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The $89 billion future submarine project at Osborne has started a tender process for new equipment, ranging from office equipment to parts and machinery. This development will generate new ancillary jobs for the Western suburbs, together with the opportunity to supply products and/or goods. The goal is to have 60% of the total contract value spent locally.

For local companies to register an Expression of Interest in the supply chain click here.

If you are interested in looking for employment with the Naval group click here.

The College encourages all Year 12 students to register on the Workforce Job Registry, where they can be notified of options they may not have considered. Click here for more information.

It is advantageous for students to broaden their understanding for employment possibilities and keep an eye on SEEK to see the growth in job opportunities here in SA.

With twenty of the St Michael’s College graduates from 2020 securing apprenticeships, we await the impact across many industries that will support the submarine project to see the number grow in 2022.


The Naval Group is a French company that drives the submarine project in South Australia. Their relationship with Australia is a reminder of the value in learning another language. Many South Australians employed by the Naval Group are also working in France. Please click here for more information.

The South Australian space industry also has a connection to the Italian space sector, which is another example of the value of investing in global preparedness with a continuation of another language. See the Italian investment in Lot14.


For those that could not make it to the Adelaide Careers and Employment Expo, St Michael’s College offers a link to the event for follow up research in 2022. Click here for the link or click here to head to the Expo website.


Please find below the link for a very cool podcast, where students can listen to interviews with young people working in different industries. The latest podcast talks to graduate recruiters from some of the biggest commercial law firms in Australia.

You can also access this podcast on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. Click here for the links and click here to follow them on Facebook.


TAFESA have advertised their mid-year course options. We encourage all families to take a look, especially for dual degree opportunities and paraprofessional Associate Degree options. Click here for more information.

In areas like nursing and marketing, the dual degree allows for the scaffolded development of skills, cost savings with HECS, and early employment options.

The Associate Degrees have been developed in response to industry demand. Click here for more information.

The following link shows all of the interesting pathways from TAFESA to University. Click here for more information. 

Research shows us that the graduate outcomes for many TAFE graduates can be very promising. We should not always assume a University Pathway is better.

Click here to watch a very funny video that challenges the value you place on VET Apprenticeship Pathways.


Torrens University have rescheduled the virtual expo date.
“After some careful consideration we moved to a new date for our Virtual Careers Expo. We’ve made the decision to postpone the event to give students more time to register and prepare. Please be aware, there will be many Universities from Australia Wide joining in, not just Torrens University.

The new date is Friday 16 July from 11:30 am – 7:00 pm (AEST).

Students can login, ask live questions and watch live seminars anytime between 11.30 am and 7.00 pm. They also have the option to watch any seminars and presentations on-demand, as well as explore the exhibitors stands, download course guides and take virtual campus tours.

For more information and to see the full list of our exhibitors, click here.


If you forgot to register for the UCAT ANZ 2021 by the OnTime deadline, you can still do so until 31 May 2021. Late Registration for UCAT is via the Pearson VUE website UCAT ANZ 2021. Click here for the registration link.  Please note Late fees now apply.


At St Michael’s we are blessed with devoted Year 12 teachers who go above and beyond to maximise the learning and revision opportunities for our students. Many will run revision sessions in the July Holidays.

Some students prefer to be more independent and try the private companies that run their own revision programs for profit.

We supply the links below for your consideration. Please beware that many companies offer a significant early bird enrolment discount.

University of Adelaide
Adelaide Education Consultants
Adelaide Tuition Centre


Students who wish to consider changing subjects for Semester 2, 2021 have been invited to visit Student Services and complete the required paperwork. If students wish to consider how changes may impact on future pathways, they are invited to visit the LEC and book an appointment with Ms Coorey or Mr Vizaniaris.

Often at this stage of the year, we see students reluctant to continue with challenging subjects and some students only wish to complete one compulsory Maths requirement. As Career Counsellors, we like to discuss with students how short-term decision making may impact on longer term success. Whilst the University courses have very few prerequisites or assumed knowledge, there is a range of subjects that do prepare students for particular success at Tertiary level. For example, students contemplating Health Sciences, PE Teaching, Nursing, and Exercise Science would be strongly encouraged to compete Yr 11 Biology. The key to planning is to look at the first-year subjects’ students would cover in their desired University Course.

Often continuing in challenging subjects requires a renewed mindset, but often contributes to broader growth and potential for higher levels of achievement in Year 12.

Students wanting to aim for traineeships and/or apprenticeships are strongly encouraged to touch base so we can check they are on the right path. The value of a relevant VET experience rates very highly for an apprenticeship.

The continuation of a full year of Year 11 maths is valuable for trade apprenticeships and TAFESA pathways as well. To access subsidised fees at TAFESA, students need to pass a CSPA Test covering writing, reading and numeracy. Hence the continuation in maths can keeps up these numeracy skills. Please click here for more information.

Students contemplating pathways in the Defence Force, and/or an American college sports scholarship need to check their pathways carefully as there are many rules regarding prerequisite subjects.

Students should be mindful of study pathways for Year 12 and are reminded that the St Michael’s Curriculum Booklet details the assumed knowledge required from Year 11 subjects. Click here to view the Handbook.


Students who are interested in Aviation or the Aeronautical industry will be interested to know, Glenunga International High School will be running another Stage 1 Aviation Studies course in Semester 2. It is resulted under SACE Scientific Studies and is open for external students to apply. The Stage 1 course is recommended for Yr 10 and 11 students and it prepares students for the Stage 2 Aviation Studies course that they can complete in 2022.

This course covers the theory component of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Recreational Pilot’s Licence (RPL) and examines students in Basic Aeronautical Knowledge under the guidance of the Murray Bridge Flying School. The course incorporates the RPL into Stage 2 Scientific Studies and is concerned principally with flight operations.

If a student wants entry into the Royal Australian Air Force, to fly for a commercial airline or pursue a career in aviation, they can gain an advantage when applying for post school opportunities within the aviation industry.

Topics are focused around fixed-wing, single and twin-engine aircraft, and include aviation units and charts, aerodynamics, flight operation and performance, flight planning, meteorology, navigation, and radio navigation.

Students will use focused software and access our desktop multi-functional Synthetic Flight Trainer (SFT). This simulates different types of aircraft from basic analogue single-engine to full avionics multi-engine turbine propeller aircraft. The Flight Simulator at the ASMS is also utilised.

A recreational pilot licence authorises pilots to fly light, single-engine aircraft as the pilot in command, independently of a flying school and without supervision. To complete the RPL students will need to complete at least 25 hours flying time, which is not part of this course but can be organised separately.

SACE Credits: Stage 1, 10 credits
Course Length: Semester
Training Day & Time: Tuesdays 2:30 – 5:30pm at Glenunga International High School
Commencement Date: Week 1, Term 3, 2021
Dress Code: School uniform

Program Cost (per student): $250 (These fees cover the course text and notes and a polo shirt for the Stage 1 course). Students are also enrolled 0.2 in the subject at GIHS. EASVA Admin fee per enrolment – $50 Department for Education schools, $100 Non-Department for Education schools. Interested students should have B grade passes or better in maths and science subjects. Please see Mr Woolford ASAP if you are interested.


From TAFESA: “South Australia needs skilled people in the growth areas of our economy.
Over the next few years, 42 out of the 50 careers predicted to have the highest growth will need technical skills — like the ones you get through a trade apprenticeship. That’s right, trades are going to skyrocket!
Apprenticeships open the door to hundreds of careers. Our fastest growing industries have a high demand for skilled workers, and they’re looking for people like you now. 
Start your career today

Apprenticeship Subsidies and Grants
We encourage potential apprenticeship employers and recently signed apprentices to visit this page to see the incentives available. For those that have signed up in one of the identified skill shortage areas, they can get a $2000 staggered payment. This is too good not to investigate! Please click here for more information.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors