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Careers and VET Services


Each year St Michael’s College students engage in a wonderful act of service with The Smith Family’s Student2Student Reading Mentoring Program.

Students volunteer for over an 18-week period to support a struggling reader to become more confident and fluent in their reading. It is a significant act of service, connecting with the Chatty Kids Computer App two times a week for around thirty minutes. It can take our own students out of their comfort zone by encouraging some previously disconnected children. The good news is that St Michael’s College has a 100% success rate, with no buddy students leaving the program. This is due to the positivity and kindness of our own students. Both the Buddy and the Reader have their privacy protected throughout the program, with no confidential information shared.

Research shows that if a student is more than two years behind the average reading age for their year level, it impacts negatively on their learning experience, self-agency, confidence and their overall ability to flourish.

The feedback we receive regarding how our students relate to the younger students, and the way they inspire and encourage them, is heart-warming. Christian Dianos (12PC-07) worked with a student in 2020 to help him improve. His student improved significantly by 2 years and 3 months (average reading age) and is no longer identified as a struggling reader or part of the program. There is a photo below with Christian being presented with his Certificate by a very proud Principal, Mr John Foley and Rhianna Carte from The Smith Family. This year we have a record number of eight students who have volunteered (Zoe absent from the Photo).

Rhianna Carte, from The Smith Family, recently visited the College to provide training for this year’s group. Rhianna continues to be a great facilitator and support. College staff are also involved (Ms Coorey and Mr Vizaniaris) to support our students in this volunteering role. We also acknowledge and thank the support of student mentor parents, who also help to make this experience successful.

We kick off again on 27 April, so stay tuned to hear how this year’s group positively influence the lives of students in need.

Members off our Community may also be interested in becoming an iTrack Mentor with The Smith Family or a Learning Club Tutor at a Local Primary School.

As an iTrack online mentor, you can provide essential support and guidance to high school students as they prepare for life after school. Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to support and engage disadvantaged young people who may lack role models, resources and networks needed to make informed decisions and maximise opportunities. Mentors in the iTrack program engage with high school students in Year 9 to 11 using an online chat platform. Click here for more information.

Learning Clubs provide a safe and supportive out-of-school learning environment where primary or secondary students can participate in activities that develop their academic and social skills.  Types of clubs include homework, literacy, numeracy or multi-focus.

Our Clubs and volunteer tutors provide critical, direct support for the educational and social development of disadvantaged young Australians to succeed at school, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Generally, we are seeking a volunteer commitment of 1-2 hours (once per week) for a minimum of two school terms. Clubs typically run just after school finishes. Please click here for more information.


We were overwhelmed with responses to express interest to participate in the Flinders University Conditional Offer Assessment Day. We reached 48 enrolments well before the deadline and we now have 18 students on a reserve list. We have emailed those on the waiting list with some other options. It is so good to see students taking up these opportunities. The next deadline is Tuesday 27 April for the 48 students, and we remind them to ensure they submit their applications by this date. Failing to lodge an application by this time will result in the re-allocation of enrolment to a student from the reserve list. All 48 students have been emailed, so they know who they are and should have collected their application from the LEC. It would be wonderful if students submit their paperwork before the school holidays and we ask parents to encourage this.

The learning from this process is that we have identified that many students do not know how to access the Careers and VET tile on SEQTA, or are not familiar with using the TABS across the top of the screen (i.e. Important Information). This is where we upload key documents.


There are still some bookings available for activities in the University of SA planetarium in the upcoming School Holidays. Please click here for more information.


Last week we attended a professional development event that provided many updates for the University of Adelaide. Below are some links that may be of interest:

Students interested in being a veterinarian:

Roseworthy events for the animal and veterinary science information sessions are listed on the University of Adelaide website: The July tours will book out very quickly, click here for more information.

A key change for the 2022 entry into the veterinary program is that there will no longer be an interview, so the questionnaire becomes more important. Click here for more information.

Stem Careers Night 2021

Please register for the Online STEM Careers Night as soon as possible. This will be held on Tuesday 18 May at 6:00pm. Connect the dots between their innovative degrees and your dream career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. To register, click here.

Pathways in Engineering

The Engineering website has a large amount of information about all of the varied pathways, interesting majors and opportunities. Did you know you can study Mechanical Engineering with a Medical Technology focus at the University of Adelaide. For more information please click here.


The Faculty of Arts are running many workshops. Unfortunately many of these are during school time, however there are some out-of-school-hours events. Please click here for more information.


Please note the very detailed 2022 admission guides are now available of the University of Adelaide website:

Medicine: Click Here
Dentistry: Click Here
Oral Health: Click Here

You can register in advance to receive information about the Health HQ event that will run in May. This ability to tour the facilities, attend workshops and get up to date information will book out very quickly so be first in line to receive information by registering below. On the website are the recordings of the talks last year. Click here for more information.


Some of the exciting developments at the University of Adelaide include:

  • Increased opportunities for internships and work placements, with up to 5000 opportunities in 2021.
  • Opportunities for Virtual Study Abroad tours, given the current travel restrictions during COVID.
  • Innovative developments in Teaching with Flipped Classrooms, small group discovery opportunities and engaging online activities. There has been further investment in opportunities to increase student engagement on campus, such as extensive peer mentoring and involved in AU Sport etc. We understand that phone contact is made with all students to check in on their learning journey and transition to University.
  • Ensuring graduates are job ready: The University of Adelaide Graduate Award program. Click here for more information.

Much time was spent on this topic, with the point being made that if students are looking into courses of interest in Year 10 and learning to dig down to first year University subjects, they will have a better insight into how best to prepare for Tertiary study. Given the move away from prerequisites and assumed knowledge, there is more responsibility for students to be aware of how certain Year 12 subjects lay the base for achievement in the tertiary Sector.

See Australia’s Chief Scientist Report into what subjects are really needed in Year 11 and Year 12.


Vocational Education has many benefits. It is cheaper than university courses, allows for the development of hands-on-skills, and often has improved employment outcomes. At St Michael’s College, we discourage the view that a university education is better than a vocational qualification. We recently attended a conference where leading academics stated that pathways into certain industries are enhanced by starting in the Vocational Education sector. This is particularly true for personal care, fitness and sport, hospitality, tourism, paraprofessional areas (including manufacturing, agribusiness, digital technology, computer aided design, and electronics).

Please see below the link to the TAFESA website and also to the Vocational Education pathways below:

TAFESA: Click Here
Information of Vocational Education Pathways: Click Here
Some Data: Click Here

A very detailed report looking at the differences in graduate outcomes from the two sectors can be found here.


(Not endorsed or recommended by St Michael’s College)

Online: 6 April 2021 at 1:00pm

At the time of this workshop, you will have approximately 90 days until you sit one of the most significant tests of your life: the UCAT. So, how do you make sure that your preparation will help you to perform well on the big day? And if your preparation isn’t up to scratch, how do you fix it in time for the test?

This iCanMed webinar will show you exactly what you should be doing (and when) to manage your time well and put your best foot forward on the day of the exam, plus identify any existing weaknesses in your study approach before it is too late. Click here for more information.


Online: 7 April 2021, 8:00pm – 9:00pm

As an Information Systems Technician you will be trained throughout your career to carry out a range of duties, including:

  • Installing and configuring computer systems as needed by military personnel.
  • Providing technical support on base and out in the field.
  • Identifying and remediating software and hardware issues, analysing software performance, and much more.

Discover whether a technical career in the Army is your kind of challenge at the upcoming virtual info session. Click here for more information.


Online – 27 April 2021, 5:00pm – 29 April 2021, 4:00am

The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Virtual Career Pathways Fair (VCPF) gives students and young professionals an opportunity to network and meet with other Oil and Gas Professionals from all over the world. Attendees will have the chance to take part in quick-fire mentoring sessions to talk about the future of specific job roles.

VCPF also has a series of keynote presentations, industry updates, and soft skill training aimed at getting students and young professionals ready for their next job in the industry.

This event runs over three days from 27 to 29 April and will have both live and recorded sessions at different times globally. Live features include one-to-one chats with professional members as well as live webinars and discussion forums. To find out more please click here.


Adelaide College of The Arts
27 May 2021, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Choosing which TAFE SA course is right for you can seem like a big decision. To help you make the right study choices for the career you want, TAFE SA holds free course information sessions. Our information sessions are generally held around the application period.

Attending an information session allows you to meet with the teaching staff, learn more about a course and where it can lead you, discuss study options, find out about the application process and ask course-related questions. Information sessions are held on location, so it’s also a great chance to check out TAFE SA’s outstanding training facilities.

Find out more about the following courses:

Click here for more information.


Online – 18 July 2021, 9:00am – 19 July 2021, 5:00pm

Welcome to the Australian Virtual Careers Expo! Boasting exhibitors from all over Australia including 7 of the 8 “Group of Eight” universities, TAFE and training colleges, study and career advisers, employers, apprenticeship and traineeship providers, international exchange and gap year programs, this virtual event will be an online version of our live events with opportunities for one-on-one conversations with exhibitors, a high-quality seminar program with seminars on the ATAR, course, career and study advice and much more!

In addition to our live events, the Australian Virtual Careers Expo 2021 offers years 10, 11 and 12 students, their parents and teachers exclusive access to a variety of higher education, training, apprenticeship and employment information from all over Australia, specifically targeted to them. Click here to find out more. https://www.acexpo.com.au/


Lead Scholarships close soon, click here for more information.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors