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Arts Week


“To me, Arts Week means connecting with people in the community who share the same interests as me. It is about being creative and unique, and being able to show your true self around other people, and not being afraid to do so.” – Beatrice McClure (8GPC-02)

Events for Arts Week began on Monday morning with an Acknowledgement of Country performance presented by artist and proud Warramungu & Yuggera man David Booth, and his three sons. Year 7 students watched traditional Aboriginal dance while David explained the stories, history and symbolism behind them.

David then ran a jewellery making workshop, then collaborated with a group of students to create a meaningful mural that will be displayed in the Eco Garden.

We were visited by Basketball Man, a well-known Fringe Artist and street performer. He was a hit with student audiences!

Year 10 and 11 Art/Design students had the opportunity to work with artist, Lucy Timbrell an Adelaide based printmaker. Lucy is inspired by the relationship between humans and nature, and she often incorporates birds and cityscapes into her work.

“Arts Week is a fantastic opportunity for students to show their true colours. With chances to sing, dance, play or tell a few jokes, it is one week in the St Michael’s year that our whole community can appreciate.” – Shamus Horgan (12PC-10)

The week was full of Drama excursions where students travelled with their teachers to venues around Adelaide to view shows including, ‘Small Metal Objects’, ‘Fangirls, ‘The Boy Who Talked to Dogs’ as well as ‘A German Life’.

The main stage in the Anzac Courtyard featured many of our talented young artists playing in concerts all week. Throughout the week we had various recess performances including, Daniel Sutton the metal guitar maestro, Harriet McClure playing ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ on the Grand Piano, Riley Catt on guitar and Riley Browne on the decks.

“Arts week is a fantastic experience to express the Arts and bring the community together” – Christian Dianos (12PC-07)

At lunchtime we saw ‘The Masterclass’ teacher’s band, Mr Mosca accompanied by Massimo Cavallo on the accordion and Jamie Porcaro on percussion. As well as ‘The Groove Collective’, Jonathan Cesare, the Rock Band, Alfie Haberfield and our brilliant Jazz Band.

“Arts Week is the best week out of the year. Meeting up with all of the best characters, to do something only the most extraordinary people can do. You go out of your comfort zone to do the one thing you love with people just like you surrounding yourself. In a nutshell, Arts Week is Christmas for music nerds!” Alyssa Meade (8GPC-02)

“Last week was Arts Week! Arts Week is an amazing time because you get to know everyone you wouldn’t usually talk to and who you share interests with. We also had so much fun singing our hearts out while listening to the bell. On Thursday and Friday it was music focus day. We got to wear casual clothes and sing/play in all the bands and vocal groups!” – Morgan Smith (8GPC-02)

“Arts week is amazing, everyone does things they wouldn’t normally do, like singing at the top of their lungs with people watching, and dancing even if they aren’t good at it. On Friday we had a silent disco and we walked around the school like a high-school musical, with everyone breaking into song and dance battles for songs like ‘Beat It’! Arts Week is always interesting and so much fun!” – Kiara Didyk (8GPC-02)

Mrs Nicolle LeRay Warren, Head of Visual Arts, and Ms Emily Burns, Drama Coordinator


The Pulse
Ms Caputo’s Year 8 boys, Year 9 girls and Ms Kollevris’s Year 9 class, had the pleasure of seeing ‘The Pulse’ at her Majesty’s Theatre. Spectacular feats of the human body were evident as bodies flew across the stage! Adelaide journalist, Alexis Buxton-Collins said “The level of skill and agility is sublime as performers clamber up human towers and leap fearlessly between them, eliciting regular gasps from the audience”. Students will now be exploring in class some of the basic skills seen in ‘The Pulse’ such as counterbalance, floor rolls and responding to their experience.

Dance Battle
Three professional dancers from Precision Dance, run by Lauren Pisanello kicked off a ‘Dance Battle’ with an excerpt from their Fringe show. Students were entertained by the smooth moves of the three female dancers in sneakers and men’s suit jackets who showed a slick and commercial street dance style. The floor was then opened up for our own students to battle each other. The opposing teams glared at one another across Founders Hall and the St Michael’s students didn’t disappoint! With flips and floor work that wowed the audience, a great dance experience was had by all.

Blkdog by Botis Seva
15 senior dance students had the opportunity to view a live-streamed performance.

“Sadler’s Wells commissioned Botis Seva, one of a new generation of UK-based dance-makers, to create a new work to help celebrate 20 years in their current theatre. The resulting work, BLKDOG, left the audience electrified and the dance world abuzz about the emergence of such a singular and unique choreographic voice”.

This was an awesome learning experience for our students who love Hip Hop dance to see how it is evolving and how this style can influence their own work.

Silent Disco
For the fourth year running to celebrate Arts Week, 50 students and staff combined together in a Silent Disco run by ‘Disco Diddi’. The fun and wellbeing generated by this event was clear by everyone’s smiling faces! What a fantastic end to the Arts Week celebrations.

Mrs Dani Caputo, Dance Coordinator – Secondary