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From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Fr John Rate MSC

Tuesday next week will see the first anniversary of the passing of Fr John Rate MSC. As parish priest, he was always a wonderful friend of St Michael’s College and much loved throughout the community. He was an old scholar of St Bede’s College, a De La Salle school in Melbourne and had a strong affinity with the Brothers and Lasallian education. His approach to speaking with young people was always meaningful and well appreciated.

Fr John was also a wonderful personal support to many in our St Michael’s community, presiding over many weddings, sacraments and funerals, as well as just being present when needed. His dry humour and gentle, relational manner was always a feature of his work and he was definitely a man of Heart. Fr John remains fondly remembered and sorely missed.

Trinity Intercol and School Sport

Each year, St Michael’s and Trinity come together in the spirit of sportsmanship and collegiality to compete in girls and boys open sports for what are generally the final games of the season.  Last week’s intercol was a tremendous example of these qualities, with the approach to all matches being ‘hard, but fair’ and of exceptional quality. Congratulations to Trinity as overall winners this year, though it was nice for our 1st XVIII football team to steal an exciting come from behind victory in Mark Mickan’s last game as coach and our Year 12s last for St Michael’s! I thank Trinity for hosting, and the staff from both schools, particularly Jordan Young and Leanne Burton from St Michael’s College for all the preparation for the event, the staff and coaches of both College’s for preparing the afternoon, and particularly the students for engaging with a spirit that we are all immensely proud of. We hope that this tradition continues long into the future.

With most school sport concluding last week (good luck to our senior girls’ football in their KO grand final next week!!), it is now nice to look back and reflect on how fortunate we were to participate in a winter season. Unfortunately, our interstate schools have not been so lucky. I still remember the excitement through the first training sessions and matches of the delayed season, perhaps highlighting a greater appreciation of something we value and might have lost. School sport is an important vehicle for developing, displaying and recognising skills and personal qualities, learning to win and lose with humility and honour, building friendships and creating a sense of community. I am in a fortunate position to see this on display each weekend and congratulate all those involved in creating the many individual, team and community achievements over this last term.

Drama and Dance

Congratulations to the staff and students involved in the recent Year 12 Drama performance of Masquerade and SACE Dance evening, Back to Black. Whilst the audience numbers were obviously a little restricted this year, those in attendance were presented with the most outstanding experiences. I never cease to be amazed by the talent, creativity, dedication and sense of community that emanates from these performances. All involved should be very proud, I certainly know I am!

Kind regards,

John Foley