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Term 1 Week 4 2021

From the Deputy Principal – Primary

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

The start of the year at the Primary Campus has been very exciting with the introduction of  co-education and an additional Reception class. There has been a real buzz in the school community and we look forward to the continued growth of our Early Primary team with two further midyear Reception intake classes in Semester 2.

The focus for the Primary students in 2021 is to develop an understanding of what gratitude is and what we should be grateful for. There are strong links between understanding gratitude and a person’s mindfulness and resilience. At the Primary Assembly I talked about how parents can support their child’s growth mindset by framing questions more positively:

  • What are three things that went well for you today?
  • Who am I most grateful for today and why?
  • What am I most looking forward about tomorrow?

We all have days that are better than others and we need to teach our children that everything is not always going to turn out the way they want. It is about being able develop a ‘tool box’ of skills to work through times that are more challenging than others.

Welcome Liturgy
On Thursday 4 February, the Primary Campus gathered for the start of year Welcome Liturgy. As a community we reflected on being grateful for the wonderful facilities, resources, and people, both staff and family, that support us all to Be The Best We Can Be.

Sacramental Program
The 2021 Sacramental Program was launched at the Parent Information evening, held in Founder’s Hall, at the Primary Campus on Tuesday 9 February. The Sacramental Program is a family centered, Parish based, school supported program offered primarily in Year 4, but also available to Year 5 and 6 students. Candidates in the program will celebrate Reconciliation, Confirmation and Holy Communion over the next three terms. Preparation for the celebration of sacraments include parent/student evening workshops, whole day student workshops, as well as in-class preparation as part of the Religious Education curriculum. Registrations for the 2021 Sacramental Program are now open and close on Friday 26 February 2021.

Celebrating Learning & Leadership
We welcomed our new students to the community and were able to do so in the presence of their parents as the Academic Award Assembly which was held over two mornings (R-2 and 3-6).  The recipients and their awards were recognised in last week’s newsletter. Our 2021 Primary Campus Leaders and House Leaders were formally announced to the Primary community at the 3-6 Assembly and were presented with their leadership badges and ties.

The roles of Primary Campus Leader and House Leader are prestigious honours for students at the Primary Campus and carry with them significant responsibility and expectation. The roles require elected students to be positive role models for the students at St Michael’s College.

Primary Campus Leaders 2021:
Jude Cowan
Marco Didyk
Jeremy Gagnon
Kaylan Patel
Nikola Radic
Alexander Slattery
Oliver Van Dommele
Chase Wilson

Primary House Leaders 2021:
St James (Green):  Arthur Killoh and Harvey Harradine
St John (Yellow):  Marcus Waye and Sonny Consalvo
St Paul (Blue):  Riley Bell and Will Modra
St Peter (Red): Mitchell Stephens and Robbie Mazzone

Lifelong Learning & Play based Pedagogy
Can you remember how and what you played as child? It was probably imaginative, something you chose, active, messy and adventurous? And without realising it you were learning a lot! As Lasallian Educators our teachers at the Primary Campus are committed to the vision that for our students to flourish, they need to know who they are and be encouraged to explore. As part of the College’s ethos, we are also charged with ensuring we continue to learn ourselves.

Throughout this year, our R-2 teachers will be working with Lisa Burman, an Educational Consultant, with national and international experience, specialising in Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Playful Learning.  This Professional Learning will strengthen our approach to play based pedagogy. Our journey began this week with a Book Making workshop and teachers designing a pedagogical inquiry focused on the needs of their students. To find out more about Lisa you can visit Early Childhood Education & Playful Learning.

We have wonderful new spaces such as the East Avenue Nature Play, Innovation Centre, garden beds, as well as our existing Nature Playground, Wetlands and gardens, and soon we will have an Enchanted Garden! These areas will encourage the students to develop their identities as learners, readers and writers.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Podcast Introduction and Workshop
Great things happen when we seize the opportunity to be curious. On Wednesday 10 February, the Year 5 learning legends gathered in the Innovation Centre to work with James Meston from CESA on an “Introduction to Podcasting” workshop.

Our students learned what a podcast is, how to develop an idea and pitched their ideas for a podcast they would like to create.  Students learned that podcasting helps us connect, they can be about anything and we can feel part of a unique conversation. There is a podcast on just about everything.

Each of the Year 5s were given an opportunity to take their learning further and apply to be part of the first podcasting project at our College. On Tuesdays, after school, the first group of 18 will be ready to start next week and we are planning to broadcast mid-year.  We are fortunate that not only do we have excellent facilities in the Innovation Centre, but with James Meston and the Arch D team by our side, we can’t wait to hear what the students create.

Since starting in 2011, the Arch D radio show has grown its audience to more than 30,000 listeners each week.  It can be heard on 1079 Life every Wednesday at 9:00pm and every Saturday at 10:00pm. Click here to listen to the  Arch D School Life podcast.

If your child is in Year 5 and is interested in the second round of training that starts in Term 2 on Tuesdays, please do not hesitate to contact me.

And if you’ve never listened to a podcast – give it a try.  33% of Australians can’t be wrong, can they?

Mr Damian Patton, Deputy Principal – Primary

Weekly Communication and Important Dates

Weekly Communication and Important Dates


Mr Sam Gligora
Much loved great uncle of Izacc Mazzini (Year 7).

Mr Frank Marallo
Much loved uncle of Dominic Campanella (Year 9).

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace. Amen.


22 February
Athletics Day – SA Athletics Stadium (Secondary)

28 February
Due date for payment of tuition fees. Early Payment Discount (3%) applies until the end of February.

5 March
College celebration of International Women’s Day

8 March
Adelaide Cup Public Holiday
International Women’s Day

10-12 March
Year 12 Retreat

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Primary Campus


On Tuesday 16 February the Primary Campus celebrated the Italian festival of Carnevale!

Students engaged in a parade in Founder’s Hall, displaying their masks and the event concluded with the Carnevale Ale song!

Carnevale is linked to religious traditions in the Catholic Church and for centuries has been a pre- Lenten celebration. The name Carnevale is said to derive from the words carne and vale meaning to ‘get rid of meat’. Lent is a time of prayer and reflection.

Please enjoy the photos form our morning parade, you may recognise your son or daughter!


Signora Saraceno


In Week 2 the Primary Campus held their Year 6 Leadership Mass where Year 6 students received their “Class of 2021” commemorative polo shirts. The back of these shirts list the names of every student in the Year 6 cohort. This is an exciting event for the oldest boys at the Primary Campus as they are in their final year at Beverley. Congratulations to our Year 6 students, we know they will wear their new polo shirts with pride!

We also acknowledged and presented our successful applicants for our Faith, Service and Community Leaders. Each student has received a badge and will be active in supporting the College in a variety of ways throughout this year.

Our Faith, Service and Community Leaders for 2021 are:
Frank Piscioneri (6B)
Harry Scholes (6M)
Blake Scott (6M)
Matthew Choimes (6M)
Emmanuel Thessalonikeous (6M)

Mr Nathan Rose, Primary Coordinator & Year 6 Teacher


Extend now offers a before school care program at the Primary Campus. For more information please click the link below.

Extend before & after school care

Secondary Campus


The St Michael’s College Athletics Day will be held on Monday 22 February at SA Athletics Stadium. Parents are welcome to attend on the day, however please be mindful that we will be operating under COVID guidelines and parents will be required to scan the QR code or fill in the contract tracing sheet on arrival. Parents will be allocated a viewing area under the shade at the edge of the track and must adhere to social distancing rules. Below is a link to the program for the day.

athletics day program


Mrs Sally Nicholson, Head of Health & Physical Education – Secondary


We are happy to announce that in 2021 we have been able to establish a College Leaders Working Party with a focus on wellbeing. The group meet once a week and maps out the plans of what the College Leaders see as being important in our community.  One of our first initiatives was that on a warm day we would have a range of leaders attend all Year 7 classes and hand every student a Zooper Dooper prior to lunchtime. This aligns well with our Mission and Vision and is an example that we are an inclusive and respectful community where each individual is known, valued and cared for. It was also an example of the older taking on the role as big brothers and sisters to the newest members of our community.

Two Year 7 students gave the following statements about this initiative:

‘It was nice to speak to our senior leaders who are our role models’. – Courtney Homan (7GPC-04)

‘It was refreshing to have an ice block handed to us by a leader and we were able to connect with them about being a part of the community’. – Eloise Cosenza (7GPC-04)

The wellbeing group are in the process of displaying a range of support materials around the college from Headspace and Kids Helpline. They are also making plans for Mental Health Week later in the year and are hopeful to present a short presentation to students across Years 7-12 about taking care of themselves.

Mr Matthew Williams, Deputy Principal Pastoral


In 2021, the Technology faculty were lucky enough to gain a wonderful new hybrid kitchen area. On Friday 12 February, the Stage 1 Child Studies students took full advantage of the new facility, and were immersed in the world of delicious and nutritious baby foods. Utilising a range of recipes, the new hybrid kitchen space and a fleet of Thermomixes, the class created a range of sweet and savory purees for babies. Students then compared the nutritional content, taste and texture of the home-made purees to store-bought brands. The lesson presented a unique opportunity to utilise the new workspace as well as cutting edge technology to create foods which would typically suit children aged 6-8months. Many members of the class were surprised to find that the foods were actually quite delicious as well as highly nutritious for babies. For many students, this was their first opportunity to use a Thermomix and they were surprised at how simple the technology was to use. They were also able to see how prospective parents or childcare workers could create nutritious, age-appropriate foods for children in their care. From here, students will have the opportunity to use their knowledge of nutrition, technology and child development to plan and prepare a nutritious two-course meal for a toddler, applying their knowledge for application in a childcare setting.

We are looking forward to continuing to use the new technology for a range of applications throughout the year!

Ms Kimberley Schulze, Child Studies Teacher – Secondary


Are you keen to help the environment, but not sure where to begin? The Eco Squad is the perfect place to start! We run activities every Tuesday and Friday lunch, and everyone is welcome to come along and join in. The usual meeting spot is the school garden, located between the Chapel and the uniform shop.

Here are some of the activities we plan to complete this term:

  • Extending our veggie patch to include two more garden beds
  • Planning a mural for the garden wall
  • Making herbal teas
  • Collecting and sharing seeds
  • Drying herbs
  • Pruning fruit trees
  • Picking veggies and herbs for the Food Technology classes
  • Educating everyone on the correct use of our recycle bins!

We look forward to meeting many more of you this year. Keep an eye out on the Eco Squad notices and come along and give it a go.

Mrs Robyn Palmer, Sustainability Officer


Students in Years 7-12 were invited to contribute to the design of bathrooms in the La Salle courtyard.  A representative committee of students and staff met with architects from Edge Architects and discussed potential plans for the redevelopment. The ability to gather the voice of students meant that important aspects of the design were highlighted allowing the architects to consider both functionality and aesthetics from the students perspective.

Students were well engaged in this opportunity, using their critical thinking and collaborative skills as they carefully considered the presentation and fed back their ideas.

We hope to be able to share more news about this soon!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader


Parents/caregivers of St Michael’s College have exclusive access to Elevate Education’s Parent Webinar Series for Term 1 2021. Elevate works with students, delivering high impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how to better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school.

The webinars take place across Term 1, with the next webinar happening Wednesday 24 February from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Registration is essential and free for our St Michael’s College parents/caregivers. To register, please click here.

Each presenter will share Elevate’s key research and skills, and will conduct a live Q&A so you can ask them questions directly. Should you have questions or would like to contact Elevate directly, their contact number is 1300 667 945 or click here to send them an email.


Week 4: Humility

Some people might mistakenly think that humility is associated with weakness, but in actual fact, it’s more about strength. When we think of strong examples of humility, we often think about Einstein, Ghandi, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, St John Baptist de La Salle, and Jesus, amongst many others. They are people whose actions speak louder than words.

Humble people appreciate their skills and who they are, but they also are aware of gaps in their knowledge and are mindful of areas for growth. They keep their abilities in perspective and use them to raise people up, rather than put them down.  They appreciate of the value of things and people around them and understand that each of us can contribute to our world in different ways. There is a sense of self confidence without having to be the center of attention. Humility, rather than being about weakness, is a strength of character that encompasses self-regulation and produces positive results for the whole community. Research also tells us that successful people are humble people. They are more likely to flourish in life, across more areas in life, than people who are less humble. Stronger humility is also a predictor of stronger academic success in the senior years (Exline & Hill, 2012, Humility: A consistent and robust predictor of generosity). Humility is not boasting, seeking the spotlight or thinking we are better than others.

In 2021, when our lives seem to be projected across so many virtual platforms, we can be forgiven for sometimes thinking that humility can appear to be lost. In truth, I think it’s making a comeback! Research shows that the strongest and most appreciated leaders are those who exude humility. If we think about politicians, athletes, and people we aspire to and admire, often it will be those who are humble. John Elkann, interim president of Ferrari, has indicated that it’s time to return to humility as a way forward. “We are not satisfied with our current results in Formula 1and we will work with humility and dedication to change them.”

It’s not always easy to place others’ needs ahead of our own, perhaps it’s part of our DNA in some way, but we often do it for our children instinctively. It can also be a challenging strength to work on because we can be used to the positive affirmation of being praised as it’s one of the premises of social media platforms, the ‘likes’ that can be so addictive as it sends us shots of dopamine.  As a young parent I recall reading many parenting books that highlighted the importance of praise and positive affirmation. These days, nurturing a growth mindset by focusing on process rather than the end result is considered a more nurturing option.

The beginning of Lent is the perfect time to be thinking about our humility. We have a great example of this in Jesus as we enter our Lenten journey and perhaps we can learn something about this from him. At this special time we can focus more on being the hands, eyes, ears, and heart of Jesus, and be aware of how we can use our talents and gifts to benefit those around us, knowing, valuing and caring for each other.

Wishing you a week filled with meaning!

Mrs Tonia Carfora, Year 7-9 Learning and Wellbeing Initiatives Leader

Careers and VET Services


UCAT registrations open for Year 12 Students on 1 March. Many of the UCAT Preparation companies are emailing the College about opportunities. As stated in the recent information session, the Universities and the UCAT ANZ company does not recommend or endorse any of these programs promoting preparation based on the resources provided on the UCAT ANZ website. The website provides more accurate, cheaper and plentiful resources. Of course, many students still choose to participate in a private UCAT preparation scheme.

Students were given a link to the main providers at the recent session. Please be aware MedEssentials, and the National Institute of Education (NIE) have upcoming sessions and opportunities and interested students should register on their respective websites. These courses can be expensive, so we encourage families to fully evaluate before investing in these opportunities.

NIE Webinar
On 21 February 2021, the NIE will be conducting a UCAT Verbal Reasoning subtest advanced skills webinar. Spots are limited, for more information please click here.

MedEssentials Free Medicine & UMAT Workshop
MedEssentials will be holding a free Meidicne and UMAT workshop in late February at the Location: University of South Australia. It starts at 9:30am and there will be a Q&A at 12:00pm. Students in Years 10-12 or gap year students, and parents, are encouraged to attend. All applications are individually reviewed, please click here for more information.

If you did not attend the information session held in Week 2, student are encourage to email Ms Coorey to be added to the email distribution list.


When you think of shipbuilding you might be thinking it’s working with sheets of metal in shipyards. But the reality is modern shipbuilding is much more than that – it’s highly complex and involves world class technology, with roles from project management, though to engineering and trades.

Australia’s shipbuilding industry is growing fast, with seventy vessels to be built for the Royal Australian Navy by the 2050’s. These vessels require some of the most advanced technology in the world to ensure they’re invisible to attack, able to detect threats and ensure the safety of the crew on board.

There will be demand for thousands of people, right across Australia, to work in roles such as:

Engineers design the vessels and create the technology inside the ship or submarine.

  • Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

Project Management
Project Managers oversee projects to ensure they run smoothly and delivered on time.

  • Project Managers
  • Planners
  • Schedulers

Trades are at the heart of physically building the vessels. They ensure that the hull, and everything inside, is properly and safely manufactured and installed.

  • Welders
  • Boilermakers
  • Electricians
  • Fabricators

Supply Chain
This area is all about sourcing and storing the materials needed to build the vessels.

  • Purchasing Officers
  • Warehouse Managers
  • Logistics Officers

Support roles
These are the other functions required in any business to ensure smooth operations.

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Legal

It’s important to note that in these roles, you don’t need to join the Navy. You’ll be working for the large, often international, companies who are building the vessels, or the Australian owned businesses who are supplying and manufacturing various components.

There are many pathway opportunities into these roles via university, vocational and trade pathways, as the Naval Shipbuilding College works with over 20 universities and TAFEs across Australia to ensure you’re ready for a career in the naval shipbuilding industry.

The Naval Shipbuilding College can help you turn your interests and skills into a long, successful career. You might not quite know what you want to do yet, and that’s ok!

Click here to set up a free chat with a career consultant who will provide guidance and advice on the different options available to gain a job in the industry.

To get an overview of the industry and the types of roles available, please click here. For more information please go to the Naval Shipbuilding Industry website.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors


Click here to view Fixtures & Results



The School Sport SA State Championships Triathlon was held on Wednesday 17 February at the West Lakes Canoe Club. All boys who participated should be proud of themselves as they competed extremely well in very hot conditions.

The following students competed as individuals:
Hayden Brooks (8BPC-03)
Lachlan Sands (9BPC-06)
Lachlan Slattery (9BPC-05)
Archie Walsh (9BPC-03)
Tyler Richards (10PC-07)

The following students competed as a team:
Sean Stanton (8BPC-06) – Swim
Ethan Napoli (8BPC-03) – Ride
Will Kindstrom (8BPC-03) – Run

Mrs Leanne Burton, Girls Co-curricular Officer