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From the Business Manager

Dear St Michael’s College Community,

Secondary Campus Library Redevelopment

Inspiring minds and creating positive learning cultures that are authentic, challenging and supportive has been a long-standing vision at St Michael’s College.

Dating back to 1968, Br Peter Wallace’s strong interest in the audio visual sector of education helped to develop the first fully equipped and state-of the-art Library at that time (located at the now Staff Centre). In 1985, the Lasallian commitment to keeping abreast with developing education and technology trends saw the Library relocate to a bigger, purpose-built facility, its now current home.

Keeping this vision strong and constant along the years, an opportunity to grow, shape and align the College’s culture of progressive teaching and learning practices, St Michael’s College Secondary Campus Library will be undergoing a complete redevelopment to enhance the contemporary learning practices of our creative educators.

This new project delivers the next part of a staged Master Plan for both campuses of the College and the existing Secondary Campus Library building will encompass extensive internal refurbishments which includes a variety of new flexible spaces such as presentation, collaboration and quiet spaces, a new entry feature, meeting space and acoustic treatments.

At the heart of the new flexible Library design is “Home”, an inviting place where curiosities, research, reflection, creativity, innovation and collaboration are encouraged, and wellbeing is nurtured.

The layout will mix pedagogical choices with curriculum approaches and provide greater comfort with softer furnishings, making it feel more like home. The spaces allow for quiet individual learning, reading and reflection, peer tutoring, lecture style learning, one-on-one learning, project-based learning, collaborative learning and sharing.

Based on the research conducted by Thornberg, 2013; Harrison and Hutton, 2014, the space will offer a variety of key learning areas, including:

The Campfire/Learning from expert/Presentation spaces

The space for storytelling and imparting of wisdom and knowledge. Whether it is a guest speaker, or an important lesson point being explained by the teacher, a student sharing their learning, or even viewing a documentary, this space provides an essential area for learning.

Watering hole, Think tanks/Collaboration spaces

Where peers can work together in groups to problem-solve, create and share information and discoveries, acting as both learner and teacher simultaneously.

Caves and Secret Spaces

Spaces for quiet research, reading, study or reflection. Alternatively, they are the spaces where the teacher and student or two students can go for peer tutoring, conferencing or discussions.


The new space includes greater flexibility and opportunities with different technologies influencing engagement in learning. Some of the new technologies include; a Lumo Play screen, a green room for recording, charging stations for student devices, digital presentation screens, wireless devices for delivery and viewing of presentations, films and programs and a self-checkout system for loans.

The project budget is $1.5 million and is scheduled to commence during the Term 3 holidays and completed by the end of Term 1 2021.

In preparation for the redevelopments, the current Library will close at the end of Week 7 this term. The last day open to the whole school will be Wednesday 2 September. Library services will be available from the temporary Library space in the LEC meeting rooms near the café from the beginning of Term 4 until the end of Term 1, 2021.

We look forward to continuing to provide quality service to our staff and students during this time and cannot wait to fill our new and inspiring ”home” with an array of quality learning opportunities at the end of Term 1, 2021.

Kind regards,

Dominic LoBasso
Business Manager