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Term 1 Week 7 2021

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Year 12 Retreats
This week, our Year 12 students participated in retreats at Mylor, Normanville and Belair. The retreats provide a range of opportunities for participants to ‘pull back’ from the day to day work, distractions and pressures which make up most of our lives. The Catholic, Lasallian nature of St Michael’s sits front and centre of the experience, presented in such a way as to facilitate reflection, sharing, discernment and community. It is in many ways an expression of what is essentially human, the ability to operate as part of a living community and reflect and make meaning of our lives.

During visits to each site, I could not help but again be impressed and proud of the St Michael’s College staff and students. They consistently displayed the courage to share their life experiences, gratitude and fears with each other and were able to do so with the confidence that comes from a genuinely respectful and empathetic environment. Meaningful connections are at the core of Lasallian education, and the retreats have consistently modelled this and had significant and positive impact on students and staff alike over the years. Additionally, the bonds formed during the retreat strengthen the identity of the Year 12 group and impact on the opportunities and challenges which will compose the remainder of their time together at St Michael’s College and into the future.

I sincerely thank the staff for their preparation and selfless participation and the students for embracing the opportunity to create such a significant experience.

Arts Week
Thank you to everyone involved in the College’s Arts Week. This is a significant event, timed to align with the Adelaide Fringe and showcase performing and visual arts talent and experiences within and outside our school community.

Included in Arts Week activities were the Acknowledgement of Country performance and art and dance workshops presented by artist and proud Warramungu & Yuggera man David Booth and his three sons: the Basketball Man; Lucy Trimbrell’s printmaking; fringe drama excursions; student talent including Daniel Sutton, come and try DJ, Riley Catt, Riley Browne and the brilliant Harriet McClure on piano; the talented staff band and Mr Mosca with offsider Massimo Cavallo; and of course the shift of bells to songs for the week (maybe we should keep this?)! The full list of activities and a highlights video can be found in the Arts Week section in this newsletter.

Arts Week not only brings a smile to faces, but builds a sense of wellbeing, community and recognition for both performers, participants and audiences. The Performing and Visuals Arts team at St Michael’s is outstanding and we congratulate them on Arts Week and their ongoing work in this important aspect of College life.

Primary Enrolments
The Primary enrolments team are currently working through the 2023 Reception (and 2022 additional class) intake process. There has been an overwhelming (in the best sense!) response, with over 100 interviews scheduled through this initial phase. A quality Lasallian education, enhanced by the recent move to co-education and outstanding facility upgrades are showing more than expected benefits for staff and students, CESA, and more widely the families of the Western suburbs and we look forward to continuing this next exciting chapter of St Michael’s College history.

Kind regards,

John Foley

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


It is inevitable that in a school the size of St Michael’s College, many of our students will experience the illness and/or death of a close family member or friend. Many of you are familiar with my involvement with the families of the school. I would like to invite you to call me if there is any assistance I can offer with bereavements, funerals or support for your families during illness, whether it be a visit or prayers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email: SrNithya@smc.sa.edu.au and/or mobile: 0432 340 268

With blessings,
Sr Nithya, Pastoral Support Worker



18 March
National Close the Gap Day

19 March
National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

26 March
House Cross Country Championship (Primary)

Please click here to view our online calendar.


Year 12 ties are available from the Bookroom to purchase for $22. For cash payments please go directly to the Bookroom. If paying with credit card, please pay at the front office and bring the receipt to the Bookroom for collection of the tie.

The collection of lost property is increasing with items such as drink bottles and lunch boxes.

Uniform items which are not named or hard to read are also accumulating. Items which are named will make their way back to the student via the class pigeonhole. Otherwise please come to the Bookroom to see if your property is here.

Please phone 8150 2304 with any enquiries.

Mrs Paula Rogers, Bookroom Manager

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Arts Week


“To me, Arts Week means connecting with people in the community who share the same interests as me. It is about being creative and unique, and being able to show your true self around other people, and not being afraid to do so.” – Beatrice McClure (8GPC-02)

Events for Arts Week began on Monday morning with an Acknowledgement of Country performance presented by artist and proud Warramungu & Yuggera man David Booth, and his three sons. Year 7 students watched traditional Aboriginal dance while David explained the stories, history and symbolism behind them.

David then ran a jewellery making workshop, then collaborated with a group of students to create a meaningful mural that will be displayed in the Eco Garden.

We were visited by Basketball Man, a well-known Fringe Artist and street performer. He was a hit with student audiences!

Year 10 and 11 Art/Design students had the opportunity to work with artist, Lucy Timbrell an Adelaide based printmaker. Lucy is inspired by the relationship between humans and nature, and she often incorporates birds and cityscapes into her work.

“Arts Week is a fantastic opportunity for students to show their true colours. With chances to sing, dance, play or tell a few jokes, it is one week in the St Michael’s year that our whole community can appreciate.” – Shamus Horgan (12PC-10)

The week was full of Drama excursions where students travelled with their teachers to venues around Adelaide to view shows including, ‘Small Metal Objects’, ‘Fangirls, ‘The Boy Who Talked to Dogs’ as well as ‘A German Life’.

The main stage in the Anzac Courtyard featured many of our talented young artists playing in concerts all week. Throughout the week we had various recess performances including, Daniel Sutton the metal guitar maestro, Harriet McClure playing ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ on the Grand Piano, Riley Catt on guitar and Riley Browne on the decks.

“Arts week is a fantastic experience to express the Arts and bring the community together” – Christian Dianos (12PC-07)

At lunchtime we saw ‘The Masterclass’ teacher’s band, Mr Mosca accompanied by Massimo Cavallo on the accordion and Jamie Porcaro on percussion. As well as ‘The Groove Collective’, Jonathan Cesare, the Rock Band, Alfie Haberfield and our brilliant Jazz Band.

“Arts Week is the best week out of the year. Meeting up with all of the best characters, to do something only the most extraordinary people can do. You go out of your comfort zone to do the one thing you love with people just like you surrounding yourself. In a nutshell, Arts Week is Christmas for music nerds!” Alyssa Meade (8GPC-02)

“Last week was Arts Week! Arts Week is an amazing time because you get to know everyone you wouldn’t usually talk to and who you share interests with. We also had so much fun singing our hearts out while listening to the bell. On Thursday and Friday it was music focus day. We got to wear casual clothes and sing/play in all the bands and vocal groups!” – Morgan Smith (8GPC-02)

“Arts week is amazing, everyone does things they wouldn’t normally do, like singing at the top of their lungs with people watching, and dancing even if they aren’t good at it. On Friday we had a silent disco and we walked around the school like a high-school musical, with everyone breaking into song and dance battles for songs like ‘Beat It’! Arts Week is always interesting and so much fun!” – Kiara Didyk (8GPC-02)

Mrs Nicolle LeRay Warren, Head of Visual Arts, and Ms Emily Burns, Drama Coordinator


The Pulse
Ms Caputo’s Year 8 boys, Year 9 girls and Ms Kollevris’s Year 9 class, had the pleasure of seeing ‘The Pulse’ at her Majesty’s Theatre. Spectacular feats of the human body were evident as bodies flew across the stage! Adelaide journalist, Alexis Buxton-Collins said “The level of skill and agility is sublime as performers clamber up human towers and leap fearlessly between them, eliciting regular gasps from the audience”. Students will now be exploring in class some of the basic skills seen in ‘The Pulse’ such as counterbalance, floor rolls and responding to their experience.

Dance Battle
Three professional dancers from Precision Dance, run by Lauren Pisanello kicked off a ‘Dance Battle’ with an excerpt from their Fringe show. Students were entertained by the smooth moves of the three female dancers in sneakers and men’s suit jackets who showed a slick and commercial street dance style. The floor was then opened up for our own students to battle each other. The opposing teams glared at one another across Founders Hall and the St Michael’s students didn’t disappoint! With flips and floor work that wowed the audience, a great dance experience was had by all.

Blkdog by Botis Seva
15 senior dance students had the opportunity to view a live-streamed performance.

“Sadler’s Wells commissioned Botis Seva, one of a new generation of UK-based dance-makers, to create a new work to help celebrate 20 years in their current theatre. The resulting work, BLKDOG, left the audience electrified and the dance world abuzz about the emergence of such a singular and unique choreographic voice”.

This was an awesome learning experience for our students who love Hip Hop dance to see how it is evolving and how this style can influence their own work.

Silent Disco
For the fourth year running to celebrate Arts Week, 50 students and staff combined together in a Silent Disco run by ‘Disco Diddi’. The fun and wellbeing generated by this event was clear by everyone’s smiling faces! What a fantastic end to the Arts Week celebrations.

Mrs Dani Caputo, Dance Coordinator – Secondary

Primary Campus


The history of International Women’s day is political. It began with struggle and protest to change laws including the right to vote.

In 2021, the law may be mostly on the side of equality but there is still much to be done about stereotypes and discrimination that hold all of us back. Who wants to be stuck in a box? Not even Houdini!

The written word is, and has always been, a powerful tool in the fight for equality. There is much to celebrate, and it is a great day to remember the women pioneers no longer with us and celebrate and amplify the voices of the powerful women speaking out today.

Year 6 leaders were challenged with telling the stories of some of these women at the Primary Campus. They produced a series of images and explanations that ran on our screens around the school all day and visited the Reception classrooms. The leaders shared the following reflections:

If a boy watches TV they often see people who look like them (men) so they think to themselves I can do that when I grow up but a girl doesn’t think the same. So International Woman’s Day is about all the young girls who don’t see as many other women on TV and so don’t think they can do what the boys are doing because they are a girl. International Women’s day was all about celebrating all the other woman out there and to get all the girls to think to themselves that they can be anything when they are older. And that they don’t have to be a boy to be what they want to be!” Nikola

“We read Cathy Freeman’s story to the Receptions and they loved it, which is lucky as they are a tough audience!” – Sonny & Nikola

“The theme was #choosetochallenge. We wrote about women like Ash Barty and Greta Thunburg. We had to research about the women’s lives and how they challenged themselves and others around them. They all achieved really impressive things. I created a book about Erin Phillips. I chose Erin because I thought the younger kids would be interested in her story and may have heard her on the radio in the mornings. I also chose her because she is a local sports superstar who has achieved amazing things in her sporting career in basketball and AFLW. Erin is inspirational because she challenged the football clubs by playing in boys’ teams until she was not allowed to anymore, then after an amazing career in basketball she started playing AFLW at age 31 and she won MVP for the Women’s League. It was fun to read the books to the younger students on International Women’s Day. Everyone really enjoyed it and the Reception kids made lots of comments about the books and wanting to achieve things like the women in the books. We read to them in small groups which was good because we could talk with more confidence and it gave the Reception students a chance to talk to us and make comments. They made nice comments like “that book was good” and “I want to play that sport”. They were just as inspired listening to the stories as we were researching and writing them. Overall it was a really good and fun experience for both the Receptions and the Year 6s. We learnt a lot about really inspirational women and the cool things that they all did when they challenged themselves.” – Marcus

“As we read the book the Receptions were very quiet and by the end they blew us away with all of the questions. One of the questions wasn’t even a question it was “I like that book.” Marcus was quite happy that everyone liked our book. What we wanted to do was give the little girls and boys a growth mindset on being what they want to be when they are older. Boys see men doing things and they think “I can do that” but with girls they don’t think about that as much as boys because women aren’t shown as much. We talked to them about some inspiring women that have made a difference in the world and that have successfully achieved what they wanted to be when they were little. For example, Greta Thunburg is eighteen and is already an activist for the environment!” Kaylen

“When we went into the class with the Receptions it was quite nice to see them all sit down in front of us to listen to our story. We read them our story and I’m pretty sure they loved it! We wrote the story about Mea C Jemison .” Alex & Oliver

“Ash Barty was the person we chose to read this to Receptions and Year 1. They liked it and asked us heaps of questions. We also gave them our book.” Arthur & Harvey

“Amelia Earhart was the first women to cross the Atlantic Ocean unassisted for 15 hours straight. We read to a Year 1 class and all three Reception classes. They were excited and it was fascinating to answer their questions.” Jeremy, Mitchell, Will & Marco

Remember words have power but actions make a difference.

Ms Joanne Gilmore, Director of Teaching & Learning – Primary


Green Industries South Australia, The Adelaide Festival and Adelaide City Library partnered together to put forward an opportunity to hold an Art Exhibition of student work in response to the theme of “What can we do about single-use plastics?” Students were asked to channel their thoughts into a creative call for action by designing a poster, creating a media advertisement, or making a sculpture from banned single-use plastics items.

The exhibition has a selection of Year 6 posters and sculptures exhibited in the Innovation Lab and main room of the Adelaide City Library (level 6) up until 26 March. I encourage you to go and have a look at the colourful and imaginative displays from St Michael’s College, as well as a number of other schools in the library.

We have also received $100 from Green Industries SA to go towards and environmental project at the school!

For more information please click here.

Ms Kate Tyrwhitt, Art & Design Teacher – Secondary


This week the Year 8 Female Leaders from the Secondary Campus visited the Primary Campus to meet the 16 new Reception girls.  This was a part of St Michael’s College new G.E.M. (Girls Empowerment Mentoring) Program that will run twice per term in 2021. The program has the following aims

  • Assist the Reception girls with the College’s transition into primary co-education
  • Provide the Receptions with strong female role models
  • Challenge Year 8 students with leadership opportunities
  • Fulfill the College’s vision of community

The Year 8 Leaders and Reception girls have already formed strong bonds during their first ‘get to know you’ session and we look forward to seeing our Reception’s confidence continue to flourish with the support of their Year 8 mentors.

Miss Annabel Lampard, Girls Pastoral Care Teacher – Primary

Secondary Campus


It is a rite of passage for the new Year 7 students to make a chopping board in Design and Technology. For many of the students this is their first workshop experience and the chopping board project introduces them to multiple hand tools and woodworking machines. All the chopping boards were personalised using the laser cutter to etch in an image or text of their choice.

My favourite part was seeing the great print put in my chopping board. I learnt how to use many tools such as a disc sander and drill press.” Calleigh Ruth (7GPC-05)

“My favourite part of making my chopping board was the drill press because it was really satisfying watching the drill go straight through the piece of wood. I developed an understanding of the equipment and can’t wait to continue making new items.” Shyla Sharp (7GPC-05)

“My favourite part of making the chopping board was probably when we used the disk sander and the drill press.” Nikita Bugg (7GPC-05)

“At primary school we didn’t have a workshop but at high school there is a workshop so it is so fun to make projects in woodwork” Evie McGregor (7GPC-05)

“My favourite part of making my chopping board would have to be using the orbital sander as it was extremely satisfying how it sanded off all of the parts that were missed by myself. I learnt how to use a disk sander and that when the chopping boards are done they look great!” Jessica Burton (7GPC-05)

“My favourite part was getting to see the laser cutter print out my design and seeing the finished product. I learnt to be careful around the tools and machinery to make sure I didn’t hurt myself. It was overall a great project that was quick to make and was so much fun to share the experience with all my classmates.” Eloise Dodd (7GPC-05)

“My favourite part about making the chopping board was advancing my understanding in using machines such as the drill press. I enjoyed making the chopping board and I am excited to make more items in the future.” Harper Packenham (7GPC-05)

Matthew Anderson, Design and Technology Teacher – Secondary


Week 7: Prudence

This week our strength of focus is prudence. It isn’t a term we use a lot in everyday language, we’re more likely to use words like careful, but as far as strengths go, it’s an important one!

The painting above resides in a wonderful gallery called Museo San Donato which is a part of the Monte de Paschi bank in Siena, Italy; the world’s oldest, or second oldest bank, dating back to 1472. At this time, Siena was a republic and the institution was created to offer loans to the poor.

Sapienza e Prudenza (Wisdom and Prudence) was painted by Francesco Rustici in the 1600s and adorned the wall of the bank’s director for decades so that he faced it each time he entered his office. It was positioned this way to remind him that his decisions should be wise and prudent in a balanced manner, every time he entered the room. It’s a wonderful example of how art can inspire us.

In the painting, we see that Wisdom is on the left and Prudence (one of the cardinal virtues) is on the right. Dressed in the clothes of a young and glowing girl, Prudence is sitting beside a snake winding itself around a sceptre (ornamental rod symbolising power) and she holds a mirror in her right hand.  The idea of the snake comes from one of the passages of Matthew (10,16) “…be as prudent as snakes.” The mirror, drawing on medieval traditions, alludes to the idea that prudent people always consider past (experience) and future (consequences) in decision making.

As an earthly virtue, Prudence indicates towards the ground with her index finger; there is a contrast with the hand of Wisdom raised to the sky, indicating nature and divine inspiration, reflected in the presence of the dove of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom rests her arm on the Sacred Book of Scripture, taking her cues from this text, and nearby we see a clear reminder of the temporary nature of life and worldly goods, in the sinister profile of a skull in the bottom left corner of the painting.

In our lives in 2021, far away from medieval Siena, prudence is still important. Last year taught us that in no uncertain terms, and we continue to focus on this often. When we exercise prudence, we keep ourselves safe and it allows us to follow our dreams with care, without hurting others. It is also true, however, that if we overuse this strength, it can also stop us from achieving our potential and exploring curiosities. As the painting reminds us, there must be a balance and we should exercise care in our decision making, stopping and reflecting on the impact of our words and actions before we let them fly, so that we don’t create situations we regret later and that we are empowered to flourish safely as we navigate life.

For our young people in particular, this also extends to the digital footprint they create, the impression of themselves that they project in the world and the many online connections they make and maintain. This week’s presentations by Sonya Ryan for students in Years 8 and 9, are a timely reminder of the need for all of us to be prudent in this domain. The e-safety commissioner produces some excellent resources in this regard and this information may be of interest.

Enjoy the temperate weather and have a wonderful week ahead!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


On Wednesday 10 March, Year 8 and 9 students were involved in a presentation from the Carly Ryan Foundation. The presenters managed to recall for us the tragic story of Carly Ryan and spoke about the work that the foundation is undertaking. Whilst the topics of online safety and respectful engagement in online activities are not new and will continue to be addressed, the presentation was both challenging and engaging.  It is important that we continue to have these conversations in a landscape that is constantly changing.

Here are some reflections from our students:

“The presentation was tragic yet extremely educational and eye-opening. In a world where technology and the internet are becoming more influential and prolific than ever before, it is important to be educated and equipped with the tools to deal with situations online.  It is also important to understand how to identify red flags and ultimately become safer when using online platforms and the internet. As teenagers who generally use the internet regularly, I speak on behalf of the Year 8 students at St Michael’s College when I say we were very humbled and privileged to hear Carly’s story and as a result become a part of the Carly Ryan legacy”. Brendan Talbot (8BPC-03)

“I learnt a lot of new things about cyber safety which was very important to know about. I learnt about how to deal with situations where if someone was asking you and telling you to do things that you don’t want to do and how to react to these things. It is important to be as safe as you can on social media as well as being mindful of what you send to other people. Pictures and text messages will always be there and can also influence the rest of your life if you send or are involved in something bad. It is also important to keep your social medias set to private and always have your location turned off so people can’t see where you are. It is important to never post things in your school uniform as some people can see what school you go to and that is a lot of information to give out to someone”.  – Alexandria Ciccone (8GPC-03)

“Cam and Zac from the Carly Ryan Foundation came to talk to our year level. At the start they explained to us that they weren’t trying to lecture us, they were just trying to teach everyone about certain things such as cyber safer and texting online. They did just that as they made us aware of the consequences and the outcomes of mistakes made online. They presented this talk as a casual discussion instead of trying to scare us which was extremely helpful. Overall, I found the Carly Ryan presentation helpful and would encourage more schools to have this discussion, since it taught us the different strategies for being safe online”. – Ruby Redden (9GPC-02)

“The Carly Ryan presentation was very powerful, as Cam and Zac spoke of the dangers associated with being an online user, and the affects that this can have on others. After hearing Carly’s story, it scares me to think that someone would ever go out of their way to hurt another person.  Once I got home last night, I spoke with my mother and I have changed a few of my online account settings, to make my online experience safer”. – Lachlan Larven 9BPC-1

Mr Paul Flaherty, Year 8 Director and Mr Brent Parfrey, Year 9 Director


From 16 to 23 March, join students from all around the world to learn languages, earning points towards awards and maybe even a prize for yourself, while helping your school to shine on an intentional platform. You can compete in any of the 68 languages available, even if you are a complete beginner!

Click here for more information.

Ms Angela Benedetti, Italian Coordinator – Secondary


The School of Languages invites South Australian senior secondary students of Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese or Spanish to register for the ‘Let’s Talk!’ holiday program in April 2021.

When: Thursday 15 April and Friday 16 April 2021 from 10:00am – 3:30pm.
Where: School of Languages, 255 Torrens Road, West Croydon.
Cost: $10 per student per day. School Card/Health Care Card Holders are free. Click here for tickets.

The program will offer highly interactive language/cultural experiences with the aim of improving students’ oral proficiency.

St Michael’s students who attended in 2020 found the program highly beneficial for improving their speaking skills.

Groups will be capped at 12 students per class so get in early! Click here for more information.

Ms Angela Benedetti, Italian Coordinator – Secondary

Careers and VET Services


On Sunday 28 March, this year’s most important Career Expo will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. South Australian and interstate tertiary providers and major employers will be there for inspiration, research and individual questions. For more information and links to competitions click here.

To book in click here, and to view the seminar table please click here.


The world renowned Tessa Rochfort from International College of Hotel Management located at Regency Park, will be visiting the College on Thursday 18 March to talk with Year 12 Business Innovation students. If your son or daughter would like to learn more about ICHM and be prepared to complete their 2022 scholarships please email rose.coorey@smc.sa.edu.au who can then arrange for them to join the presentation.

We are very excited to have Class of 2020 old scholar Jennifer Roberts completing the Bachelor of Business: Hospitality Management on the $15000 scholarship she won last year.

87% of graduates each year find employment and many opportunities to develop skills at an internationally recognised level. There are 1500 hours of Work Experience embedded in the course and much of this is paid. The career paths for these graduates is wide and varied: General Management & Administration Human Resource Management Marketing & Sales Event Management Food & Beverage Management Accounts & Finance Room Divisions & Front Office Executive Roles in Other Industries

Whilst it is a private institution, students can take out the VET Help Loan to cover the cost of Tuition.

We encourage families to check out ICHM by clicking here. To register for their Discovery Days held on Friday 28 May or Friday 27 August click here.

Unfortunately these dates are a normal school day and students will need approval from their parents and the College and will need to make their own travel arrangements.


A reminder that all key information can be found on the SEQTA Careers and VET Tile. The deadline for forms to be submitted to secure a Work Placement in the upcoming April holidays is Friday 19 March. Please direct any queries to Mr Anthony Vizaniaris.

Below is a summary of key dates for the remainder of the year:

Term 1
Forms Due Date: Week 8 Friday 19 March
VET and Workplace Practices Students: Week 10, 3 Days Tuesday 6 – Thursday 8 April
Year 11 and Year 12 Optional: Holidays Week 1, Monday 12 – Friday 16 April

Term 2
Forms Due Date: Week 7 Friday 11 June
Year 11 and Year 12 Optional: Holidays Week 2, Monday 12 – Friday 16 July

Term 3
Additional: Term 3, Week 1 Year 12 students only with no trial exams. Monday 19 – Friday 23 July
Forms Due Date: Week 7 Thursday 2 September
Year 11 and Year 12 optional: Holidays Week 1: Monday 27 September – Friday 1 October

Term 4
Forms Due Date: Friday 6 November
Year 11 and Year 12 Optional (only for students who do not have exams): Weeks 7, Monday 22 – Friday 26 November
Year 11 and Year 12 (only for students who do not have exams): Monday 29 November – Friday 3 December

Please note there is no work experience to be undertaken from 3 December and over the holidays.


ASC have advertised for opportunities for Work Experience in the areas of Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer Program or the Collins Class Submarine Program. Click here for more information.

The Defence Force are offering exciting work experience opportunities at Keswick and Edinburgh. Click here for more information.

CSIRO (virtual open soon): Click here for more information.

SA Power Network: Click here for more information.

SA Police Band (no offers yet, keep checking): Click here for more information.

Port Adelaide Football Club: Click here for more information.

Adelaide Festival Centre: Click here for more information.

SASI: Click here for more information.

SAHMRI Medical Research: Click here for more information.

Adelaide Zoo (One day career day with a cost involved): Click here for more information.


A pastoral class competition was held to encourage the completion of the Career Survey. The Career Survey responses give us additional background information that will help us better support our Year 12 students on their journey beyond Year 12. The level of competitiveness between the classes for the prize baskets is always very entertaining to see.

Congratulations to the prize winners:
1st: 12PC-02, Mr Smith
2nd: 12PC-04, Mr Emerson
3rd: 12PC-06, Ms Moros

Some students have not yet submitted their responses and we ask that parents/caregivers encourage them to follow the link in their emails so that we can provide more targeted help.


Participating Year 12 students will be invited to a range of exclusive STEM events, workshops, and camps throughout the year.

By joining the STEM Academy you will benefit from:

  • Early conditional offer into a range of STEM degrees at the University of Adelaide.
  • Invitations to exclusive on-campus events and activities.
  • Networking opportunities with industry representatives and current University of Adelaide STEM students and graduates.
  • Meeting other like-minded peers who have a passion for STEM.
  • Ongoing support from university staff on admissions and degree selection advice.

Click here to register. See the table below for eligible Year 12 subjects:

Eligible Science SubjectsEligible Mathematics Subjects
Agricultural productionMathematical methods
AgricultureSpecialist mathematics
Agricultural systems
Earth and environmental studies
Scientific studies

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors