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From the Principal

From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

CESA Wellbeing Initiative – Classroom Pulse ‘Check In’

Our common aspiration is for St Michael’s College to be “an inclusive and respectful community where each individual is known, valued and cared for, enabling them to feel confident to explore their curiosities, flourish, and fully realise their potential”. As such, St Michael’s will be participating in a system wide initiative that recognises how each child’s relationships, identity, belonging, and learning are essential to their happiness and success at school.

Therefore, this term, every student in a Catholic School in South Australia, including St Michael’s College, will participate in a simple online Classroom Pulse Check In. This Check In has been developed by Catholic Education South Australia to ascertain how students are currently feeling about their experience in school. It is tailored to allow your child’s teacher(s) to check in and provide immediate feedback and support to them. The Check In will be carried out during the school day.

The Check In has been designed with the knowledge that life in school has its ‘ups and downs’, but also that schools and teachers want to understand how their students are feeling. As such, they can support you and your child in meeting any social, emotional, or learning needs that they may have.

To enable this, the College and your child’s teachers will have access to their responses to facilitate follow-up and support as required. As your child’s prime caregiver, please be assured, that any support required will be communicated and discussed with you in advance.

As per the table below, there are a range of simple questions about your child’s life at school, their identity as a person and a learner, their sense of belonging, safety, and friendships.

REC - YEAR 3My teacher cares for me.I enjoy school.
YEAR 4 - YEAR 12 I currently feel I matter to my teacher.I currently feel that I am thriving at this school.
REC – YEAR 3I am learning at school.I can have a say in my learning.
YEAR 4 – YEAR 12I am actively involved in co-constructing my learning.I feel that my learning needs are being met.
REC – YEAR 3I have friends at school.My teacher helps me when I have problems.
YEAR 4 – YEAR 12Currently, I feel I have positive relationships at this school.When asked, my teacher supports me in managing friendship issues.
REC – YEAR 3I feel safe at school.I feel I belong in this school.
YEAR 4 – YEAR 12I am feeling safe at this school.I feel that I belong in this school community.

For each statement, students will select whether they feel it applies to them “most of the time,” “sometimes” or “not very often.” Students in Reception – Year 3 will have emojis alongside the options to help them identify their feelings.

A sample of the Check In can be found by clicking here.

In addition to supporting your child, de-identified data from all schools will be used by Catholic Education SA to identify trends to assist in future planning for the support of the learning and wellbeing for students across South Australia.

As highlighted above, the staff at St Michael’s are proudly committed to ensuring that each young person entrusted to us can flourish at school and feels known, valued and cared for. We trust that our involvement in this CESA initiative will further enhance our capacity to build strong relationships and create a positive learning culture that empowers each student to better choose who they become as people, learners, and leaders in this ever-changing world.

Kind regards,

John Foley