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Careers and VET Services


Whilst we often hear “If you go to university and get a degree you will secure a better and higher paying job”, we know this is not true for many graduates. It depends on the area of study, individual employability skills, depth of experiences highlighted in your resume, and willingness to move locations.

We advise students moving in to a university course to devote two hours a week to career preparation throughout their entire course of study. This may mean connecting with career services at the relevant university, engaging in extra opportunities, securing work experience, researching industries, looking on SEEK, networking, and volunteering.

If securing a job upon graduation is the main goal, students should consider developing skills in the subject area whilst at school to maximise their level of achievement at university. Given most courses now have no prerequisites or assumed knowledge and many courses at The University of Adelaide will make conditional offers based largely on Year 11 grades, this lack of subject background may create a challenge once in a course.

This week after the publication of QILT 2020 Graduate Survey Outcomes, Old Scholar, Stephen Jeisman (1967) bought to our attention an article about the plight of first year pharmacy graduates. Generally, their starting salaries were slightly below that of a full-time manager at McDonald’s. He also reported a discussion he had with a Physiotherapy graduate, who supplemented their part time Physiotherapy graduate employment income with tutoring at a higher hourly rate than they would receive in their role as a Physiotherapist.

The ongoing perception that university graduates can earn more per hour than those who have work place experience underpinned by Vocational Qualification is not always the case.

We often see students who want a Year 12 course that leads to an ATAR at the cost of a selection of subjects that will not provide an ATAR for university but may have helped them secure an apprenticeship.

Job satisfaction and following one’s passion is often more highly prized than ones hourly pay rate, but if job security is a more important outcome, then career planning needs to be well informed. A qualification does not guarantee a job.

We encourage families to look at the QILT report by clicking here.

Click here for information regarding the Naval Shipbuilding Workforce Register.

To read more about ‘Myth Busting’ and ‘STEM Myths’ click here.


We have faith that there is plenty of support here within the College that students can access, so they should not need to invest in outside revision programs. For some students they prefer a concentrated revision opportunity and as such we provide the following links to companies that are offering April holiday revision programs. We do not recommend or endorse such programs but provide the information for each family’s own assessment and consideration. Brochures are available near the pastoral pigeon holes in the LEC.

Click here for more information regarding the Adelaide Tuition Centre.

Click here for more information regarding the University of Adelaide Year 12 Tuition Courses.


Friday, 19 March was the last day to return completed paperwork to Mr Vizaniaris regarding work experience. If you have any last minute concerns please email him as soon as possible at Anthony.vizaniaria@smc.sa.edu.au

We have been notified recently of a work experience opportunity with the State Opera Company. Please click here for more information.


On Sunday 28 March, this year’s most important Career Expo will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre. South Australian and interstate tertiary providers and major employers will be there for inspiration, research and individual questions. For more information and links to competitions click here.

To book in click here, and to view the seminar table please click here.


This week we were lucky to have Tessa Rochfort address the Year 12 Business and Innovation classes to outline the unique opportunities of studying at ICHM, Bachelor of Business: Hospitality Management

For students who would like to have a better taste of this pathway, we encourage you to consider participating in one of their ‘Live in Career’ weeks in the July or October school holidays. Click here for more information.

Attending Career Week was the spark that ignited old scholar and 2020 Scholarship winner, Jennifer Roberts (2020) on her path to ICHM.


Year 12 students who are interested in studying or working in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics are encouraged to register for the University of Adelaide launch. The event will be held on 24 March from 6:00pm to 8:30pm and will inform you about the unique opportunities available through the STEM Academy program, including early conditional offers into a range of STEM degrees. To see if your combination of Year 12 subjects makes you eligible to join, please click here. To register for the event, please click here.


Are you interested in a sports scholarship and combine study at the same time?

The USA Consulate in Melbourne provides access to a knowledgeable and skilled advisor Samantha Jackson. She will be visiting Adelaide for the Tertiary and Careers Expo on Sunday, 28 March and has informed us there is likely to be an information session at Westminster School on Tuesday 30 March from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

Families will be able to register for this session once we send the link via the daily notices to Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students next week. We encourage interested families to ‘like’ their Facebook page as they may have information regarding these sessions before the College has access.

Students interested in a USA pathway must choose the right subjects from Year 9 to be eligible for all USA colleges and universities as your marks count from Semester 1, Year 9.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors


This week, I spoke to all Year 10 students about choosing VET in Semester 2. Vocational Education Courses give students a ‘taste’ of a career path while gaining SACE Credit at the same time. Most courses in Year 10 are introductory in nature with a view to participating in a Certificate II or III in Year 11. Majority of these courses run through the school day so there is an expectation that students will keep on top of their academic work load.

Students were given an expression of interest form which must be returned by the end of the term to the Reception desk in the LEC. I will then conduct interviews and give information regarding each course and enrolment forms in Term 2, in time for a Semester 2 start.

Courses available:

  • Introduction to Construction: 1 day/fortnight for 15 weeks at Rosewater.
  • Photography: ½ day for the semester (Fridays) at Marleston.
  • Hairdressing or Makeup: 1 day/fortnight for 15 weeks at Rosewater.
  • Intro to Metal Engineering: 1 day/fortnight for 15 weeks at Rosewater
  • Intro to Interior Design: Tuesdays 4:00 – 6:00pm at TAFE, Tonsley Park
  • Cert 1 Automotive: Semester at Rosewater.
  • Cert 1 Animal Studies: 1-2 days a week, Term 3 or 4 at TAFE Gilles Plains.
  • Sport Coaching (through Sports Science subject)
  • An intro to Electrical: Thursdays, 8 weeks in Term 3 at PEER Port Road.
  • Cert 2 Creative Industries 3D Animation: Tues/Thurs 5:30 – 8:30pm in the city.

Please contact me if you have any queries about any VET Course in Year 10


The Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants provide help with costs for textbooks, tools or TAFE/RTO tuition fees. Ten recipients will receive $2,000 each in cash plus a $1,000 tool voucher to help them start or continue with their apprenticeship journey.

In 2021 there will be 10 grants valued at more than $3,000 each. Each grant will comprise of $2,000 in cash to go towards TAFE/RTO fees and textbooks. This part of the grant will be transferred into the recipient’s bank account via electronic transfer. While this money can be spent at the recipient’s discretion, Rheem encourages the recipient put it towards TAFE/RTO fees and textbooks.

Each grant also includes a $1,000 voucher to go towards tools, in addition to a tote tool bag. Rheem will supply a tool voucher to the plumbing supplies merchant of the recipient’s choosing.

To be eligible, you must be an apprentice plumber or gas fitter in Australia, either current or starting in 2021.

Click here for more information.


Most young women decide against a career in trades for various reasons, which has a negative effect on productivity and growth in skilled industries. Please click here to read more about why women in trades matter as it is an excellent source of information on this topic.


To assist with the recovery from the impact of COVID-19, the Australian Government is providing support to all eligible employers who engage a new Australian Apprentice.

The Federal Governments extension of the Boosting Apprenticeships Commencement Subsidy is great news for our students seeking apprenticeships. We provide the link in case any of those in our community have yet to realise how beneficial these may be for your business. Please click here for more information.

Mr Kevin Woolford, VET Coordinator