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From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Student Safety and Wellbeing

There are, from time to time, reports of student safety concerns around Adelaide schools, including incidents where students are approached by strangers at the beginning or end of the school day.  Whilst not connected to St Michael’s we have been made aware of some recent incidents in the local area.  It is therefore prudent to raise awareness of the issue in the interests of student safety.

Catholic Education South Australia offer the following advice to families: “Students and families are reminded to be wary of approaches from strangers, especially when they are unaccompanied or travelling to and from school. Parents are key partners in issues of student safety and this is a timely opportunity to speak to your child about keeping safe. If your child is approached by a stranger, he/she should not respond and should not accept offers of rides or gifts. Students should seek the assistance of nearby adults if they feel unsafe and should report the event to a trusted adult (parent or school staff member) as soon as possible.”

Pastoral Support Worker

The STAR generally includes the piece below from our Pastoral Support Worker, Sr Nithya. The College community is very fortunate to have Sr Nithya work in this support role and I encourage families to contact her as you need.

Whilst the circumstances upon which families sometimes meet Sr Nithya are often difficult, she is a wonderful support, with a genuine sense of care, empathy and understanding.

“It is inevitable that in a school the size of St Michael’s College, students might experience the illness and/or death of a close family member or friend. Many of you are familiar with my involvement with the families of the school. I would like to invite you to call me if there is any assistance I can offer with bereavements, funerals or support for your families during illness, whether it be a visit or prayers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email: SrNithya@smc.sa.edu.au and/or mobile: 0432 340 268 With blessings, Sr Nithya, Pastoral Support Worker”.

Counselling Services

The College’s counselling team (Secondary – Ms Sarah Davies, Ms Ida-Marie Bevan and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, and Primary – Ms Pat Pietsch), offer a supportive and respectful counselling service to students.  The team can offer support and assistance to students who might be dealing with a personal challenge or just need someone to talk to in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.

Students or families may contact the counsellors direct, or can make an appointment through the Student Services department which is located in the Benilde Building (across the courtyard from the Boeyen Room).





Kind regards,

John Foley