College Mission and Vision statement and find connections with their own lives. The Year 10 Peer Support students and Lasallian Youth Leaders will assist in facilitating the day.

Mr Robert Dempsey, Director of Mission


Week 1: Judgement

Each character strength can be viewed as a protective trait that can manifest in our thoughts, feelings or behavior. Vast and growing research confirms that an awareness of character strengths does lead to increased life satisfaction and better mental health.

Judgement or open-mindedness is a strength which can contribute to us knowing ourselves and others better. Those who are more open-minded are more likely to make decisions that they don’t regret later, because they consider all aspects of the situation and evaluate their own attitudes carefully. Open-minded people are often good listeners and are often asked to give a balanced viewpoint. We all have friends like this, they showcase the skill of listening effectively and delivering practical advice that can be very helpful. These talents are amongst the features of friends and confidantes we truly value. As a result, judgement does help us to develop meaningful and lasting relationships, and we know how important this is to our health and wellbeing. Further to these advantages on a personal level, research also indicates that in the work place the use of judgement or open-mindedness is a strong predictor of workplace success and contributes to us feeling more engaged and satisfied in our work, because it enables us to be positioned to learn new things and step outside of our comfort zone and consider problems in a new way. Not bad!

The opposite of open-minded thinking is ‘dichotomous’ (black or white) thinking, which has been linked to some negative psychological outcomes. It’s possible to get stuck in closed-minded thinking patterns and not be able to consider all relevant information. This can hinder our decision making and our interactions with others, especially if we perceive them to be different to us. If we take some time to reflect on our beliefs and viewpoints, including what has contributed to their formation, however, it can lead to more effective decision making, problem solving and stronger interpersonal relationships.  We can know, value and care for each other more effectively and celebrate the uniqueness and individual special qualities of each person.

We do know that, as a strength, open-mindedness or judgement can be developed and improved. When we are confronted with a new situation and need to make a decision or take a stance, our brains scan our memory for relevant information so that we can respond appropriately. But it’s also true that we tend to focus on the first thought or conclusion that comes to mind. While this might have helped us when we were ‘cave-dwellers’, it isn’t always the most productive approach in 2021. When we jump to conclusions, we can get stuck on one idea, or belief and fail to consider alternative information that might just be helpful.

Having said this, practising judgement or open-mindedness can be a challenge, even and perhaps especially for adults whose minds can be set. I’m fairly certain that my Dad’s mind, for example, was set in stone! Practising this strength means that we should be more open to everyone and others and allow ourselves to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and beliefs. Trying to understand alternative points of view, even if we disagree, can be liberating in ways we might not expect. We might just find new things, people and experiences celebrate!

Between ages 14-17, judgement or open-mindedness is a challenging, but key strength for our young people. Given that poor judgement and decision making is exhibited by many adolescents who often show higher risk-taking behaviour, it is important to try to develop this strength as a protective factor.

So, how can we develop this character strength of judgement? We can:

  1. Practice thinking outside the square – actively looking from a different perspective and trying to challenge our own beliefs. Consider things from a diverse point of view and think about the history, education and life circumstances that might contribute to that view. Consider how our child or partner sees the situation and their point of view and what informs this. See the situation from their eyes.
  2. Realise our fallibility – for every belief we hold, realise that there are many others who disagree with us and appreciate that many of these people are informed and intelligent. As a result, it can be possible that at least some of the beliefs we hold could be incomplete or untrue. Perhaps there is room for shift?
  3. Think about the middle ground. Consider the spectrum rather than just the black or white outcome in any situation.
  4. Be open to new information. Read different books, blogs and magazines without bias or preconceptions and learn to love new things. Base our opinion on our own thoughts, not those of others.

Wishing you an awesome Term 2 ahead!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader

Image source: https://quotefancy.com/media/wallpaper/3840×2160/2068-Albert-Einstein-Quote-The-mind-that-opens-to-a-new-idea-never.jpg
Dansereau, Knight and Flynn, 2013 Improving Adolescent Judgment and Decision Making
Prof Psychol Res Pr; 44(4): 10.1037/a0032495.
Dametto and Noronha, 2019 Character strengths and subjective well-being in adolescence
Estud. psicol. (Natal) vol.24 no.4 Natal out./dez

Careers and VET Services


It was great to see many of the St Michael’s students enjoying their work experience during the holidays.

Sebastian Benedetti went to the Australian Athletic Centre (AAC) and had a great experience. He was mentored by Miroslav Trbovic, who is an accredited Exercise Physiologist, and he got a great introduction to the world of fitness. In dynamic new facilities, including a running track, Sebastian was completing his placement as part of his Certificate 3 in Fitness. We are very grateful to AAC for taking him on, and encourage you to check out their new facilities by clicking here.








The next scheduled week for work experience is during the second week of the Term 2 holidays, Monday 12 July – Friday 16 July.

The first week of Term 3 has also been allocated for Year 12s has also been who do not have trial exams. Students must return the completed Workplace Learning Agreement Form and the Work, Health & Safety Checklist to Ms Tidd nikki.tidd@smc.sa.edu.au in the LEC by week 7 (Friday 11 June).

Students will then be booked in for a risk assessment with Mr Viz once the forms have been returned. This must take place prior to the student undertaking the placement. A work experience placement cannot be authorised or covered by the College’s insurance unless all paperwork and preparation has been completed prior to the placement. Work experience students who do not meet the week 7 deadline may have to rearrange their placement for the October school holidays. Please see Mr Vizaniaris if you have any questions.


Whilst the Expo in March had more of a tertiary focus, the May Expo focuses on many areas of trade, employment, the Australian Defence Force and more.

It is a great opportunity to learn more about apprenticeships, traineeships and gives you the chance to interact with representatives from the major companies in South Australia including BAE. There will also be representation from the SA Universities.

For further information regarding those involved, please click here.


Do you want to delve into your dream career? Well now you can without even having to leave the house. Grandshake has opened two more exciting Virtual Work Experience opportunities: Junior Environmental Planner and Junior Digital Engineer. If you want a taste of these careers, you can sign up for free. Check out Grandshake’s other Virtual Work Experience programs on offer here.


When: Sunday 23 May 2021, 9:00am to 3:00pm
Where: Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building, 4 North Terrace Adelaide

At this event you can find out more about all courses related to Health and The University of Adelaide.  Are you interested in a career in dentistry, health and medical sciences, medicine, nursing, oral health, psychology, physiotherapy, speech pathology or occupational therapy?  You can tour their amazing new facilities. For any student interested specifically in Medicine Dentistry and Oral Health it is critical they attend. It will book out, so please register here.


The South Australian Space Discovery Centre opens to the public on 5 May! This is an exciting opportunity to visit the centre and explore the latest innovations in space technologies. For a full overview click here. A more colourful overview of the Discovery Centre can be found on the Play and Go website here. With all of the exciting opportunities in the space sector in SA we hope all our interested students from Reception to Year 12 will secure a booking by clicking here.


Career Resources for parents to help inspire their son/daughters spark their future is a resource developed by the Queensland Government to help parents connect with their children and help them find passion in their school and life. Through the site, you can find tips, information and support to help your child to get the most from their education, click here for more information.

My Big Tomorrow is another great new website that may appeal to students looking for ideas. Click here for more information.


We hear all the time about the value of STEM subjects and following these through to a University Course. Here is something to challenge that: 9 STEM jobs you can get with a VET qualification. Most people think you need to go to university if you want to work in STEM – but there are many STEM careers out there without having to go to university.

Careers with STEM has put together a video showcasing 9 cool careers in STEM you can get with a VET qualification. Click here to watch it.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors


for more photos please click here


The 2021 Caica Cup event was held on Thursday 29 April, with both St Michael’s College and Henley High School students competing with school pride and enthusiasm.

We held the Surf Life Saving component of the Cup at the Henley Surf Life Saving Club back in Term 1 when the weather was kinder to us. Both schools competed in a range of beach and water events throughout the day. It was an impressive display by all SMC students across Years 8 to12, who took out most beach events on the day. The team should be very proud of their efforts.

The boys Open Football team played on Tuesday morning last week. The opening game of the week was played in great spirit and was a hard fought contest. Unfortunately, the boys went down to Henley, but showed some good signs for the season ahead.

The official Caica Cup day on Thursday began with Open Golf at the Grange Golf Course. With another relatively young team (Years 8 to 11) taking the course, students battled hard and came away down 1.5 to 4.5.

The girls Year 8/9 Basketball team had a hard fought match against a strong HHS team. SMC came away with a good win in this match with a score of 58 – 42. Well done to Zahlia Niemann (8GPC-01) on winning the best player medal.

The boys Year 8/9 Football match was a great game for the SMC boys. The team was fired up right from the onset and showed that they were not going to be an easy team to beat. SMC led from the start and never gave up their lead winning this match 15.10 – 8.5. Well done to all players in this match, with a fantastic performance and in particular by Will Rayner (8BPC-01) who won the best player medal.

The boys Open Soccer team took to the field and in a great showing of skill, ran over the top of the HHS boys winning their match 2-1. Congratulations to Antonio Condessa (11PC-07) on winning the best player award.

The Open Netball team played HHS in a very close encounter that went right down to the wire with HHS eventually holding on by 13 goals to take the win in an impressive showing. The girls should be proud of their efforts.

The boys Year 8/9 Basketball team had a tough game going down to the HHS side by 20 points. A fantastic effort against a side who is always incredibly strong. It was a great effort from the boys and they should be proud of themselves.

The Open Mixed Tennis match was an absolute thriller. SMC led early going up 3-2, before trailing late in the day 6-7. The last two matches came right down to the wire with Madison Schwarz (12PC-02) winning in a tie breaker to get SMC over the line 8-7. Well done to all players in a fantastic display of tennis!

This year we had a Open Mixed Volleyball team compete over at Henley High and after a hard fought game HHS got over the line 2 sets to 0. We also had the inclusion of the Open Table Tennis this year, in another fantastic contest. The group played incredibly well just going down to HHS 5 games to 7.

HHS hosted the ‘Caica Gift’ this year with the boys and girls competing in a handicapped 100m sprint at recess. The points were shared on this occasion with HHS winning the girls sprint and Michael Moschou (11PC-01) from SMC winning the boys sprint.

Some familiar and new faces joined together for the return of Hockey to the Caica Cup competition. Joshua Ucinek (10PC-07) stepped forward as captain to take on the well drilled Henley High contingent. St Michael’s showed tremendous heart throughout the first half with several experienced hands leading the way with tight checking and creative offense. Stephane Dion-French (9BPC-05) showed great composure in front of goals to score two himself and set up Archie Coppola (9BPC-01) for a third. Henry McCaffrey (9BPC-05) was called on as goalie in the latter stages of the period but his solid reading of the play meant he was able to keep out repeated forward thrusts.

We started well in the second half with Josh scoring another goal early before the effects of the warm day and the lack of subs started to kick in as the Henley team mounted a spirited comeback. Multiple attacks saw them draw even and then take the lead for the first time for the match. A well crafted and perfectly struck shot from Josh brought the score to 5 all as our players dug deep to keep out any further opportunities from Henley and see the game end with a tie. Josh’s clever and calm work controlling play through the centre of the pitch saw him as the unanimous choice for overall best player. He was well supported by the tireless work from Michael Krenczek (10PC-02) and the repeated efforts form Matthew Ucinek (9BPC-03).

The final score was 5 – 5 with all students playing well. It was fantastic to see Hockey form part of the Caica Cup rivalry again and the tight contest already raises anticipation for a deciding contest next time around.

The afternoon matches proved a challenge for the SMC Teams, with the girls Open Basketball, boys Open Basketball and boys 8/9 Soccer all having very hard fought contests against strong HHS oppositions. Well done to all teams who showed great determination and fight across the board.

The other afternoon matches showed off some more of the SMC soccer talent for the Girls Year 7-9 team. They fought very hard for such a young group going down to HHS 5-0 in a fantastic effort.

Well done to all students who participated in the Caica Cup this year, it is fantastic to see the talent we have on offer here at St Michael’s College across so many sports and activities. Thank you to all staff members, coaches, and supervisors on the day for your assistance and support. Without your help, we would not be able to put an event like this together. The Caica Cup is a fantastic community event and it is great to see students from both sides interact the way they do.  We are looking forward to another great Caica Cup in 2022.

Mr Jordan Young, Secondary Co-curricular Coordinator