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From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Family Support
As we all know, the joys of parenting are sometimes mixed with a variety of challenges. As such, St Michael’s is committed to assisting and working with parents when these challenges arise. There are numerous support structures across both campuses, including Pastoral and Subject Teachers, Year Level Directors, Heads of Department and Learning Support.  Additionally, the Student Services Departments include personal counselling, Careers and VET advice. I would encourage families to contact the College if we are able to assist in any way.

Additionally, there are a number of very useful parenting support services available externally, with some listed below. These sites provide numerous articles, blogs and help sheets on a range of parenting and child/adolescent topics, as well as contact details if required.

Parenting SA
Parenting Ideas
Kids Helpline

One of the questions often raised with us relates to the changing nature of parties as young people grow. This is a good question and is based around us all being part of setting up the best environments for our young people to flourish. Parenting SA provide some useful guidelines in their Young people and parties – Parent Easy Guide and the Legal Services Commission of South Australia provide further a legal perspective in their Alcohol and the Law factsheet.

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
This special feast day is celebrated today, Friday 11 June in 2021 and celebrates the love of Christ for all Mankind. The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents not simply His physical heart but His love for all mankind.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and a long and positive connection with St Michael’s College through our local Parishes. We recognise this ongoing relationship and thank the MSC Priests for their wonderful work. We trust that Fr Peter msc, Fr Paul Cashen msc, Fr Paul McCormack msc, Fr Noel msc, and Br Kenji Konda msc have a very special Feast day.

The following reflection comes from this week’s bulletin at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish Henley Beach:

Feast Day Greetings to all: Sacred Heart Devotion/Spirituality is one of the most humanising and beautiful aspects of our Catholic life.

That the world is consecrated to the Sacred Heart and the devotion became so widespread had much to do with the Founder of the MSC – Jules Chevalier whose cause for beatification has been introduced in Bourges, France. This Devotion was hugely popular in France and other parts of Europe long before Fr Chevalier came on the scene. However, around 1880 he collected around 4,000,000 signatures and took them to Pope Pius IX to encourage him to make the Sacred Heart a feast day in the calendar of the Universal Church. Remember, this was before emails and phones! He was also very busy getting his new order founded in the turbulent political climate of France which swung between tolerant governments and strongly anticlerical parties which closed down and confiscated Catholic schools and institutions and expelled the religious from their houses. Fr Chevalier wrote to his religious in 1880: We must do all in our power to root out the spirit of severity and fear which is causing such havoc to souls. The warmth of the humanity of Jesus symbolised in His pierced Heart was his answer to pretty – well everything. In 1862 he wrote: “When we speak of the heart, of course, we are referring to the person in his/her entirety.” The physical organ is the symbol of that. The piercing of the side of Christ as he hung on the cross (today’s Gospel), and the flow of blood and water from his side, are the high point of St John’s Gospel. It tells us that God in gifting Christ to us gave absolutely everything in his desire to be one with us so that we might live in love with Him. He actually desires to befriend us, to live intimately within us. Think of St Paul’s statement: “It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.” The spirituality of the Heart is simply a “yielding to love” as Michael Fallon MSC puts it, to Him “who has first loved us” as St John writes in his letter.

Happy Feast Day.

Kind regards,

John Foley