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From the Principal

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Welcome back to St Michael’s for 2021.

Near the end last year, I offered the following brief reflection for the Maroon and Blue Community News:

“Schools found themselves in quite a unique place during 2020, trying to maintain a ‘business as usual approach’ within a world of ongoing uncertainty and incongruency. Overall, schools, including St Michael’s, were not only able to cope with the challenges presented, but provide an environment where students continued to flourish. This was only achievable through the trusting partnership of staff, students, families and the wider College community. As Principal, I couldn’t be prouder, and am thankful for the genuine care, kindness and support shown for each other, particularly at the toughest times.

Whilst COVID-19 created conditions somewhat foreign to us, we continued to draw on some common principles that have helped guide educators across the world during times of turmoil. These principles include: an ongoing focus on safety, security, and belonging; the importance of relationship building at the heart of student learning; maintaining timely communication and transparency around decision-making; and a commitment to equity.  

Additionally, we continued to learn more about ourselves and others in times of change, complexity and sometimes chaos, including an ability to acknowledge and embrace the chaos, and then to stand back and simplify it! I think we have mostly however, had reinforced the essential value of relationships and connections as a cornerstone of Lasallian education.”

As we head into 2021, there are new opportunities for the St Michael’s College community to build on our strengths and learn from our challenges. As a community of staff, students and families, we must each play our part in continuing to ensure the very best conditions for each of us to flourish. Essential to this is a focus on relationships and connections and an ongoing aspiration to be an authentic, inclusive and respectful community where each individual is known, valued and cared for. In recognising and embracing the uniqueness and value in ourselves and others, we enable the confidence to explore our curiosities, flourish and fully realise our potential.

I wish all new and returning members of our community every success in 2021 and pray that St Michael the Archangel, our namesake and God’s great champion, watches over and protects us, and inspires the strength and humility to live life to the full and work and learn together with courage, commitment and respect.

Primary Co-Education

A very special welcome to all our new students to St Michael’s College. There was a great mix of nerves and excitement with Year 7s starting their high school journey at the Secondary Campus and receptions at the Primary Campus. The reception experience was a particularly special one for St Michael’s College, with our first ever co-ed classes at the Primary Campus. The girls and boys interacting with each other in their new facility was a special highlight of Wednesday morning and something that brought a smile to the faces of staff, students and families alike. This is going to be a great journey!

Kind regards,

John Foley