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Career and VET Services


The phase of Year 10 into 2021 Year 11 Subject Selection has begun and students have until Wednesday 19 August to lodge their Subject Selection on WebChoice and to hand in their completed blue Subject Selection form to their Pastoral Teacher or directly to Student Services in the Benilde Centre. Thursday 20 August is a student free day and it is vital students have this paperwork completed and handed in on time. The member of the Subject Selection panel that is assigned to your son or daughter, needs time to review the students choices against recommendations and current levels of achievements, and against pathways listed on the front of the Subject Selection form as well as pathways into proposed Year 12 subjects being considered on the back of the form. As such, students must appreciate the value of putting as much detail as possible on the blue forms. If students are unable to see a Career Counsellors for an appointment, they are welcome to email their questions. We see many students are being very independent making great use of the information on the Careers and VET Portal and in the resources provided at the start of the process.

Year 11 students began their phase 2021 Year 12  Subject Selection at the Assembly on Wednesday 12 August, with their WebChoice subject submission and yellow Subject Selection form due on Wednesday 26 August, and the Subject Selection Counselling review appointment on the Thursday 3 September.

For students to get the most out of the allocated Subject Selection Counselling review appointment, it is imperative they begin the selection process as soon as possible. We encourage students to utilise the new careers and VET Portal accessible via the black and green tile on SEQTA and to discuss their choices with the relevant Semester 1 and or Semester 2 teachers. In terms of the extra support of Career Counselling, students who require assistance are encouraged to book in for an appointment with a Career Counsellor as soon as possible. These should be well in advance of the respective deadlines – Year 10 as of Wednesday 19 August and Year 11 as of Wednesday 26 August.

There is a pre-appointment form to fill in before the appointment to ensure students are well prepared to make the most of this session. Parents are also welcome to attend at the scheduled time. Later in this section students will also see there are many Tertiary Virtual Open Day activities that students can pre-register to be involved in. If students have any specific questions they may wish to email in the first instance but an email response may take a school day to turn around. Please email your questions to Rose Coorey or Anthony Vizaniaris. For Vocational Education questions, please contact Kevin Woolford.

To make an appointment, students need to visit the Lasallian Education Centre (LEC) Reception or parents can phone the College and ask to be put through to LEC Reception to arrange an appointment.

The central message is to encourage your sons and daughters to get on to this during this coming week and not to leave until the deadline.


We hope that parents of Year 12 students who wish to consider a pathway to University and/or TAFE in 2021 or beyond, have now viewed the video that outlines some key information that may be of interest from a parent perspective. The PowerPoint that provides further information and live links supporting the video content is now accessible on the Careers and VET Portal under “Impt Info; Yr 12 Presentations”.


Parents have recently received a digital letter outlining the alternative pathways to University (other than just ATAR). This letter has been uploaded on the black and green SEQTA tile: Careers and VET Portal under Important Information/ Yr 12 Pastoral Careers Presentations/ Alternative Pathways to University Entrance 2020/ 21.

In the letter there is a link that takes parents to a form to give consent to upload information as part of the University of Adelaide Year 11 Conditional Offer application. If your son or daughter is interested in applying under this scheme, we ask that you click on the link and give consent by Thursday 20 August.

We will be asking students who wish to be eligible for the University of Adelaide Year 11 Grades Conditional Offer Scheme to ensure they have put their eligible course and completed the SATAC Registration process by Monday 24 August at the latest.

At the assembly on Monday (10 August), we will provide more details about registering for the Flinders UniTest and for the Flinders University Assessment Centre Conditional Offer program. There will be very strict closing dates for both these schemes, which we will advertise in next week’s newsletter. Please encourage your son/daughter to check their emails so they do not miss critical communication, especially concerning deadlines.


Year 11 and Year 12 students are invited to participate in a special type of assessment to gauge their suitability for university. Based on a student’s participation and “score”, the student may be offered a place in a specified course at Flinders University on the completion of Year 12. Students will receive information as to which Flinders University courses are a part of this scheme. In most cases all that will be required to take up the Conditional Offer will be to achieve SACE and get a C or higher for any pre-requisite subjects. This means for successful Year 11 students, they would enter Year 12 knowing they have an offer for University. This conditional offer may allow students to undertake more challenging subjects given they do not have to be as focused on their ATAR, and for many of our students who have journeyed through Year 12 with this offer it has reduced anxiety.

To participate in the day, students need to register their interest by responding to an email sent to them on Friday 14 August. The first 48 students who respond before Friday 21 August will then be invited to formally apply. This involves completing paperwork, and writing half a page on why they believe they are suited to the course of study they have selected, and identifying and asking a teacher they recently been taught by to complete a brief assessment of their Tertiary readiness.

That application is then submitted and Flinders University send a pack that requires approximately one hour’s work before the actual Assessment Day on Monday 21 September here at the College. The students who have participated in the Conditional Offer Assessment Day in the past have really enjoyed it and they have not felt under pressure when engaging in group discussions, creative tasks, and a writing exercise.

We ask parents to encourage their sons and daughters to respond early to this offer. The deadlines are very strict and responses must come from students, not parents, as this is the first measure of a student’s readiness for tertiary studies. Please contact Rose Coorey via email if you have any questions.


Languages Other Than English
Given the value of maintaining study of languages other than English, we encourage students to consider not just maintaining their study of Italian here at St Michael’s, but to also consider the opportunities at The Adelaide School of Languages: https://schooloflanguages.sa.edu.au/

Each year we have a number of students who undertake a language one night a week over the school year, which can then count as two elective subjects at Year 10 and Year 11, or if eligible, a Stage 2 20 credit option which also attracts bonus points towards the University Aggregate and ATAR.


For students interested in Aviation or the Aeronautical industry, Glenunga International High School will be running Stage 1 and Stage 2 Aviation Studies courses next year. It is resulted under SACE Scientific Studies and is open for St Michael’s College students to apply. The Stage 1 course is recommended for Year 10 and Year 11 students and it prepares students for the Stage 2 Aviation Studies course that they can follow on with in 2022.

This course covers the theory component of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Recreational Pilot’s Licence (RPL) and examines students in Basic Aeronautical Knowledge under the guidance of the Murray Bridge Flying School. The course incorporates the RPL into Stage 2 Scientific Studies and is concerned principally with Flight Operations.

If a student wants to gain entry into the Royal Australian Air Force, to fly for a commercial airline, or pursue a career in aviation, they may gain an advantage when applying for post school opportunities within the aviation industry.

Topics are focused around fixed-wing, single and twin-engine aircraft, and include aviation units and charts, aerodynamics, flight operation and performance, flight planning, meteorology, navigation, and radio navigation.

Students will use focused software and access desktop multi-functional Synthetic Flight Trainer (SFT). This simulates different types of aircraft from basic analogue single-engine to full avionics multi-engine turbine propeller aircraft. They also utilise the Flight Simulator at the ASMS.

A recreational pilot licence authorises pilots to fly light, single-engine aircraft as the pilot in command, independently of a flying school, without supervision. (To complete the RPL students will need to complete at least 25 hours flying time, which is not part of this course but can be organised separately.)

SACE Credits: Stage 1, 10 credits / Stage 2, 20 credits
Course Length: Semester (1 or 2) for Stage 1 / 1 Year for Stage 2
Training Day & Time:  Stage 1 Tuesdays / Stage 2 Thursdays 2:00pm –  5:15pm
Where: Glenunga International High School
Commencement Date: Week 2, Term 1, 2021
Dress Code: School uniform
Program Cost (per student): $250 Stage 1, $210 Stage 2 (These fees cover the course text and notes and a polo shirt for the Stage 1 course).  Students are also enrolled 0.2 in the subject at GIHS.

Interested students should have B grade passes or better in Maths and Science subjects. The Stage 1 course runs in both semesters therefore students can nominate which semester they want to apply for.

Note for St Michael’s students that you cannot count both the new St Michael’s College Scientific Studies: Marine Ecology and this Scientific Studies: Aviation Studies towards their ATAR – Only one can count.

There is the same pathway in Aviation on offer at the Australian Science and Maths School at Bedford Park on Flinders University Campus. They have a  Synthetic Flight Trainer which students get to spend over 20 hours on!


Flinders University and University of Adelaide have special programs where students recommended by St Michael’s College can undertake an “approved” first year university subject(s). These subjects contribute back to SACE, and most favourably to a student’s Year 12 ATAR. Studies at this level require a great deal of self reliance, ability to cope with the extensive time missed during the school day travelling to the University, and most importantly a strong base of knowledge and skills.

In the past, students have found missing lessons at school, or missing lectures and tutorials at University extremely challenging. Flinders University offer some online options but as we know online study offers another set of extreme challenges to school age students.

Note in Semester 2 2020 due to COVID restrictions, the University of Adelaide scheme was suspended but is likely to start up again in 2021.

The College recommendation into such programs rests with the relevant Head of Department.

The links to the two programs are below:

Flinders University Extension Studies program


University of Adelaide Headstart Scheme



During August there will also be university open days where students and families can check in “virtually” at the university. To participate in these online events you need to register in advance.

University of SA

  • Step on Campus for Sunday 16 August 2020 is now full.
  • There are still spaces for Step on Campus at Mawson Lakes on Wednesday 26 August. Register ASAP: Click here

University of Adelaide

  • There will be a Virtual Online Open Day on Sunday 16 August 2020.
  • There will be timetabled talks and much more happening.
  • Click here

Charles Darwin University


TAFESA CyberSecurity

TAFESA invites Year 12 students with an interest in pursuing a career in Cyber Security to attend an information session to learn about future opportunities.

You will meet with TAFESA teaching staff and industry guest speakers to learn more about IT and Cyber Security courses and traineeships on offer in 2021 including career advice, course content, admission requirements and the application process.

Attendance numbers will be capped and social distancing measures will be applied on the night.

Date: Monday 7 September 2020
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Location: TAFESA Adelaide City Campus
Room: Lecture Theatre B.127

Registrations are essential, please click here


We have number of students who do not have the benefit of broad family networks to help with Work Experience opportunities and often we reach out to our Community for help. Currently we have a Year 12 student who is trying to get a two day placement within a Dental practice to add to her competitiveness for a Dental traineeship application. If you are reading this and know someone that can provide her with this opportunity we would appreciate hearing from you.


SA Government Dental Traineeship application portal will open Thursday 20 August. Keep an eye out here.

Ms Rose Coorey and Mr Anthony Vizaniaris, Career Counsellors